20 Best Air Fryer under $100 (2023 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Air fryers are among the hottest kitchen appliances around. They’re more wholesome (and less cluttered!) Than a conventional fryer. That is because they cook and crisp up a variety of foods. However, air fryers under $100 hardly require any petroleum, unlike a fryer. Because air fryers aren’t fryers, but convection ovens!

Purchasing the best air fryer under $100 gives you excellent value for the money by saving a few additional coins and obtaining an excellent performance. An air fryer essentially cooks meals with warm air rather than hot oil which makes it a healthful appliance to have in your kitchen that is the ideal choice for routine fryers.

You will need to choose what size works best for your own requirements, what temperature range is needed for your favorite recipes, and also what additional features to search for to make your air fryer as simple as possible. Our useful shopping guide includes all of the tips and product recommendations you will want to help simplify the purchasing process, which means that you can readily select the best air fryer under $100 for your kitchen.

List Of 20 Best Air Fryer under $100 Reviews

1. Philips Kitchen Appliances HD9220 Air Fryer

  • Let us see why many men and women respect this Philips HD9220 Starfish since the very best air fryer under $100. The very first belief that Philips HD9220 Starfish air fryer makes on clients is its own well-built outlook. The machine isn’t overly bulky, and its curved shape is acceptable for putting in any dining area. In addition, this Philips is mild with just 1.8 LBS, which means that you can carry it around with no barriers.
  • Since there goes the motto of Philips relating to this HD9220 Air Fryer: “Air is your newest oil”. What an Actuality! With this superb air fryer from Philips, you can sip your meals using as little oil as possible. Therefore, the fat content in your food when being fried for this particular HD9220 will decrease to just 20%.
  • What is more, with Rapid air technologies, this version makes hot airflow around a cooking basket with a metal net to grill, bake, or fry your food. Additionally, it is going to require almost no oil for your food-making procedure.
  • Additionally, on the base of the air fryer, the exceptional Starfish layout will aid the warm air is moving evenly around the interior of the machine. Because of this, your meals are going to be exposed to continuous sexy airflow resulting in tasty meals. Additionally, the heat is directly levied on the meals from the above mentioned, therefore it’s going to be crisped with inviting color and taste.

2. GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

  • There are fewer concerns to be consumed with this air fryer. Together with 8 cooking presets, it is simple to work out the way to air-fry all kinds of meals. The air fryer’s digital camera is super reachable, with icons for each preset.
  • The modern technology does not stop there – that the air fryer under $100 comes with its own recipe program. You’ve got over cooking space to talk about your recipe inventions also – that this air fryer includes a 5.8-quart basket capability.
  • This is a good size for any small group or exceptionally hungry person. It definitely brings a hand at cooking when family or friends come to see it.

3. BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer

  • This air fryer isn’t the least expensive but it’s the best-priced air fryer in the marketplace. If you’re interested in a brand name that you can trust and revel in the quality it gives, then that is the device. The Black +Decker includes a 2-liter basket that may be perfect for smaller families or singles to cook meals, reheat leftovers and prepare frozen snacks.
  • Black + Decker comes with double convection lovers to powerfully move the hot air around. This permits you to create crispy foods fast and without using sterile oils. The basket has cool-touch management, making sure that you don’t burn yourself when removing food.
  • The handle will remain cool during the whole process, which means that you are able to touch and move it with ease. Both the basket and separator are dishwasher safe, making cleanup simple. The surfaces can also be non-invasive, therefore no need to spray or line prior use.

4. COSORI Air Fryer Max XL Electric Hot Oven Oilless Cooker LED Touch Screen

  • It’s the top-rated, many trendy digital air fryer within my cheap air fryer collection. It’s offered in various versions with many capabilities. By way of instance, a number of them possess a WI-FI controller which you may operate together with your smartphone. And every version holds sufficient to cook meals for 3 or 4 up to 6 individuals.
  • This air fryer under $100 has an extremely big (5.8 Quart) cooking area where you can fry foods, whether just for you personally or for a little celebration. With this system, you are able to bake a 5 or 6-pound entire turkey or chicken. Thus, don’t be worried about its cooking capability; you’ll probably have the ability to cook whatever you truly want.
  • It includes an electronic one-touch LED touchscreen where it is simple to set your cooking time and the warmth; it does not matter exactly what you would like to cook. Surprisingly, the Cosori cheap air fryer includes a shake reminder which may be quite valuable for you (This is to remind one to shake the basket halfway through the cooking period ).
  • This air fryer boasts 11 preset choices for simple and crispy results each time. And also this top-selling air fryer provides 85% fewer calories and fat, but it is going to provide you exactly the exact same flavorful and crunchy taste just like a deep fryer. Why you will invest a great deal of cash in pricey restaurant foods?

