23 Best Ductless Range Hoods Reviews of 2023 You Should Buy

Modern kitchens should have range hoods. They help maintain safe air quality. The range hoods work by absorbing most of the cooking emissions and leading them to an airway duct that vents outside. Although most exhaust hoods are designed to vent the air outside, some filter out harmful agents and odors. These are called ductless range hoods.

Ductless range hoods are great for those who live in apartments or rented houses, as well as anyone else who might have difficulty creating vents. You might not want to deal with the hassle or prefer a quieter system due to their lower CFMs. You can get features such as charcoal filters and LED lights that help keep your kitchen clean. There are many models of ductless range hoods on the market.

This guide will review the best ductless range hoods available and help you decide which features are most important.

What are Ductless Range Hoods and How Do They Work?

Non-ducted or ductless range hoods circulate air instead of extracting it. Recirculation increases the air quality around your cooking area by cleaning it and redistributing it.

Recirculating hoods work in the same way as to exhaust hoods. They use a fan to draw in pollutants and air. Instead of letting the air out, they clean it using degreasing and charcoal carbon filters. Then, they return it back to the room.

Ductless hoods do not remove air from your kitchen. This means that you can save time, money, and effort. The air duct doesn’t require you to sacrifice any cupboard space.

List Of 23 Best Ductless Range Hood Reviews

1. ZLINE 30 in. Designer Series Wall Mount Range Hood

  • The ZLine ductless range hood is simple and serene with its shiny metal. This range hood gives your kitchen a contemporary look and can be used with many decorative options. Even with the most greasy dishes, it’s easy to clean and won’t stain. Although this range hood is ductless, it does come with piping. This ductwork can be connected easily even for those who aren’t the handiest homeowners.
  • There are four speeds available on the hood, ranging from 120 CFM up to 400 CFM. To toggle between fan speeds, use the push button. The recirculating hood is wall-mounted, so there’s no need to worry about household conduits. It can be installed wherever you like, but it will need to be mounted on a sturdy wall. It measures 30 inches by 17.7 by 10.5 inches and weighs 40 pounds.
  • Baffle filters can be removed and washed, but they are not replaceable. Also, the hood had built-in swivel light fixtures that can be pointed in different directions. The box also includes a 36-inch chimney, although the vents must be purchased separately. You can purchase a chimney extension that extends up to 61inches for higher ceilings.
  • The 19-gauge steel range hood can be used on ceilings up to 9 feet tall. Be sure to set aside a budget for crown-molded grates or carbon filter meshes.

2. Broan-NuTone 413004 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood

  • Although the Broan 41000 range hood is an older model, its efficiency speaks for itself. The series is a leader in ductless range hoods for many years thanks to its compact design, multiple sizes, and consistent performance in improving the air quality.
  • There are many sizes available for the 41000 series, ranging from 21 inches to 42 inches. In accordance with most cooking ranges, the most common size is 30 inches. They have similar suction ratings and reach a peak of around 190 CFM. The series features a compact under-cabinet frame that works well when placed 18-20 inches above the counter.
  • This series uses aluminum mesh filters to remove smoke and other cooking emissions. The charcoal carbon filters are used to remove odors and fine particles.
  • The aluminum mesh filters can be removed, cleaned, and reused, but eventually, they will need to replace. Most aluminum wares are not suitable for dishwashers. Unless they are made to be dishwasher-safe, it is best to clean aluminum wares by hand with warm water, mild soap, baking soda, or as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Charcoal filters are less resilient than meshes and require more frequent replacement. They are not reusable and can last for up to 6 months. They also have a spot-resistant coating. You can clean the exterior of the hood with a damp cloth.

