9 Best Cast Iron Wok Reviews of 2023 You Should Choose

You require an excellent wok to create a good stir fry, and a cast iron wok is a trusted option. Nonetheless, these cast iron woks are great for far more than simply stir-frying – you may use them for steaming, braising, deep-frying, shallow frying, roasting, and much more.

The best cast iron wok may increase your cooking to another level, wherever you’re. The hunt for the top cast iron wok can be challenging, but it’s extremely rewarding. Cast iron is more rugged and durable, and a wok made from cast iron may last a lifetime if you care for it properly.

Using seasoning, cast iron creates a nonstick coating that lets you dodge controversial chemicals that could peel or scratch. What is more, the iron in the wok leaches iron in your meals, so it is a good way of boosting your iron levels.

In case you purchase a seasoned or unseasoned cast iron wok? What dimensions do you need? And what about a lid; would you really want one? This shopping guide will tackle your questions and direct you to the best cast iron wok to your kitchen.

List Of 9 Best Cast Iron Wok Reviews

1. Southwest Disk 24″ Rio Grande

  • The Southwest Disk Rio Grande Wok is a huge 24-inch investment teeming with all the capability to feed massive crews on the street. The cooking surface is in an oval form and supplies a semi-flat underside with as much as ten inches throughout the foundation for cooking at higher temperatures.
  • The beveling of this wok provides around 27 inches of the cooking area as you slip veggies from 1 side of their surface to a different while searing meats. The Rio Grande’s notable surface region carries with it an equally remarkable weight of almost 25 lbs.
  • This usually means that you want to be covering paths with a few extra horsepowers supporting you to conveniently browse with all the wok. For pre-seasoning lovers, this wok includes a profound seasoning and firing and can be prepped and wash.
  • All you require is an open fire and a desire to participate in a dialog about your amazing cookware. The Rio Grande is certainly the best cast iron wok for placing on a cooking series for a bunch of friends.

2. Lodge Pro-Logic Wok With Flat Base and Loop Handles

  • The Lodge Cast Iron Wok is made from cast iron, which retains heat better than other compounds also manufactures for short work of everything from stir fry into a summer vegetable sauté. The flattened bottom is excellent for all cooking surfaces, such as induction.
  • Since the only complete line of American-made cast iron cookware, Lodge boasts a grade that’s been unmatched for more than a century.
  • Even a heating system, a pure easy-release complete, flexibility, and durability are the hallmarks of the amazing cookware. We do not only make cast iron create heirlooms that bring folks together for generations.

3. Iwachu Cast Iron Wok with Lid

  • The Iwachu cast iron distributes heat evenly and keeps it, which makes it the best cast iron wok for stir-frying in addition to deep-frying and sautéing. It includes a flat-bottom and concave wall.
  • The handles are wide enough to ensure it is easy to function, and also the lid gives a fantastic feeling for braising. The premium quality and durable construct are great enough to create this wok last a lifetime. It’s pre-seasoned with vegetable oil.

4. Backcountry Iron’s Cast Iron Wok for Stir Frys and Sautees

  • The Backcountry Iron’s Cast Iron Wok is exceptionally well made, as it comes in beautiful packaging too. This wok deserves your attention if you prefer appropriate craftsmanship and need to encourage small, local companies rather than big corporations.
  • It’s adored by most users across several online shops, and we appreciate its own lasting, rugged design too. The wok comes pre-seasoned and ready to work with on any cooking surface, much induction.
  • This cast iron wok is created by Backcountry Iron, a US-based company that specializes in handmade cast-iron cookware and suitable craftsmanship instead of mass production.
  • It is a 14-Inch cast iron wok with big, useful handles plus a horizontal bottom, that allow you to manage it easily and use it on almost any cooking surface in your kitchen or out.
  • In regards to pre-seasoned, but much like almost any other cast iron cookware we advocate seasoning it uses to make sure the whole surface is totally non-stick.

