6 Best 48-inch Gas Cooktop 2022: Reviews & Buying Tips

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The 48-inch gas cooktop may be a gratifying experience when you’ve got an enormous kitchen area and lots of family members living under precisely the exact same roof. Every year, a lot of ranges are produced by famous brands such as BlueStar, Wolf, and Jenn-Air, etc. Therefore, it’s vital to keep up with the continuously changing trends. The appealing features of 48-inch ranges include additional grilling, baking, and griddle distance which gives you the freedom to get creative.

The top 48 range is one of the most common and simplest kitchen appliances for homeowners because they can cook pans and pans, whether the cookware comprises a flat, round stainless steel, or ceramic flooring. Gas ranges let you cook through a power outage, which can be very convenient in situations where your location experiences adverse weather and energy requirements.

Also, most 48 inch ranges are assembled superbly. Each piece is put together with extra attention to satisfy consumers. Here is the top 6 best 48-inch gas cooktop you can consider.

List of 6 Best 48 Inch Gas Cooktop Reviews

1. ZLINE 48 in. 6.0 cu. ft. 7 Gas Burner/Electric Oven Range

  • A toaster with three layers of glass and double lighting. Professional aluminum net seal for optimal insulation. Oven light controlled by a light switch located on the front control panel. Crystal clear visibility to see within your oven while cooking.
  • ZLINE’s proprietary stay-put hinges are all made to support the complete weight of the oven door and also stop at any location. Durable and powerful, with a smooth action.
  • Handcrafted, high-quality Italian Burners imported directly from Italy with superior metal to ensure efficient and clean-burning flames. Front control knobs using five distinct functionalities. Italian burners easily detach for a clean.
  • Heavy Duty Italian produced Porcelain one-piece cooktop allows for an easy to clean surface – no cracks which may hold residue. No-scratch Porcelain made to deal with every cooking atmosphere.
  • Solid-piece cast iron grill – heavy duty and built to last. Incredibly durable, with an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio.

2. Empava 48 in. Pro-Style Professional Slide-in Natural Gas Rangetop

  • Designed and engineered in the USA with two decades of us-based manufacture, doubles the customary sector to get an exceptional quality Empava 48-inch gas cooktop. Compatible to put in over any Empava 24/30 in. Under-counter single wall mount.
  • The stainless-steel griddle complemented with stainless steel grips provides 15, 000-BTU of cooking energy, utilizes infrared technology to market heat across the whole cooking surface. The commercial-grade gas stove delivers a reasonably good cast iron barbecue design which makes sure there is enough distance between burners to utilize several pots simultaneously without compelling one off-center.
  • The deeply recessed gas stovetop with automatic reignition guarantees a constant flame and reignites mechanically if accidentally extinguished. The zinc metal control knobs with blue LED lights permit you to determine whether the cooktop is switched on from an area.
  • The heavy-duty one-piece array top allows for an easy to clean surface – no cracks which may hold residue. Stain and warmth discoloration-resistant stainless-steel will supply you with a trusted cooktop for a long time to come.
  • The slide-in gas stovetop provides you with the flexibility you want to generate all of your favorite dishes with precision. Come with 6 flexible burner dimensions, three solitary 18000-BTU burners, three double-ring 15000-BTU burner (650-BTU for simmer) disperse heat for the boil, simmer, stir-frying, steaming, melting, as well as caramelizing!

3. Thor kitchen Gas Rangetop/Cook Top with 6 Sealed Burners 48 – Inch

  • The 48-inch Gas Rangetop from Thor Kitchen will be the best addition to your place. The unit features 6 powerful sealed burners for your cooking demands. The continuous grates make moving pots and pans across burners a breeze.
  • Sleek. Handsome. Versatile. Well-built. All these will be the pro-style range shirts that maintain that fire of yours for entertaining and cooking forever aflame. You will wind around six burners, slick control panels and suitable drip pans from either black or stainless porcelain. What else?
  • How about a very handy 15,000 BTU stainless steel griddle? Easy dishes to haute cuisine, all these are quality variety tops developed to inspire enthusiastic cooks everywhere.