3. Cosmo 5MU30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood with Ductless

  • Cosmo 5MU30 is my budget-friendly choice for a non-vented range hood. The 200-CFM range hood is easily converted to a non-vented installation by adding a carbon filter kit.
  • It features a 3-speed fan, two LED lights, and a brushed stainless-steel finish. The slim design makes it ideal for small spaces and apartments. The ventless range hood is available in a 30-inch or 36-inch model.
  • Cosmo hoods are made with cutting-edge technology, and they are built with great care. Cosmo offers cooking and cleaning experiences that will make your life easier, brighten your kitchen, and protect your health.
  • A slim profile helps to save space. Ideal for apartments and condos. Convertible to ductless using optional Carbon Filter Kit. This product is suitable for back or top venting. It can be installed against a wall or under a cabinet.

4. Cosmo UMC30 Under Cabinet Stainless Steel Range Hood

  • Cosmo offers beautiful premium range hoods for a reasonable price. They are made with the most cutting-edge technology. Cosmo offers cooking and cleaning solutions that will make your life easier, brighten your kitchen, and protect your health.
  • The Cosmo under cabinet range hood is quiet and efficient with 3 fan speeds. It also has digital touch controls. This allows you to quickly ventilate your kitchen to reduce smoke and grease.
  • These stainless steel baffle filters can be washed in the dishwasher. They won’t warp or bend like standard aluminum mesh filters and don’t need to be replaced. These energy-efficient 2-watt LEDs provide bright white, high-lumen lighting for better stovetop visibility.

5. Cosmo 5U30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood with Ducted / Ductless

  • Cosmo is a big name in range hoods. Amazon’s 5MU30 is a major player, but they seem to be focusing on their range hoods.
  • The 5MU30 is 16.5 lbs in weight and measures 29.8″x 19.8″,x 5.5″. It will require a voltage between 110 and 120 V and 60Hz. You can mount it on a wall or under a cabinet. It is best placed between 24 and 36 inches from the cooktop. The item is available in brushed stainless. The COS-MU36 is also available in a 36-inch model.
  • The 5MU30 can exhaust at a maximum of 200 CFM. This type of installation is common, but you also have the option to recirculate. A circular vent option with a diameter of 5 inches can be used for ducting. There are three speeds to choose from, and all are quiet. The loudest is 65 dB. The hood is lit by a pair of 3W LED bulbs at the rear.

6. CIARRA CAS75918B Ductless Range Hood

  • The CIARRA model is designed to fit in any modern kitchen. The ductless range hood is small and compact. It will also fit in small kitchens.
  • The range hood is made from a high-quality 430 grade brushed stainless. It is made from high-quality steel that is resistant to corrosion. This feature is essential for range hoods because cooking fumes, oil, and grease tend to cause more damage than any other.
  • These machines have a quiet motor that is strong and powerful. The motor can generate 200 CFM airflow with 3 fans while keeping the noise level at 65 dB at its highest speed. It makes it simple to clean, cook, and have conversations in the kitchen, without being suffocated or disturbed by smoke and noise. The fan will pull out all the smoke, grease, and steam from your home.
  • The machine also has a 5 layer aluminum mesh filter that traps oil and grease. This will help reduce the staining of your kitchen tiles and paint. This will allow you to inhale clean, fresh air instead of smoking. The CACF003 carbon filters will need to be washed regularly to ensure they last a long time. However, these filters are very easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher.

7. ZLINE ZLKB-30 KB-30 Wall Mounted Range Hood

  • The ZLKB-30 range hood from Z-Line is in second place. This is a powerful model, despite being affordable. This hood range is built to last.
  • Steel construction is strong and protected by a protective wrap. The look and finish of the stainless steel surface are stunning when it’s up. The polished stainless steel surface will look great in modern kitchens.
  • The Z-Line model’s unique feature is the motor. It is a powerful motor that sets it apart from all the rest. The motor is a powerful 760 CFM unit that has a lot of sucking power. It will effectively absorb smoke, odor, and heat from food.
  • The speed can be adjusted up to four times, which is great because it can be set depending on what you’re cooking. This model is ideal for cooking that produces intense smoke, such as grilling steaks on a gas grill. It can also be used for everyday cooking, even at the lowest settings.
  • It can also remove grease and other harmful elements in smoke. The filter is a baffling filter with a charcoal filter to purify and recirculate the air.