5. Jim Beam 12” Pre Seasoned Heavy Duty Construction Cast Iron Grilling Wok

  • The Jim Beam 12″ Preseasoned Heavy-Duty Construction Cast Iron Grilling Wok is a bargain-basement option ideal for both camping parties and solo feasts on the street. For a household, it is possible to easily prepare a rookie course whilst utilizing a camping kettle for some other choices.
  • Solo parents or toddlers might get the 12″ wok is acceptable for a complete meal. Classic loop handles can be found on the Jim Beam, but the firm notes that they are designed. Even though this might mean simpler handling on the palms, security precautions, like wearing insulated gloves, should be thought about before catching the cast-iron handles.
  • A solid foundation makes it feasible to utilize the Jim Beam to a propane camping stove, camping grill grate, or inside a swimming oven without worrying about spills and tipping over. It’s pre-seasoned, albeit gently, so it is going to get better since it consumes more seasoning as you use it. For brand new explorers of cast-iron cookware or fresh wok consumers, it gives a simple access point for the beginning.

6. Bruntmor, Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Wok

  • You can truly feel the difference when you maintain your own Bruntmor Wok! The broader handles make it much easier to control with a secure and safe grip, while the broad curved foundation provides you stability whilst stir-frying.
  • On top of that, the cast iron attributes of the best cast iron wok provide exceptional heat retention. The contemporary rustic design makes it the ideal centerpiece straight from oven or stove to table. Experienced to get a natural, easy-release complete that improves with every usage.
  • Seasoning is an essential step in using cast iron cookware. Oil is baked into the pores of the iron in the foundry to prevent rusting and to finally offer a natural, nonstop cooking surface. Once cooking, clean cast iron wok using a stiff nylon brush and warm water. Applying soap isn’t advised, and harsh chemicals should not ever be used. Avoid placing hot cast iron in cold water.

7. Kasian House Cast Iron Wok with Wooden Handle and Lid

  • The Kasian House cast iron looks exactly like the early Asian woks using a wooden grip. However, this one includes a premium-looking wooden lid too. With superior heat transport, distribution, and retention capacities, it’s by far the most useful cast iron you can buy for under $80, and frankly, it’s a steal at the price.
  • The cast iron wok is constructed from heavy-duty cast iron, ensuring long distance, also is pre-seasoned, so it is ready to work from this box. The big wooden handle produces serving suitable, and also the horizontal base guarantees compatibility with almost any stovetop.

8. Klee Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Wok with 2 Handles and Wooden Wok Lid

  • When there’s one cast iron we adore, it is this one. It may not be the least expensive one, however, it includes a wooden lid. What more could you need? Wooden figurines really are a rare sight nowadays, and it is really worth buying just because of the… jokes aside, this truly is an excellent cast iron wok, and you won’t go wrong if you get this one.
  • A 14-inch diameter provides you a lot of room to cook anything you want, as well as the lid, there is no limitation of the use with this wok. The Klee Utensils cast iron wok has a wooden lid, and it’s two grips as well. The bottom base is level so that it may be used on multiple heating sources, including induction, and that means you don’t need to worry if it is possible to use it or not.

9. 14-Inch Cast Iron Wok Set

  • The Crucible Cookware 14 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Wok Set provides a clean wok accessory bundle for a reasonable price point. The 14-inch wok’s flat bottom comes with a 6.3-inch diameter, ideal for searing sufficient meat for a household stir-fry or skillet.
  • Additionally, it comes with a few things sure to make life simpler for old and new wok users equally. A glass lid using a porthole along with 2 silicone handle holders boat together with the wok. The holders make it feasible to securely transfer the wok in the cooker using the conventional loop handles.
  • The cast iron wok help may be required if cooking over a campfire fire. The included lid can help with heat retention, but it’s not a perfect lock to the wok advantages. Crucible Cookware’s cast iron wok can remain in the oven for temperatures up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit when baking or roasting is demanded.
  • It may be used safely on a grill shirt whilst seeing a campsite or above a flame. The wok ships pre-seasoned, however, cast iron regulars and aficionados may wish to add extra layers of seasoning prior to regular usage.

Should You Get a Cast Iron Wok?

Buying Guide for the Best Cast Iron Wok


Cast iron woks vary in size from nine to 18 inches, but most are 12, 14, or 16 inches. The magnitude of a cast iron is measured throughout the diameter of the widest part, together with the foundation often half of the diameter or less, which means you might wind up getting less cooking space than you would imagine. Woks should not be packed too high when stir-frying to prevent food steaming instead of frying pan, therefore we urge a 12-inch wok for 2 individuals, a 14-inch wok for four, along with a 16-inch wok for six.