5. Ninja Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps and Dehydrates

  • The Ninja Air fryer is just one of those very few highly acclaimed air fryers which you could buy for under $100. Users love it and so do we. We are going to inform you of each reason why the ninja air fryer appears to be among the best contenders in the class.
  • To start with, the structure of the air fryer uder $100 is entirely BPA free and also the non-invasive basket is PFOA totally free. The two biggest issues right from the way! Moving forward, the ceramic-coated skillet along with the crisper plate is dishwasher safe. Thus, cleaning the basket is reduced into some little undertaking.
  • To our surprise, it will more than simply air-fry! You can roast, reheat and dehydrate edibles apart from air frying. All for under 100 USD is a fairly damn impressive thing. A spacious 4-quart cooking basket is readily utilized to cook for a few adults.
  • Using a wattage count of 1550, the air fryer holds enough energy to get your dishes prepared on the move. On top of it all, your purchase is coated with a 1-year limited guarantee! You seldom see such flexibility together with an improved modern appearance and a reasonable cost. Nothing less than an entire steal deal.

6. PowerXL Air Fryer Pro

  • It’s a gorgeous design with a touch LED on the front for eight attributes that could command one touch. Its fast frying is the food things circulate at 360 degrees to find warmth from all sides continuously.
  • In it, a drip tray captures extra oil and fats in the recipe and provides you guilt-free fried meals in the end. This decrease of fats and oil is ideal for the individual with obesity and heart. Aside from skillet, you might even use it to dehydrating fruits and veggies with no inclusion of salt and sugar to your special function.
  • In addition, it includes a rotating basket plus also a rotating rotisserie to encircle the warmth and consume it. Three novels for a few recipes will also be available for this house fryer to your own knowledge.
  • 10 stainless skewers and three airflow racks may make your skillet simple, which you’ll receive with this fryer. So you need to present 120-watt electricity with a 60-hertz frequency.

7. MILIN Air Fryer XL 5.8 Quart

  • The air fryer under $100 uses around 85%-95% less fat than conventional deep-frying methods while preserving the exact same delicious taste. Now appreciate guilt-free yummy food.
  • With LED easy touch controls, it’s easy to browse and user-friendly. One touch for air frying, roasting, cooking, and baking without a hassle and no mess. (Wide temperature range: 180°F-400°F).
  • Milin air fryer does not have to preheat, whip up dinner at half the time of a conventional toaster without heating up the entire kitchen.
  • Comes with 100 first, tasty & easy recipes for each meal. And one-touch presets can meet most cooking requirements and aid food to be evenly cooked.

8. OMORC Air Fryer 1600W Powerful Electric

  • The OMORC Habor Air Fryer has lately gotten updated, so it is even better today. Having a 5.8 quarts capability, it is fantastic for a small family or friend’s accumulating. Though it says it is 5.8 quarts, it is basically 6-quarts, since you are able to fit incomplete poultry also. With 85 percent less consumption than a normal frying pan, the OMORC Habor provides a very crispy outcome. The temperature range for this particular one is 180 to 400 levels.
  • The removable basket includes a non-stick coating and is dishwasher friendly. It sports a tiny square-shaped LED control panel using a knob. You are able to turn the knob button to modify the temperature, which differs from many air fryers since they just generally feature touch switches for placing temperatures. In terms of the presets, you will find just eight presets which will make the skillet process simple and fast.
  • The fryer itself is also quite simple to wash. You may just wash it with a fresh piece of cloth and utilize a natural cleaner if it is too cluttered. It uses 85 percent less oil compared to a normal skillet and saves energy. With a lot of good evaluations, this is merely a no-brainer in regards to deciding on the best air fryer under $100.

9. BELLA Electric Hot Air Fryer

  • Anything you can deep fry it’s possible to air fry! Only it is safer and healthier. With no oil in any way, you utilize your BELLA Air Fryer to create crispy French fries, onion rings, and walnut. Plus you are able to do over a standard deep fryer utilizing oil can perform. The BELLA Air Fryer is similar to using a convection-type oven at your fingertips.
  • Use it to bake modest cakes, loaves of artisan bread, or roast a whole chicken or other meats. French fries from frozen to crispy golden brown sexy in under 15 minutes! The BELLA Air Fryer allows you to look in on food while it’s cooking, even together with safe-handling through its cool-touch pieces. The 1500 watt Circular Heat Technology ensures rapid, even cooking every time with no smelly, oily mess!