8. Broan-NuTone 413001 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood

  • Broan is the right recirculating hood brand to choose for your kitchen. Broan’s Ductless Range Hood 413001 will keep smoke and odors out of your kitchen. You can also install the Broan 413001 non-ducted range hood. This product can be used as an exhaust fan and an overhead light to illuminate your cooking area.
  • This range hood can be placed under your cabinet and will not interfere with the d├ęcor of your kitchen. The protective lamp lens ensures that the light is evenly distributed over the cooking surface. However, you will need to purchase the bulbs separately. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean.
  • You can also wash the quick-release filters with your dishwasher so they can be used again. Microtek technology makes the two-speed ductless range hood the most cost-effective on the market. It is important to install the range-hood insert at least 18 inches above your stove.

9. Air King AD1248 Advantage Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • Air King has the AD1248, which is a 24-inch ductless range hood. Although it’s simple and reliable, it doesn’t look very fashionable.
  • It’s made from 23-gauge stainless and has dual rocker switches. It’s rugged and industrial, which tells you that it has been well built.
  • The hood can accept a 60-Watt light bulb. However, it is not included in the box. It makes the hood look old. However, modern LED lighting is energy-efficient and lasts a long time.
  • This is still a great deal if you’re looking for a 24-inch range hood. It measures 6 inches in height and 18.5 inches deep.

10. Cosmo 63175 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood

  • Cosmo range hoods have a modern style that gives a new look to an old kitchen. They also come with a sleek stainless steel build that will keep it looking great and shine when clean.
  • This range hood is powerful but doesn’t cause too much noise or disturb others. The motor’s sound can be heard over music and conversations, so you don’t have to shout.
  • The Cosmo 63175 range-hood model includes baffle filters that can easily be reused. They can also be washed in a dishwasher. It is easy to clean the filters when they become too clogged, and also costs less to maintain.

11. Cosmo COS-QS75 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • Do you love cooking and want to make all your meals at home? You are looking for the best ductless range hood that has a charcoal filter to clean your home. Cosmo QS75 30 in Under-Cabinet Range Hood has a powerful motor that will clean your home after every cooking session.
  • Cosmo’s under-cabinet range-hood has a twin centrifugal motor that allows you to ventilate your kitchen quickly without making other range hoods too loud.
  • Cosmo Cos QS75 uses permanent arc flow filters made from stainless steel. They are extremely durable. The filters are easy to clean and do not need to be changed often. High-efficiency LED lights consume 1.5 watts. They are long-lasting and can be used in any kitchen.

12. Broan Aluminum Power Pack Range Hood

  • Broan is well-known for its high-quality ventilation products. These units combine ventilation and illumination to meet your everyday needs.
  • Broan Powerpack Range Hood Insert is a great option for replacing an old range hood. This versatile insert can be used as an overhead light or exhaust fan to help vent your stove.
  • The powder-coated insert fits neatly onto the wall. It also fits flush with your existing cabinets for a tidy appearance. Two-speed rocker controls provide quiet, efficient performance. Incandescent lighting complements the appearance of the cook-station. The bottom is fully enclosed and contains dishwasher-safe filters.
  • This insert hood consists of a centrifugal blower that produces 250 CFM and 8.0 SONES to provide nominal performance. You also have the option to choose a round 7-inch duct that includes an adapter, damper, or non-ducted, and makes the installation decision for your home.
  • The exterior is flat and easy to clean. Quick-release filters are dishwasher-safe. This Broan Power Pack Range Hood Insert will increase the efficiency of your kitchen.