Many cast iron woks include lids. You might or might not find it a helpful addition, based on what you plan to cook. As an example, you’d require a lid for steaming and braising, but in the event that you simply mean to stir fry or brush on your wok, then a lid is unnecessary.


Nearly all cast iron woks have two short handles, one on each side. As you may be accustomed to seeing long-handled woks, it is normal for Cantonese woks to include just two brief loop handles. This handle type is ideal for cast iron woks, because they are very heavy, and you could not hold them in a secure manner with a very long handle. The drawback is that you might have to use oven mitts to move your b, but that does not need much additional work.


A conventional wok has an entirely rounded bottom, which produces excellent results but is impractical for use on contemporary cooktops. Cast iron woks generally have flat bottoms, so which makes them easier to cook on a typical cooker, while it’s gasoline, electrical, or induction.


The expression”seasoning” identifies the coat on the interior of a cast iron wok that prevents food from sticking with it also provides a protective barrier to block the iron from rusting when moist. A lot of cast iron woks arrive pre-seasoned, with layers of seasoning in place. Though this is simpler than DIY seasoning, effects change.

If you select a pre-seasoned pan, then select one that has been experienced with oil just, as some pre-seasoned woks are coated from synthetic materials. Instead, purchase an unseasoned cast iron and also do it yourself. It requires a little time, but it is rather simple, you understand just what it’s experienced with, and the outcomes are far more consistent.


A number of cast iron woks incorporate a lid, which can be beneficial for several recipes and cooking styles. Cast iron woks also often possess two loop handles. It is simpler to lift them together with just two short handles than just one, but it is more difficult to attain the pitching movement needed for stir-frying. Short handles are helpful because cast iron woks are thick, which can be both a boon and a curse. Examine the weight before purchasing to ensure that you are able to lift it securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. The Way to Purchase the Best Cast Iron Wok?

The best one completely depends upon what you require. Each one of the cast iron woks recorded in this buyer’s guide is rather nice and good for cooking Asian cuisine. What decides what’s the best for you depends upon how many servings you would like, your upkeep tastes, budget, and if you’re using induction, toaster, stovetop, or even a burner.

2. How to Maintain a Cast Iron Wok?

Most of the cast iron woks come pre-seasoned, but it’s almost always preferable to season it until the very first usage. Wash the wok lightly, heat to a high temperature, and add 2 tablespoons of oil. Tilt the wok so the oil reaches all regions. This ought to go on for approximately twenty minutes to create a thin non-toxic coating and also to stop rust.

If the food has stuck into the ground, cool the wok, soak it in water till the food is loose, then wash lightly. Aggressive scrubbing can damage the surface.

To prevent rusting wash them with a sterile cloth and coat with acrylic or season it prior to storing. Avoid storing it in exceptionally moist areas since it can raise the odds of rusting.

3. Are Non-stick Cast Iron Woks Secure?

It completely depends upon the kind of non-stick coating. Some cast-iron woks are heavily experienced, and so there’ll be a natural non-toxic coating onto them. These coatings make better after each use and are entirely safe.

Some cast-iron woks have Teflon non-toxic coatings that make cooking and cleaning very simple. But, though they are secure for home cooking on induction cooktops and stovetops, they aren’t great for high-temperature cooking. The Teflon coating may come off in temperatures over 500°F, plus they begin chemical decomposition at temperatures over 670°F. Such coatings may scratch easily, particularly if we use metal utensils.

However, you will find additional non-stick coatings like ceramic coating that may withstand high temperatures additionally. But they’re not too hot and it might be difficult to discover a cast iron wok with a ceramic non-stick coating.


Cast iron woks keep warmth extremely well and so they have deemed an excellent option for the skillet. Due to how well they maintain warmth, you won’t experience identical temperature drops as you usually would in a standard steel wok. The top one completely depends upon what you require.

Each one of the best cast iron woks recorded in this post is rather nice and good for cooking Asian cuisine. What decides what’s the best for you depends upon how many servings you would like, your upkeep tastes, budget, and if you’re using a toaster, induction, stovetop, or even a burner.

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