20 Best Baguette Pans [2023 Reviews, Buying Tips]

The very best baguette pans are made from materials that could withstand high heat and are frequently perforated to get an even and golden crust. Because most baguette recipes need the toaster to be preheated between 425 and 450 levels, the best baguette pans are heavy sufficient to defy these high temperatures.

Baguette bread pan is a terrific addition to your own kitchen even when you’re not French. It isn’t important if you’re new to a veteran, however great your recipe is, you still require a fantastic pan to bake bread.

Along with bread, the pan may be used for cooking different recipes. To assist you save time and effort, we’ve rounded up the next list of the top 20 best baguette pans available in the industry.

List Of 20 Best Baguette Pan Reviews

1. Birkmann non-stick baking pan

  • Bake a complete batch of four handmade new baguettes in 1 round with all the RBV Birkmann Mini Baguette Baking Tray. Its perforated design allows for moisture evaporation and even heat conduction for gold mini-baguettes.
  • Built to last with carbon dioxide and heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, this baguette pan generates irresistibly crispy results each time.

2. Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-Stick Perforated Baguette Pan

  • The very best baguette pan is constructed from heavy-weight aluminized steel, so giving it the advantage of exceptional heat conduction to get an even bake onto your loaves. Shoppers report that this pan retains up over and over in 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but no fever range was supplied from the manufacturer.
  • This perforated pan holds around three loaves and contains a PFOA-free nonstick coating to get a very simple release when boiled. It is dishwasher-safe, also, but the producer does urge hand-washing to keep the pan in its very best condition.

3. Amagabeli Nonstick Perforated Baguette Pan

  • If you are on the watch for the very best baguette pan, then you need to think about that this high-rated Amagabeli merchandise. Let us find out why we adore this French baguette pan much.
  • It is coated with an FDA-approved non-sticky substance that makes it possible for a clean, clean, and superior baking coating. Additionally, the surface is perforated to permit the moisture to escape.
  • This accounts for inducing the loaves to become brown and sharp evenly. The Amagabeli Baguette Pan is made from environment-friendly and food-grade carbon steel for extra strength and durability. This bread-making tool is dishwasher safe, and it is extremely simple to wash. It may consume four loaves at one time.

4. USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Perforated French Baguette Bread Pan

  • If you like baking soda, then you are aware of how important it’s to get a fantastic baking tray. Thus, what’s far better than the USA Pan that’s coated with a patented AMERICOAT Plus non-prescription coating? Can it be a baguette or a roster, baking has never been so simple.
  • The pans are produced by mixing fresh and recycled steel. Even though the French understand their bread, this 50 years old American-based firm convinced knows how to earn high-quality bakewares.

5. KITESSENSU Nonstick Baguette Pans for French Bread Baking

  • Impress family and friends by baking tasty oven-fresh baguettes each moment. Baguette pan and bread-making accessories are a must-have present for any home baker! KITESSENSU two-pack Perforated Baguette Pan bakes 8 loaves at a time; the air circulates freely around dough producing crisp, golden-brown crust.
  • Professional 4 loaf french baguette pan at the measurement of 15″x13″, made from food-grade nonstick Silicone coating which gives you a clear, non-stick baking coating.
  • Professional thickened carbon steel substance that’s eco-friendly for strength and endurance. Great thermal conductivity and Evenly heated. Professional carbon steel material using a high-temperature immunity to 446℉. Delicate smooth crimping layout, not sharp rather than damaging hands. Suitable for home use and business use.

6. Emile Henry Made In France Baguette Baker

  • The Baguette pan made from organic substances and fabricated using Emile Henry’s proprietary Flame technology. Easy to use the holes at the lid and base assist the dough to grow and create a dry, crispy crust.
  • As a result of the ribs, the dough won’t stick, and the lid creates the ideal amount of humidity for baking tasty baguettes. The holes in the lid assist to make a thin, crispy crust so unique to French baguettes.

7. ZenUrban 870002 3-Loaf Perforated Baguette French Nonstick Bread Pan

  • The Zen Urban 870002 nonstick 3-Loaf perforated baguette French bread pan forms those delightful long slender loaves of bread that we all love. The holes in this pan allow complete air circulation around the bread loaves.
  • The streamlined layout of this ZenUrban 870002 allows for convenient placement on a baking stone or directly on the shelf of the oven. This heavy-duty carbon alloy option choices three troughs and might adapt up to 1-1/2 kilos of bread.
  • Made of commercial-grade carbon steel for even heat retention & coated with a dishwasher nonstick surface for easy cleaning. The pan measures 16 x 9 x 1″ (41 x 23 x 3 cm) & has three troughs so you make three loaves in one pan.

8. Paderno World Cuisine Non-Stick, Perforated baguette pan

  • This multi-gutter bread pan bakes around 2 baguettes at once. It includes a perforated design that enables greater and more contact with the warmth of the oven, while removing unnecessary moisture, to ensure a crispy crust.
  • Made from steel with a nonstick end, the pan readily releases completed baguettes with no need for dirt. Gutter width is 2 7/8in.