13. FOTILE JQG7501.G 30″ Range Hood

  • Fotile is most well-known for its high-end kitchen appliance. The glass-tempered ductless range hood from Fotile is beautiful. This unique side-draft rang ehood has a powerful exhaust capacity of up to 85 CFM. It is ideal for heavy cooking households and those who love to deep fry, cook steaks, and other dishes.
  • The motors of this model are powerful and can operate at three speeds. This feature allows the LED lights to be turned on and off without having to turn on the exhaust. While it may not sound impressive, it has a positive effect.
  • Fotile JQG7501.E ductless range hood has the time delay function, which is one of its best features. This function is used to delay the end of the cooking process. This function will ensure that there is no cooking smell in the kitchen while you are enjoying your meal with your family. The delay shut-off option can only be used for 2 minutes.
  • This best ductless range hood’s oil baffle filter is removable and therefore easy to clean. For maximum cleaning, you can fold it in half. The screen lock function is also available for easy cleaning.

14. Cosmo 63175S 30 Inch 380 CFM Wall Mount Kitchen Range Hood

  • The Cosmo 63175S’s build quality is quite high. It is made from 430-grade stainless steel material, which has a thicker thickness than the Cosmo 63190. Although the unit is lightweight, it will still be easy to transport. However, you will need to take care not to cause damage to its delicate body.
  • The Cosmo 63175S is multifunctional and can be used as both a ducted range hood and a ductless range hood. The Telescoping chimney makes it a great choice if you have high ceilings. If you want to use this range hood in a ductless environment, the Cosmo ARC-FLOW permanent filter is a great addition.
  • This best ductless range hood has a maximum noise level of 65dB, 380 CFM airflow, and dual 2W LED lights. It is a great choice if you are looking for an efficient range hood at an affordable price.

15. Broan-NuTone PM390 Power Pack Range Hood

  • This range hood is ideal for medium-sized kitchens as it offers a great balance between functionality and cost. The Broan NuTone PM390 Power Pack Range Hood Insert is designed to fit within a custom cover. This allows you to create a range hood to meet your needs.
  • This model can be used with many different types of hood covers. It is lightweight thanks to its aluminum construction. Durability is not compromised by the ductless range hood.
  • The patented Heat Sentry technology will make cooking at high temperatures safer. This feature detects heat that is too high while you cook. The blower is then adjusted to run at high speed, preventing your kitchen from heating up.
  • Three speeds are available on the blower, which you can easily select and adjust to suit your needs. The blower’s maximum output is 390 CFM. This is significantly higher than other models. The best ductless range hood can dissipate as much as 40,000 BTUs with this amount of suction.
  • This model does not include the ductless kit. You will need the Carbon Filter Kit 357NDK to make this model truly ductless. This is an easy-to-find item, but it must be ordered separately to make this model more cost-effective.

16. Broan-NuTone 403023 B000UW02A6 ADA Capable Under-Cabinet Range Hood

  • Another sleek range hood with a shiny finish, this one comes in black. It has a vented opening and a horizontal or vertical discharge. It not only provides ventilation but also incandescent lighting to your cooking area, which improves the ambiance of your kitchen.
  • It is also very easy to maintain since the mesh filter is in one piece. It can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.
  • This filter traps grease, smoke and keeps your kitchen’s air clean and fresh. You can select between the top and rear exhaust settings. This makes it very easy to use.
  • This best ductless range hood is perfect for most cooktops. It has an ideal airflow that removes steam and smells from the kitchen without making it too loud.

17. AKDY Under Cabinet Kitchen Range Hood

  • You may think that under-cabinet range hoods are always ducted if you’re a novice buyer. It may be surprising that the top of the cabinet has a wooden top, which makes it a poor location for an air-duct. Many under-cabinet fans are ducted. Check carefully to determine if you can convert it. If you install a removable carbon filter, the AKDY can be ductless.
  • These carbon/charcoal filters don’t cost much and can be ordered from any HVAC provider. The AKDY includes your first set free of carbon filters. Each filter lasts approximately 6 months before needing to be replaced. The AKDY ships with 2 aluminum mesh filters.
  • The filter will need to be cleaned every other week, but it does not require replacement. It can be loaded into the dishwasher without causing any damage. You may need to wash the dishes first due to the grease and grime on the dish. To pull in dirty air, the range hood has a suction fan. The fan operates with an 85W motor and has three speeds. At 55 dB, the motor is quite quiet.
  • The fan is not very fast, at a maximum speed reaching 58 CFM. This flat range hood has a halogen lamp light bar that points down to your cooking area. The light bar is powered by a single 40W Halogen bulb. A series of touch buttons control the range hood. The 3-year warranty covers the range hood and there are three vent options.