4. Cosmo DFR486G 48 inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

  • 6 high-performance Italian-made burners and griddle, such as two 18,000 BTU Burners, 13,000 BTU Burner, 13,000 BTU Griddle, 2 8,500 BTU Burners, 4,200 BTU Burner
  • 3.97 cu. 1 and 1. 87 cu. ft. capacity ovens. The large oven features Turbo True European Convection technologies, enabling food to cook evenly in significantly less time and at a lower temperature than at a standard oven
  • Double Oven contains 5 purposes as Bake, Turbo, Broil, Convection Bake, and Convection Broil. The hidden baking component is from sight for safer cooking and simpler cleanup from the oven
  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant 304-grade stainless steel, complete metal nickel com.

5. Kucht KRT481GU-S KRT481GU Professional 48″ Natural Gas Range-Top

  • Larger Range Top for Larger Kitchens! Have a bigger-sized kitchen? Afterward, a 48-inch gas stovetop is simply perfect for you! This professional-grade Range Top boasts 6 person burners As with Kucht goods.
  • This professional-grade Range Top boasts 6 individual burners – and now comes with three high-intensity 18,000 BTU burners. Of course, you’ll also find our 15,000 BTU dual flame burner with simmer.
  • As with all KUCHT ranges, it’s the attention to detail coupled with old-world craftsmanship that will turn your average home cooking area into a restaurant-quality kitchen.

6. American-Range Legend Series 48 In. Stainless Steel Gas Rangetop

  • Inspired by their enthusiasm for perfection, famous for their product quality and innovation, American Range is a recognized pioneer in the commercial foodservice market. Their commercial workhorse pedigree was shown from the world’s toughest kitchens for more than 30 decades.
  • At that moment, innovative engineering and strong engineering have progressed every component of the cooking gear. Their commercial gear is built to resist the challenges of the most demanding kitchens and chefs.
  • They feel they’ve mastered the expert home range. Their residential expert field of gas ranges, French-door wall ovens, and cook-tops are industrial grade. Their specialist cooking goods possess the spirit and capacity of the commercial ranges bent with lavish style. To summarize, they’ve civilized their commercial ranges.

Buying Guide for the Best 48-inch Gas Cooktop

All these are the key variables and factors for making the best option for your brand-new 48-inchgas cooktop:

Ability and Size

Oven capacity can fluctuate quite some time, with larger versions costing more. How much open space you require depends upon exactly what and how often you cook.

Whether there are cases when you need to cook massive meals or do a lot of baking soda, then you might choose to get an oven that’s in 5.4 cubic feet. Most other folks will most likely be OK utilizing 4.8 to 5.0 cubic feet.

Oven and Cooktop

For better cleaning results, especially with gasoline, you will need to take into account a convection oven. A convection fan spreads the heat more evenly and reduces cooking time. To acquire a busy family, higher energy savings, or to be in a position to heat something in a bit, fast-heating oven immediately, then you have to think about getting a double oven.

Lots of people like cooktops utilize a fifth oval burner (which sometimes contains a griddle pan) because it also accommodates oval pots, casserole dishes, and Dutch ovens. Continuous grates are also handy as it’s not hard to move off your cookware or around the 48-inch gas cooktop.

Design and Benefits

The top 48-inch range doesn’t possess a rearguard in the order they blend and make for a great, modern-looking kitchen. The controls are along the front of the cooktop, and the vast majority of women and men seem to prefer them facing frontwards rather than upwards.

Controls facing somewhat up are fine too, but aside from that they may receive from the manner or have accidentally knocked.


Our best 48-inch gas cooktop set to purchase in 2021 includes a fantastic choice of sleek, cheap, standalone slide ranges and a choice of high ranges too. The amount that we think you may enjoy.

Hopefully, this guide will offer the most suitable means that will assist you to discover the best 48-inch gas cooktop for the kitchen, in addition to your house cooking requirements.

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