9. FireKylin Baguette Pans for Baking

  • This merchandise from FireKylin is an outstanding baguette with delicate black color. The product’s tasteful look is just one of the most outstanding characteristics that allow it to attract a good deal of attention. Additionally, this non-toxic coating also provides you the greatest advantage to thoroughly clean and sanitize this pan after every use.
  • You do not just keep the product’s glistening look but also guarantee cleanliness and security for another usage. Furthermore, you definitely can utilize this pan as a significant gift to give to people who love baking and cooking on particular occasions.
  • In addition to this, the pan’s fragile perforated design enhances heat conduction efficiently, thus producing the baguettes cooked more evenly and cooked quicker.

10. The French Pantry Baguette Baking Pan

  • You do not need to receive a baguette pan just. If you’re searching for carbonated perfectly, beginning from the dough preparation, then you will love this baking apparel in The French Pantry.
  • It includes a mini baguette pan along with other tools such as a linen couch that enables simple dough forming, a scoring instrument, a baguette scraper, and much more.
  • Many tools are manufactured completely of aluminum. That ensures durability. When you put them up with the non-stick surface, then you’re able to use the dough as readily as you can consider.
  • And bringing the baguettes around after they are done will not be an issue either. If you do not need to have the baguette pan just but rather every tool required to bake the bread correctly, this kit won’t let you down.

11. Paderno World Cuisine 4 Baguette Pan

  • This Paderno World baguette pan may prepare four baguettes simultaneously. The perforated design offers a uniform flow of heat. This may leave a finish end.
  • Normally, this pans an ideal fit in most regular ovens. In general dimensions and layout make it a superb addition to almost any bread baker’s kitchen.
  • The shaped dough readily climbs in the pan. This offers the ideal form of this baguette using the exceptional circle mark on the bottom of every loaf.

12. Emile Henry Made In France Baguette Baker

  • This heirloom-worthy select from French manufacturer Emile Henry is your bestceramic baguette pan round. The ceramic is designed to withstand shock, temperature fluctuations, color fading, and it is safe to use in an oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This selection is also microwave and dishwasher-safe, even though it could be somewhat heavy and big to fit in both of those. Every one of these pan’s three wells is ribbed to get a nonstick effect, and you can find holes at the bottom and lid to permit the flow of warm air for more even baking.

13. DOKEE CHEF French Bread Baking Pan

  • If you would like to bake and revel in the best French Baguette, you have to have this wonderful solution, Flexware Baguette pan. It does not matter even if you’re a newcomer, using this bread-making instrument, it is simple to bake an ideal baguette just like an expert.
  • Whether or not you wish to create French bread or only a simple roll on your own, this is a wonderful kitchen tool that will delight you each time you bake something. The Flexware carbon steel pan includes a design layout. This permits the bread to be boiled thoroughly and always.
  • As well as its name implies, it’s constructed from premium carbon steel that makes it exceptionally durable, and distributes heat very evenly. Additionally, its dishwasher safe, and also its own non-stick surface allows for the simple elimination of residues. In reality, it’s nearly as clean as among these smooth frittata pans which have a fresh Teflon pick coat.
  • Not only is that this pan perfect for producing baguettes, but it’s also ideal for creating rolls, buns, or sourdough bread. It measures 15″×13″ that is a perfect pan dimension for baking small or big bread.

14. Lekue 4 Cavity Micro Perforated Mini Baguette Baking Pan

  • Lekue’s revolutionary and innovative products not only make cooking simple and enjoyable but also very healthy. They’re proven to offer you a vast assortment of products to fulfill all of your cooking requirements.
  • Using their French Mini Baguette Pan, it is possible to make miniature baguettes directly from the comfort of your property. The goods are made from platinum silicone, coated using a non-toxic coating, and also make unmolding look simple.
  • The miniature perforation on the surface evenly distributes the heat and gives the bread a crust exactly enjoy the way that your child loves it (and likely you do also).

15. 2 Pack Nonstick Perforated Baguette Pan

  • Made from food-grade carbon dioxide for carbonated is heat resistant and eco-friendly. Baguette Bread Pan is a non-stick, perforated design that allows air to circulate freely around the brow, making a light, airy interior and a crisp, golden-brown crust.
  • The baguette bread pan is a 4-Well French baguette pan plus also this baguette tray may bake 4 loaves at one time. Satisfy family breakfast requires at a single time and spare some time; French bread baking pan measures 15″X 13″X 0.8″, every gutter width of the Italian bread pan is 2.75″.
  • Excellent non-stick can be accomplished using less natural cooking oil. Less baking time and very low energy intake. Perforated baguette pan with anti-stick coating, which delivers a clear, nonstick baking coating.

16. HIC Harold Import Co Nonstick Carbon Steel Double Baguette Pan

  • Bake delicious French bread in the comfort of your home with this dual baguette pan out of HIC Harold Import Co.. Made from carbon steel, it’s a nonstick silicone coating for simple release.
  • The carbon steel design provides even and constant heating. Use this dual-sided baguette pan to create two French bread loaves simultaneously.