18. Winflo 30 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

  • The Winflo ductless range hood is a high-quality product that will fit in your kitchen for a reasonable price. The stainless steel used in this model ensures long-lasting durability. This high-quality steel is resistant to grease, steam, and smoke. It will last many years. The centrifugal motor ensures that the airflow speed is high at 400 CFM.
  • Keep in mind that the faster the motor runs, the greater the chance of oil particles, smoke, and steam being sucked into it. The motor produces very little sound and noise. Even at high speeds, the noise level is maintained at 65 dB. The noise level will not cause any problems in your kitchen.
  • This model can be converted. This means that you can use the model as either ductless or ducted. This model includes charcoal filters that help purify the air in your kitchen by filtering out smoke, oil, and steam. Aluminum mesh filters can also be purchased with a stainless-steel frame. These mesh filters are great for filtering grease and oil from your kitchen.
  • This chimney also has a telescoping, adjustable chimney. It will fit easily on ceilings between 7.5 and 8.5 feet. You can also buy the chimney extensions that come with it if you wish.

19. EKON NAP02 900CFM Wall Mount Ductless Range Hood

  • This range hood is ideal for those who cook in hurry or produce lots of smoke during cooking. It’s okay to feel shameful if you do. That’s me. This is a top ten pick because of the EKON NAP02 speed, which is a staggering 900 CFM.
  • The EKON NAP02’s quietness means that even people from 10 feet away can hear it. The EKON NAP02 can only produce a maximum sound level at 65 decibels (dB) even when it is set to “high”. This is quite impressive considering that it has the highest suction and fastest hoods on our list.
  • To reach speeds of 900 CFM, it would need a powerful motor. It’s quiet, however, so it is difficult to reconcile these two variables. It’s still powerful and has a 230-watt motor.
  • This EKON model, like the Cosmo 5MU30, allows you to change the exhaust mode of the hood from ductless to ducted. This feature is very useful to some customers, and the EKON NAP02 does it with style.

20. PROLINE 185.30 PLJW 185

  • The Proline Wall/ Under-cabinet Range Hood PLJW185 30″ will make your cooking and grilling enjoyable. This range of hoods is a top-rated ductless range hood product. The PLJW 185.30 measures just five inches in height and is very slim.
  • It can be installed under most cabinets easily and fits in a standard space. The beautiful brushed stainless steel finish makes it easy for you to integrate the Proline PLLJW 185.30 in any kitchen design. Two LED lights let you see what you’re doing while you cook.
  • The unit’s 600 CFM pair blowers are another notable feature. You can choose from four speeds to best suit your needs. The noise level is also within a safe range and not too loud. The standard item included with the PLJW 185.30 is the baffle filters.
  • These filters capture grease, oil, or other particles from the air. These filters can be washed in your dishwasher and will still work. Consider the Proline PLJW 185.30 range hood when you are looking for one.

21. KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia 30-inch Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • The Kobe Brillia series ductless range hoods are a great choice. It has a charcoal filter, uncompromising quality, and is both expensive and impressive. Although this hood is the most expensive in our review, it still has many great features.
  • You get stunning curves and a well-designed package, which will add style and class to any kitchen.
  • It’s also impressive in terms of technical details, offering up to 400 CFM airflow at three speeds, two bright LED lights, and two carbon filters. This hood comes with a 2-year warranty from Kobe, but it’s not cheap.

