Can You Eat Potatoes with Eyes? Is It Safe?

If you store potatoes for too long, they will start to sprout. People often call it potatoes with eyes. Some people think that sprouted potatoes are perfectly safe to eat if you remove the sprout. Some others believe that potato sprouts are very toxic and easy to cause food poisoning, even leading to the risk of death. Let’s find out the answer for “Can you eat potatoes with eyes?“.

Can you eat potatoes with eyes

Why Should not Eat Potatoes with Eyes?

Potatoes are a natural source of solanine and chaconine, which are two natural glycoalkaloid compounds found in several other foods, such as eggplants and tomatoes. In small amounts, glycoalkaloids can provide many health benefits. These benefits include antibiotic properties, hypoglycemic and cholesterol-lowering effects. However, in high concentrations, they can become toxic for your health.

As potato sprouts, its glycoalkaloid content begins to increase many times. Therefore, eating sprouted potatoes can cause you to inadvertently consume too much of these glycoalkaloids, leading to poisoning. Poisoning symptoms usually appear within hours to 1 day after eating the sprouted potato.

What Happens if Eating Potatoes with Eyes?

If you eat sprouted potatoes in low consumption doses, excess glycoalkaloids often lead to vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. When consumed in larger amounts, they can cause low blood pressure, rapid pulse, fever, headache and even death in some cases.

Additionally, a few small studies have shown that eating sprouted potatoes during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid eating sprouted potatoes completely.

Eating potatoes has bad impact on your health
Eating potatoes has bad impact on your health

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I remove toxic compounds from potatoes with eyes?

Glycoalkaloids are concentrated in the leaves, flowers, eyes and sprouts of potatoes. In addition to sprouting, crushed, green potatoes are also a sign that they are high in glycoalkaloids. Therefore, removing sprouts, eyes, greenish discoloration or crushed parts will help reduce the risk of poisoning from eating potatoes.

Besides, the way you cook it can also reduce the glycoalkaloid content in potatoes. Specifically, if you fry, the number of glycoalkaloids can be reduced. However, if you boil, bake or use the microwave, it doesn’t work as well.

However, it still requires more research to confirm the above results. Thus, some experts defend their opinion that it’s best to throw away green, potatoes with eyes and sprouted potatoes.

2. How can I avoid potatoes from sprouting?

One of the best ways to avoid sprouted potatoes is to avoid stockpiling them. You should buy them only when you plan to cook them up for the next few days.

Users should choose potatoes that do not sprout to use. If you are going to stockpile potatoes, then make sure you get rid of the spoiled potatoes in advance. The potatoes you take away for storage are kept completely dry (water can stimulate the germination of potatoes). Besides, you need to store these potatoes in a completely dry and cool place.

  • Do not store potatoes for too much, too long.
  • If the potato shows signs of sprouting, discard it immediately.
  • Do not buy available peeled potatoes in the market.

Some scientists recommend that you avoid storing potatoes with onions because that placing these items two together can speed up the germination process. Although there are currently no official studies on the above phenomenon, you can try and observe the results.

One of the best ways to avoid sprouted potatoes is to avoid stockpiling them
One of the best ways to avoid sprouted potatoes is to avoid stockpiling them

3. What is the benefit of using potatoes for the human body?

Potatoes are not only delicious and easy-to-eat food that is easy to prepare, but also very nutritious and offers great health benefits.

In potatoes, Vitamin B6 has the effect of reducing the chemical homocysteine ​​in the body to prevent degeneration. In addition, potatoes also have high levels of vitamin C and vitamin D, which play a very important role in increasing resistance, eliminating cold and flu viruses as well as having a positive effect on bone formation and teeth, the process of digesting and making blood cells.

In addition to providing vitamins, potatoes also provide some essential trace elements such as magnesium and iron. This element has a great influence on the normal development of the body. They participate in the production of blood cells, enhance stress resistance, immune function and protein metabolism in the body. Besides, they also help to maintain healthy circulatory, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems.

Potatoes help us regulate heart rate and nervous system, stabilize blood sugar and strengthen eyesight as well as immune system.

Good potatoes are very nutritious and offer great health benefits

Good potatoes are very nutritious and offer great health benefits
Good potatoes are very nutritious and offer great health benefits

4. Can have a face mask by potatoes with eyes?

Potato is not only a nutrient-rich food, but it is also an extremely effective beauty ingredient for women. Although eating potatoes with eyes is dangerous for people to eat, when you see it sprouting, do not throw it away, you can use it as a face mask.

A potato mask, if used consistently, will help you get soft, smooth and naturally bright skin while treating melasma and freckles. Even if your potato has sprouted, you can still take advantage of it to apply a beauty mask in the following ways:

  • Use a raw potato mask
  • Use a steamed potato mask with yogurt
  • Potatoes combined with unsweetened fresh milk
  • Potatoes combined with honey

5. Is there any way to take advantage of potatoes with eyes?

  • Remove the grease tip from the sink

This long-used sink will be stuck with grease. Simply slice up the sprouted potato and rub it in the sink. Grease stains will be removed quickly and easily.

  • Clean silver utensils

If silver jewelry or utensils have tarnished, you can use the potatoes in a carbonated soft drink and bring them to a boil. Then use this water to soak the silverware for a few minutes. Next, use the potatoes to scrub the surface of the silverware. This way you can make your item look as shiny as it was originally.

  • Clean the residue of the teapot and kettle

Teapots and kettles with long-lasting water will easily be deposited at the bottom. In this case, you can use the potato peels in it and pour the water and bring it to a boil. Soak the bottle for about 1 hour. Stains will be cleaned quickly without causing an unpleasant odor when using detergent.

  • Clean the thermos flask

The thermos flask has been used for a while and will appear deposited and difficult to remove. You can cut a few slices of potatoes with eyes into the thermos flask, cover and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds. Internal stains will be totally cleaned.


Through the above article, you must have found the answer to the question: “Can you eat potatoes with eyes?” We hope that thanks to the above sharing, you can partly have more knowledge about potatoes, how to use it as well as avoid eating potatoes with eyes.

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