Best 36-inch Electric Cooktops

7 Best 36-inch Electric Cooktops (2022 Updated)

A real 36-inch electric cooktop is really a fully functional electrical stove, ideal for kitchens with no typical stove/oven combo. Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen, installing a kitchenette, or constructing a very small residence, they’re flexible and could just fit your requirements. All these cooktops include both functionality and price.

You will find many different 36-inch electric cooktop brands available on the market with numerous characteristics it is difficult to pick which one to purchase. Although nearly all of them have similar attributes including layouts which makes it tough to pick the one with more attributes compared to another person, here we aren’t after this the merrier standards to decide on the ideal gas cooker for you.

Electric cooktops have several combinations of wishlist attributes and match exactly the most decor if you want one with the traditional radiant-coil look or an easy-care smooth fashion with a more modern appearance. If it appears to be a solution to your kitchen, keep reading to find out what to search for when choosing the very best 36-inch electric cooktop and the versions listed below are deemed such superior choices.

List Of 7 Best 36-inch Electric Cooktop Reviews

1. GE 36-Inch Cooktop with 5 Induction

  • GE PHP9036DJBB 36 Inch Cooktop was supplied with 5 induction that is perfect. This Cooktop weighs 55 pounds and is available in dark color. The product measurements are 40 inches long and 26.6 inches broad.
  • There’s a timer at the machine to cook meals for a particular length of time and the burner will go off after the timer is finished. The components used at the cooktop are 700-Watt every which is sufficient for supplying heating to cook only what.
  • You can find so many as 5 heating components in the Cooktop installed in required places within the cooktop. This burner does not have any extra requirements for batteries and functions totally on power. The framework is constructed from stainless steel and can be very durable.
  • There are detectors in the machine to feel the size of these utensils and supply heating accordingly. The panel has been LED permitted to supply a highlighted user experience. The foundation consists of slip-proof so it does not slide while being used.

2. Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

  • To get a kitchen that has room to get a 36-inch electric cooktop, this Empava model could have all the desirable functions and attributes. The ample 36-inch-by-21-inch surface region includes five burners -such as one big central component – which feel how big conductive cookware to supply the exact diameter of warmth. After the cookware is eliminated, the components automatically turn off.
  • A hot-surface index will show up on the black tempered-glass surface once the cooktop is warm to the touch. Digital controls include a child lock for security and also a timer to assist foods cook to perfection.

3. Bosch NETP666SUC: 36″ Electric Cooktop Benchmark Series

  • Bosch might not take the instant name recognition of manufacturers such as GE or Samsung, but one of the kitchen appliance purists the manufacturer is thought to be a powerhouse. Bosch has been producing high-end kitchen appliance layouts for a long time, and this 36-inch electric cooktop reflects the pinnacle of the accomplishments in cooktop layout.
  • Featuring five full burners of a variety of sizes and variants, including two which may be utilized for cooking big dishes, Bosch’s one-of-a-kind design features light stainless steel trim and red indicator lights. The touch controls are dependable and responsive, and of course easy and easy to read thanks to high-contrast LEDs, and also make adjusting and controlling your own cooktop a cinch.
  • Among the most distinguishing features of the Bosch, a cooktop is that the countdown timer attribute, which lets you decide on a particular timer for individual heating components. This implies that following the specified timer is up, the heating element will automatically shut off. This isn’t just perfect for security but can also assist you to ensure that food does not become overcooked or scorched.

4. GE PHP9036SJSS 36 Inch Cooktop

  • This is just another 36-inch electric cooktop smooth-top produced by GE. However, what makes it unique in the preceding GE electric cooktop is its own induction components. An induction cooking array refers to an innovative technology that assists in quicker cooking with less energy.
  • When you find this wonderful cooktop, the very first thing that would most likely appear in your thoughts is that it provides ample cooking area for every one of its five heating components. The magic lies within its design performance. The GE php9036sjss cooktop weighs approximately 55 lbs with measurements of 40.2 x 26.6 x 10 inches.
  • The GE 36-inch cooktop php9036sjss is given with five induction heating components. Unlike a typical electrical smooth-top cooktop, an induction heating component stays cool-to-touch throughout cooking.
  • The intriguing feature of the GE 36″ cooktop is the fact that it is biggest induction burner occupies an 11-inch diameter. This induction heating component is capable of producing about 3700 watts of heating energy in the maximum. You can now boil water quickly employing this highly effective induction burner.
  • Precise heating is yet another innovative feature given by this GE 36″ cooktop php9036sjss version. It is simple to control the heating system just utilizing the electronic touch controls. Furthermore, this electrical induction cooktop carries a smooth-top glass coating, and this can be easy-to-clean.