22. Cosmo COS-5MU36 36 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood Ductless Convertible Duct

  • You are looking for a range hood that is less sturdy than the Cosmo UMC30 (750 CFM), Let’s take a look at the Cosmo COS-5MU36 under-cabinet range hood.
  • The hood is finished in striking, brushed, high-quality 430-grade stainless steel. It also features LED lights that allow for adequate visibility during cooking. The range hood is easy to use thanks to the three aluminum mesh filters that are dishwasher-safe.
  • This 36-inch model has 3 exhaust fan speeds and 200 CFMs. It is super quiet. The aluminum mesh filters remove toxins from the air and eliminate unwanted odors. The Cosmo COS-5MU36 is a modern and stylish addition to any kitchen.

23. Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood 30″ PS38 Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • Hauslane PS38 under-cabinet range hood is made from stainless steel and features a sleek design. This slim design takes up less space and looks great in modern kitchens. This range hood from the Chef series can remove all types of pollutants from the air thanks to its powerful airflow of 950 CFM.
  • The model includes two bright LED lamps that can be adjusted to a precise intensity level to evenly distribute light over the cooktop. Hauslane’s range hood is more effective than other under-cabinet range hoods. It effectively combats smoke, unlike other range hoods. The unique panel design ensures maximum coverage of your cooktop.
  • Hauslane PS38’s automatic steam cleaning system is one of the most unique features in range hood history. This hood uses steam to melt grease and then cleans the range hood with water. Hauslane PS38 is a ductless range hood that has a unique feature.

How To Install Recirculating (Ductless) Range Hood

Buying Guide for the Best Ductless Range Hood

We’ve already discussed the many features and styles available in these ductless range hoods. It can be overwhelming for customers to find the right unit for them. If you are having trouble finding the best ductless range hood for your kitchen, we have some tips to help you.

Exhaust System

This is the most important factor to consider when selecting a range-hood unit. Do you want a ductless or ducted model? This guide is devoted to ductless range hoods. You need to make sure that the model you are looking for is either completely ductless or can be converted to ductless.

Additional Features

When choosing a range hood, the last thing you should consider is whether there are any additional features. While the basic features of your unit will still be functional, extra features can help increase efficiency.

When choosing your ductless range hood model, you will be looking for features such as fan speed adjustment, LED lighting, thermostat control, and an auto shut-off timer.


Most range hoods will come with a mounting style that matches the model you are buying. If your range hood is wall-mounted, then you will need to take out one portion of your under cabinet in order to make way for the range. If your model is under the cabinet, you don’t need to take out any cabinet hoods.

There are many options for ductless range hood styles. There are models with shiny finishes and those that are brushed. There are also models made of stainless steel.

Kitchen Layout

As we mentioned in our previous point, the layout of your kitchen will play a significant role in how well you can fit your range hood. You can mount an overhead canopy to suspend the ductless range hood just above your cooktop if you have an island-style kitchen.

You might consider mounting a range-hood with a retractable chimney if your kitchen is small. This will allow the unit’s ability to move around when you need it to.

Fan Power

When choosing a ductless range hood, you shouldn’t overlook the power of its blower. Imagine that you are going to be cooking heavy meals on an indoor griddle. The griddle will be a source of heat and smoke, so you’ll have to cope with that.

To ensure it can withstand the harsh environment of the kitchen, you will need to consider the fan power of the range hood. The CFM rating must be adequate to fit the dimensions of your kitchen.

You should also be attentive to fan speed adjustment. This is important as it will allow you to adjust the airflow at the right level to ensure proper ventilation.

Built Quality

Once you have determined the size, it is time to consider the quality of the build. Range hoods are part of the kitchen’s backbone.

They should be stylish and elegant enough to match your kitchen’s decor. When shopping for range hoods, you need to pay attention to the construction, which should in this instance be made of heavy-duty stainless steel.

Steel tends to be thicker and more durable than other materials. This means it can withstand heavy knocks, which is great because you don’t have to worry about getting dents. This unit will last a long time because of its heavy-duty stainless steel construction.