10. Instant Pot Vortex Plus 10 Quart 7-in-1 Multi-Use Air Fryer

  • Produce healthier versions of your family’s favorite foods that are fried. From frozen or fresh, from air fryer into rotisserie – the Instant Vortex Plus 10-Quart 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven crisps to perfection with little if any oil. Experience a world of taste with the touch of a button.
  • Use the preset Smart Programs to readily roast, broil, bake, reheat, air dispenser, dehydrate or cook on a rotisserie. Air fryers under $100 make succulent chicken wings and crispy chips, onion rings, and other veggies a large hit. Bake fluffy cinnamon rolls. Roast chicken parmesan, stuffed onions, and onions.
  • Broil a totally flaky salmon fillet. Reheat leftovers in a jiffy. You may even dehydrate your jerky, fruit lettuce, and strips chips. Simple touch controls are user-friendly. Along with also the Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven remembers your preferences so that your favorites could be produced with the touch of a button.
  • Blend space efficacy on your countertop with flexibility and say farewell to your microwave, microwave pizza oven, convection oven, dehydrator, and toaster. Anything that they could perform the Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven may perform.

11. Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

  • Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 electrical air fryer is an excellent solution that will supply you the exact same crunchy feel and excellent taste with 80 percent less fat than the deep fryer. At precisely the exact same time, you may enjoy six-quart capability, which is ideal for large parties and families.
  • You merely need to set the timer and leave within the many appetizers, such as chicken wings, desserts, baked products, and French fries, along with other items. The concept is to set a timer and then load the capability indoors, and you’ll receive crispy and yummy food every time without preheating and using outstanding energy efficiency. On account of this auto-shutoff purpose, you’ll avoid overcooking. It’s refreshing to touch base, making it safe for usage.

12. Ultrean Air Fryer Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven Oilless Cooke

  • Get exactly the exact crunchy foods with no unhealthy oils and fats. With this 4.2-quart air fryer out of Ultrean, you can bake, roast, and grill your favorite foods and there’s not any greasy mess left behind. Using rapid air technologies, your food is cooked quickly and invisibly.
  • The auto switch timer turns off after half an hour to prevent accidents and the temperatures could be adjusted out of 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Cleaning is simple with a non-stick pan and removable basket which could go in the dishwasher. Control configurations on the LCD screen are simple to use and you get a recipe book included.

13. Cuisinart AFR-25 Airfryer

  • The very best candidate of the under $100 air fryers record, this kitchen instrument is in a conventional yet attractive style. The plan resembles an 80s straightforward toaster; this is likely to attract ethnicity and a classic look to the kitchen.
  • We respect this thing’s body and structure as it’s small, compact, and simple to carry. Well, enough about seems; let us get to the actual part. The Cuisinart AFR-25 air fryer is admired by its existing users. The very best thing about this particular kitchen tool is the fact that it has quite a large capacity and is sufficient for one to host massive dinners.
  • It’s possible to earn a 12 inches pizza, cook 3 lbs of healthy chicken, or stir around 6 large pieces of bread simultaneously. The main reason for having the ability to cook such a massive number of food at the same time is as it’s strongly powered. The 1800 watt power and also the heating coil is the thing that causes this air fryer a top-quality item.
  • You can make certain the food that you get from this item will be completely and evenly cooked. This item can attain a higher heating temperature like 450F, and you can quite easily attain this fever to roast poultry or cook whatever you would like immediately.

14. mimoday 9 Modes Air Fryer 8 Quart with Preheat

  • An air fryer under $100 uses around 85 percent less fat compared to traditionally deep-fried meals whilst keeping the exact same delicious taste, which makes it the ideal present for friends or family.
  • MIMODAY air fryer eradicates the fry basket and replaces it with a skillet. The removable nonstick skillet is dishwasher safe, PFOA-free & BPA-free. In comparison to a 5.8-quart round/square basket as well as a bigger 1, MIMODAY air fryer’s 8- Quart Square Nonstick skillet may match a three lbs-4 pounds whole grain, while a little round jar can not. Get this XXL 8-Quart dimensions, functions your household together with 7-10 people. Perfect for party prep.
  • Cooking time is quicker than a traditional oven, but with crispier and tastier results. MIMODAY air fryer comes with an angled screen with easy-to-use presets. Additionally, the air fryer’s compact size enables it to easily fit on your countertops. It may be used to cook over a hundred types of meals. It is possible to get 160 E-recipes by reaching out to our service staff.