5. GE PP9036SJSS 36 Inch Electric Cooktop with 5 Radiant

  • GE PP9036SJSS 36 inch Electric Cooktop has 5 glowing burners to offer quick service so far as cooking od concerned. All of the 5 burners work in sync with one another. The heating element can be found in 3 regions the middle, the left bridge, and the ideal bridge to exude equivalent heating throughout the entire surface.
  • The Tri-ring component which takes the responsibility for its most output measures 6″/9″/12 Inch5 and 5″/8 Inch Power Boil Element is there to present super fast boiling.
  • The substance employed in the shirt is stainless steel that gives it a glowing shiny appearance and durability that’s desired. The item includes an LED panel empowered with red lighting to emphasize the function buttons once in active use.

6. Frigidaire FGIC3666TB Gallery 36″ Electric Induction Cooktop

  • The intelligent design of the Frigidaire induction electric cooktop aids the kitchen operation at its finest. Its black tempered-glass surface, which measures 36 inches by 21 inches, has built-in detectors to make cooking more effective.
  • The detectors not only discover when a harmonious pan or pot is on the component but in addition, they heat the area into the burner’s precise diameter. When cookware is eliminated, the detector will automatically shut off the component.
  • This 36-inch electric cooktop also includes a child lock onto the electronic controllers, nine heat amounts for a broad variety of heat settings, along an automatic shut-off timer.

7. Thermador 36 Inch Masterpiece Series Electric Cooktop

  • CookSmart® – with 4 preset skillet degrees, a detector controls the temperature of the pan, taking the guesswork from temperature choice. The dual-zone bridge component contrasts oblong cookware and several diameter dimensions.
  • Cook timer lets you specify a cook time for any component and turns off automatically whenever has elapsed. The illuminated touch control panel provides an intuitively straightforward choice of energy levels and allows for simple cleaning. A whole stainless steel frame encircles the cooktop surface.

Buying Guide for the Best 36 Inch Electric Cooktop

Keep these critical factors and product characteristics in mind while you look for the very best 36-inch electric cooktop for your kitchen.

Cooking Power & Range

You are going to use your cooktop to cook, so first and foremost you will need to be certain it gets the cooking capability to resist the activities at hand. Think that simply way high-powered heat blasting away of each heating element? You will also need the flexibility of ultra-low simmer temperatures for delicate cooking jobs like melting butter and chocolate, poaching eggs, and simmering sauces.

You will also need a variety of components in regards to size, strength, and placement. The best 36-inch electric cooktops are organized so you can place a skillet over 2 components to get an even surface for sandwiches, fried eggs, seared meats, or preparing additional skillet-based dishes.


Past cooking power and dependability, it can not hurt to appreciate any premium features on your cooktop encounter. Some are considered standard – warmth signs, controls, and other staples ought to be confirmed. Past these, you might like auto-shutoff attributes, illuminated cooktop surfaces, bridging components for bigger pans, and much more. Characteristics do not necessarily make or break a 36-inch electric cooktop, but they can make the difference between a good cooking experience and a great one.


Your 36-inch electric cooktop ought to be constructed to last. The top brand’s design products that not only operate in the short term but keep working in the utmost ability for many years after your purchase. Start looking for high-reliability evaluations and favorable reviews from clients who have possessed that new product for years of continuous usage.

Your electric cooktop requires a beating with heavy pans and pots slipping across its surface, spills, and stains, and everything in-between. Quality building materials are crucial, so be certain the brand you select uses quality jewelry and glass to make their cooktop surfaces.


In the end, it is important to think about how all the components of your cooktop come together. Are the components, knobs, controls, and signs found in areas that make sense? Are the controls intuitive and also the indicators simple to read and comprehend? Is it true that the cooktop seems great in your kitchen? Do not neglect the design component – your 36-inch electric cooktop takes up a massive piece of real estate in your own countertops and on your kitchen, so it is well worth picking one that is going to look great in the area.

You also need to take into consideration the endings of your appliances, in addition to the color and feel of your countertops and the way they will interplay with the surface of your cooktop. Some electrical cooktops are more minimalist, while some are intended to stand outside. Be certain that you pick the design which is most appropriate for you.


Now you know the top-rated 36-inch electrical cooktops to purchase, this is the reason you have to understand how to pick the very best cooktop since it can help determine the quality, flavor, and ease of food prep.

These best 36-inch electric cooktops are advocated and testimonials are based on the client’s inputs on Amazon and according to relevant feedback. We know it’s vital to obtain the ideal appliance for the kitchen that may endure for more and contain several decent attributes. We’ve carefully reviewed these goods depending on the budget, functionality, quality, and build substance.

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