Noise Level

The noise your range hood makes indoors is very important. Each model is unique, but you should consider how loud your unit makes to make sure it doesn’t become an annoying nuisance. Experts recommend that you test your ductless range hood before buying it. This will ensure that it is quiet enough to be used in your kitchen.


The size of your ductless range hood and the area in which it will be installed is another important consideration. For a range hood to work effectively in your kitchen and remove heat, odors, and grease, it must be slightly larger than your cooktop, with an allowance of 3 to 6 inches. To provide adequate cover for your cooktop, you will need a range hood that is at least 30 inches in width.


You should be careful about the price when choosing the best ductless range hood. A range hood is an expensive investment that will last many years. You’ll see that cost plays a major role in purchasing a high-quality unit that won’t fail over time.

There are many models to choose from so it is important to make a list of what features you want before making a final decision.

If you are tight on money, you have two options: you can save a bit and buy a more sophisticated range hood now or you can sacrifice some features to get a simpler unit for a cheaper price. If you are looking for a lower-price unit, features such as heat sensors, automatic sensors, and built-in lighting may be removed.


Next, consider the filtration system. The quality of your ductless range hood’s filters plays an important role in its overall efficiency. There are three main types of filters that you will find in most range hoods. These filters include mesh filters, baffle filters, and charcoal filters.

The most common type of filter in range hoods is charcoal filters. They are easily replaceable and have a high absorption power, making them more reliable in removing any odors or fumes from your kitchen.

Baffle filters or mesh filters made from aluminum or stainless steel are often fitted between two charcoal filters to absorb grease.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a ductless range hood work?

A ductless range hood is different from a recirculating one that exhausts air outside of the kitchen via vents. After passing the air through grease filters, a charcoal filter, and finally a charcoal filter, a ductless range hood circulates it back into your kitchen. The charcoal filter removes odors and smoke particles but does not emit any harmful gases from a gas stove. Ducted Hoods don’t have a charcoal filter. Instead, the air is simply replaced to eliminate odors and other pollutants.

2. What does CFM mean?

CFM is Cubic Feet Per Minute. This is the measurement that determines the strength of your range hood relative to the maximum amount of BTU your cooker can generate. You will need 100 CFM to produce 10,000 BTU for a gas cooker.

If your cooker produces 60,000 BTU, you will need a range hood that has 600 CFM of suction power. An electric cooker will require 100 CFM per 10 inches. If your cooker measures 36 inches in length, you will need a range hood that has 360 CFM of suction power.

3. How to Clean Ductless Range Hoods?

Dust and smoke can build up on the range hood’s exterior so it should be cleaned regularly. To prevent the buildup of grease and odors in your home, you will need to replace the filters regularly. You should replace your filters at least once or twice a year.

Although it may seem good to clean the filters, you should not attempt to clean carbon filters. You should remove them completely and replace them. It is easy to identify the exact location of dirt on your range hood. A dull shine can result from grease buildup or small specks of dark smoke which can be cleaned with a kitchen towel dampened with cleaner.

4. Where can I find the best ductless range hood?

There are many options for buying a range of hoods. You can either buy one at your local hardware store or find the best ductless range hood online. You can also check out Wirecutter Homedepot and Amazon. You can not only buy your kitchen hood online but also search for customer reviews to get a full understanding of the service.

5. How high should I mount my range hood?

This is probably the most important question that people will ask when looking for the perfect range hood. Most electricians and contractors agree that the height at which you can mount your range hood is between 28-36 inches from the top and bottom of your cooker.

Any shorter than 28 inches could result in the electrical components of your range hood being damaged by the cooker’s heat. Any measurement greater than 36 inches will move the ductless range hood away from its central point, reducing its ability to absorb odors.


This list of the best ductless range hood models might not be everyone’s favorite. They are ductless, which makes them an attractive option for homeowners who live in small apartments or condos that don’t allow you to alter the walls.

It is important to find the right product for you. These components are high-quality and extremely efficient at keeping your house and kitchen clean and safe. They’re not all the ones.

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