15. Best Choice Products 5.5qt 6-in-1 Digital Family Sized Air Fryer

  • The Best Choice Products’ 5.5 quarts, electronic air fryer is packed with features and a huge capacity basket. You will find 7 temperature settings together with preset cooking occasions for chips, vegetables, cheese, fish, meat, baked goods, and much more!
  • Since security is among the chief attributes of an air fryer, this one comes packed with dual security circuit detection and automatic draining technologies. Additionally, the basket is guarded using a non-invasive PFTE coating also satisfies FDA compliance for security. The large LCD monitor shows the cooking temperature and cooking time, and buttons that are intuitive make correcting the cooking settings a breeze.
  • This is just one of the bigger air fryers under $100 accessible and quantifies 13″ in length, 10″ in diameter, and 15″ in height! It weighs in at 12.13 lbs, which means you don’t need to think about it going everywhere as soon as you put it down. This device only comes in dark at this moment.
  • In general, the Best Choice Products 5.5-quart electronic air fryer is a fantastic product for first-time buyers of air fryers. It is packed with features and dimensions, and certain to become your go-to appliance for cooking yummy, crispy, fried foods on a regular basis!

16. Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer

  • There are a couple of reasons that the Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer is among the very best air fryer versions under $100 on Amazon. It enables you to perform more than simply fry your meals, you may even grill, bake, and roast too. If you put in a little more time for your cooking, then you may even repaint some fruit to get a tasty trail mix, which makes this among the most flexible versions around.
  • This version has 1300 watts of electricity and utilizes triple cooking electricity. The halogen heats the food’s surface whereas the convection circulates the air for even heat distribution. The infrared heat gently cooks your foods in the interior, which will help to seal in the moisture.
  • The controllers on the air fryer under $100 are user-friendly. At the surface of the unit are two dials, one for the warmth and another for your timer. There’s an automobile shut-off that turns off the heat once the timer goes away. Two indicator lights also show you that the energy and the heat are around. For extra convenience, addition, there are a couple of directions for particular foods beside the dials.
  • Even though a little thick, the glass jar is sturdy and big enough to cook a decent-sized meal. It features an extender ring for cooking bigger meals, a plate set that allows you to cook two distinct foods at precisely the exact same period, and a cookbook with more than 50 recipes to help get you started.

17. Avalon Bay, AB-Airfryer100R, Hot Air Fryer with Manual Controls

  • In addition, the air fryer out of Avalon Bay is composed of this Rapid airflow technology. Thus, what’s the role of technology? Quick airflow can imitate the procedure of skillet to provide delicious and crispy fried foods, but it does not need even a drop of petroleum. For this reason, you can refrain from getting health issues brought on by using too much oil.
  • What’s more, the air fryer of Avalon Bay has a capacity of 3.5 liters, which can be effective in processing a few common components such as bread, sausage, sausage, and poultry. Moreover, the 1400 volt heating center can create up the heat to 205-celsius levels in order for your food could be processed in a couple of minutes.
  • Aside from the excellent features made by the business, this air fryer under $100 is certificated using the Non-BPA for its handle. Therefore, the plastic handle can not do damage to your well-being. Additionally, the basket of the fryer is a removable one, therefore it makes moving food out and in considerably easier.
  • In any case, working this air fryer is simple using a pair of 2 dial controllers. Contrary to other models using an electronic display to deal with the setting, this one out of Avalon Bay gets got the dial for manual usage only. Nevertheless, we do not believe this is a drawback since it’s not hard to control in any era, even the older.

18. PowerXL Power AirFryer 5.3 Quart Deluxe

  • The power Air fryer has become the most effective version accessible at 1700 Watts that may carry out a good deal of cooking. The explanation on the machines says it could boil, bake, skillet, and roast your meals.
  • The air fryer under $100 includes a basket divider, which such as the Black and Decker Air Fryer, can be used to divide the cooking basket in 2 so that you could cook two meal items. If you are cooking for a family (3-4 people) then the bigger size is an obvious option, even though it’s a little more costly.
  • This device automatically shuts down when resumes and opened cooking once closed. Additionally, it includes an adjustable temperature control button that lets picking the desired temperature using a limitation of 400 degrees F. You may choose between a black and a red end, as a result of this attractive and contemporary design, it will certainly match your kitchen.