17. DOYOLLA French Baguette Bread Pan for Baking

  • Best for creating healthy artisan bread. The non-sticky result prevents moisture loss when baking. Comply with EU food regularly, secure to use. Hand wash with warm water and stay dry.

18. Fasmov 2 Pack French Bread Baking Pan

  • This Fasmov baguette pan includes a layout that’s both ergonomic and flexible. In addition to this, the pan’s broad compatibility is among the principal reasons it brings the focus and focus of several groups of consumers.
  • You may also take advantage of the pan’s work to bake unique kinds of bread and cakes. Not only will the baguettes be crunchy, but they also have high aesthetics to meet each fastidious customer.
  • After every use, simply use a sponge and dishwashing liquid to wash out the whole pan without having to spend an excessive amount of time or energy. Because of this, it is possible to maintain its shiny appearance from day daily.

19. Fox Run French Baguette Pan

  • Possibly the most economical pan in the entire list, but nevertheless among the handiest. The French Pan out of Fox Run Crafts will create your baking procedure an entire wonder.
  • Everything begins with an 18-inch extended by 7-inch broad design. This mixture is large enough to hold around 2 baguettes simultaneously so that you can bake up them efficiently simultaneously. And being long guarantees enormous baguettes following baking.
  • As it’s constructed from tin-plated steel, the structure will endure for years of baking. And what is better, it absorbs the warmth evenly enough to present almost perfect cooking.
  • Another difference from different pans is that the surface is completely smooth. With no perforations, this one guarantees that a smooth cooking experience. You won’t need to be worried about dough becoming stuck onto the orifices.

20. LKXHarleya Bread Baking Tray Nonstick Carbon Steel Baguette Bread

  • It’s not difficult to bake a vast assortment of recipes utilizing this baking dish. You simply have to place the pan onto a cookie sheet. Following that, bake in accordance with the recipe directions.
  • This item is a gorgeous present for baking fans. The maximum temperature it could resist is 230 Celsius. Baking soda is present.

Buying Guide for the Best Baguette Pan

After taking a look at the very best baguette pans, it is time to really go the excess mile and find out more about different variables to look for when purchasing. This can allow you to learn more about these while assisting you to select the perfect one for your requirements. Have a look at what things to consider when purchasing:

Material & Durability

Obtaining an excellent baguette begins by picking the ideal materials. Here, you’ll discover choices moving from aluminum to stainless steel, tin-plated steel, carbon steel, ceramic, ceramic, and sometimes even cast iron.

Each of these substances offers completely different outcomes. But we heavily advocate metals such as aluminum and steel to the maximum durability. Silicone is also excellent at preventing the dough from sticking, but it does not offer you the ideal heat conduction or endurance over time.

A glass or cast iron baguette pan can also be possible to discover. But we do not recommend them since iron tends to warm up too gradually, while the glass is more prone to breaking time. We urge materials that could manage at 450 degrees Fahrenheit while cooking everything as equally as you can.

Molds & Size

If you are seeking to bake a few baguettes simultaneously, you want to decide on a pan that holds as many baguettes as you require. That is the reason you may also select based on the number of molds or menus they supply. Ordinarily, three holes ought to be sufficient for many people. But if you are a heavy baguette manufacturer, then 5 or 6 will probably be better.

Likewise to the number of trays, think about their dimensions. Some pans are 13 inches long and 5 inches wide. While some are 20 inches long and 8 inches wide. Both these measurements will inform you how large of a baguette you’ll be able to bake onto the pan.

Non-Stick Capacity

While thinking about the fabric of the pans, it’s also wise to consider the non-stick surface. This is a kind of coating that prevents the baguette from sticking to the surface.

You won’t need to catch a spatula to take off it or waste time cleaning this up. You will find a lot of unique coatings to choose from. However, in the event that you’re able to contemplate silicone coatings with BPA and PTFOE free structures, which will save tons of health problems over time.

Perforations & Shape

A baguette pan does not necessarily have to include perforations, but they also assist tremendously when baking. You’re able to ensure maximum heat conduction in addition to airflow in the procedure.

This will definitely deliver the dough’s exceptional cooking, including the excess crispy and brownish crust which everybody enjoys. Do not overlook the contour, either. Shallow trays around the pan are often less capable of baking baguettes than rounded ones. So make sure you find the perfect choice so.

Easy to Wash

Last but not least, think of how simple the pan is going to be to wash up. You do not need to devote hundreds of hours eliminating these dough residues.

For this, acquiring a non-stick coating assists. But the actual benefit is an excellent material that operates in grills. This way, you won’t need to think about cleaning in any way.

How to Shape Baguettes


Now that we have told you pretty much all you will need to learn about bread noodles, exactly what are you waiting for? A baguette may be a terrific addition to almost any meal of the day.

With the best baguette pan, then you are able to try unique recipes and bake the best one for your loved ones’ members, and friends. Make certain to read the purchasing guide carefully and think about all of the essential facets. We hope you find it helpful and make the perfect choice on your own shopping trip.

The various products out there on this listing can allow you to do so. We are certain that the best baguette pan within this listing is a lot better than a normal tray.

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