19. OMORC Air Fryer 1600W Powerful Electric

  • Being a rather new version, this OMORC air fryer has won users within a really brief length of time. This Air fryer unites the ideal proportions of appearances and performance at a really inexpensive price. Starting off, the fryer includes a commendable potential of 6 quarts that proves to be 5.7 liters.
  • To put that into perspective, it is possible to easily place an entire chicken within the basket without no being overstuffed. Meaning, it is simple to cook 4 to 5 starving individuals in 1 go. Now alone, is a feat to get an air fryer that’s priced under $100.
  • Second, the fryer comes with a huge power output of 1800 watts which makes it among the most effective ones on this listing. What’s more, the user interface involves a mixture of knob and signature controls which makes it a rather easy-to-use Air fryer.
  • The digital display shows the temperature and timer settings in vibrant blue color. The controllers and the screen add up to make a fine-looking front panel.

20. NUWAVE BRIO 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer

  • This fryer also has innovative features, and the basket capability is six-quart that is sufficient for a standard family. You may control the temperature from 100 to 300-degree however, the doubt of as many as five degrees. The inner box of this fryer is divided into two; hence, for two distinct items, you can find the advantage of one item. An electronic timer and an automatic shutoff feature to prevent over frying pan a recipe can also be available, together with a display.
  • Some signature buttons for fundamental attributes exist in the signature control panel, such as; to reheat your food that is fried, start or pause skillet, and a few others. Just basic English is needed to run it easily since the role of the button is composed on its surface.
  • Aside from skillet, you may use it to roast, broil, grill, or roast your food things readily. The significant characteristics of this fryer are much like up others to an extent, but the layouts can differ. Therefore such choices depend upon the consumer decision.

Buying Guide for the Best Air Fryer under $100

Before you dive into these air fryers under $100, you will need to be certain that you understand what you are looking at with respect to comparing attributes. Here are some features to think about:

Control System

Can it be an electronic readout? Does this have a dial to control the preferences? Are there some presets? The simpler the controllers are, and the further tolerable (i.e. digital controller ( a badly marked dial), the better your results will be. Additionally, this helps your consistency because you may be totally certain that you put this up exactly the exact same for each batch of your own recipe.

Cooking Capacity

While capacity might not be much of a problem for a number of families, cooking for a whole lot of folks at once or maybe not needing to take up a great deal of storage or counter area might be quite a large priority problem for some individuals.

Clearly the greater the cooking capability you want to get, the bigger the appliance might need to be to adapt. If you can not match a large appliance in your kitchen, then you might have to be somewhat more specific about which version you select.

Cooking Speed

Ability might not be much of a problem if you are working with a super-speedy cook in one version over another. If you’re able to locate an air fryer under $100 that satisfies your budget but hamburgers your chips just too in half the time as a more expensive, bigger version, then you might have a good solution for your requirements!

The rate at which your air fryer cooks will rely on the heating capacity, which is dependent upon the wattage. So a greater wattage air fryer will often have the ability to cook your meals quicker than reduced wattage.


The normal wattage of an air fryer under $100 hovers somewhere around 1500 watts, give or take. Greater horsepower will cook at higher temps and quicker, versus less strong versions, but double WHY you need higher wattage.

If you know you are only going to use your air fryer once a month to get a basket of chips, do not possibly purchasing the maximum wattage available because your price is not worth it.

If you are going to be cooking several dinners each week for a bigger family with your air fryer, then cooking speed/power (and consequently greater wattage) will probably be a greater priority for you and worth a higher cost.

Cleaning Methods

Can you place any of those pieces of your air fryer under $100 from the dishwasher? For active families, this can be an almost time-management advantage. Read about the suggested cleaning and care for the device you are eyeing before purchasing, to make certain that you’ve got the opportunity to keep it stay clean, hygienic state!


It provides you the crispness of fried foods we adore. It’s unbelievably user-friendly. And, there is hardly a demand for any oil, which makes air fryers under $100 a generally healthier alternative to normal fryers.

Nowadays, air fryers are available in all kinds of styles. Some even serve as ovens and dehydrators too! Regardless of what your requirements are, an air fryer under $100 will surely become one of the kitchen appliances that are secondhand.

We’ve given you the best collection of best air fryers under $100 . We expect that after reading this guide, you’ll have the ability to acquire an ideal version for your dining area.

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