16 Best Electric Egg Cookers (2023 Newly Updated)

If you can get yourself among the very best electric egg cookers available on the current market, then it’ll be far easier for you personally! That is why egg cookers, also referred to as hard-boiled egg cookers or egg boiler machines are getting increasingly more popular in kitchens around the planet – they consider the difficulty and uncertainty out of cooking them.

Luckily, a whole plethora of electric egg cookers were made to make this task nearly effortless. The electric egg cooker comes in a vast selection of various styles and sizes to satisfy the varied needs of contemporary chefs. The subsequent best electric egg cooker reviews can make picking the proper product very simple.

An egg cooker is simple to operate and, for people who enjoy a protein fee in the morning, a godsend that warrants prime area in the kitchen countertops. Here is the best electric egg cookers you should buy.

List Of 16 Best Electric Egg Cooker Reviews

1. DASH DEC005BK, Poached, Scrambled Eggs

  • Lots of people like to have the ability to eat breakfast after they awake in the daytime. In cases like this, you’ll have to opt for an electric egg cooker that operates fast and economically. The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Is the Best solution.
  • Creating ideal eggs couldn’t be simpler. Just set up to six eggs at the specified spaces and pick the desired purpose. Soft and hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs, and also omelets will probably be cooked effortlessly.
  • The loud buzzer will allow users to know if the eggs are ready to consume. This usually means that cooks won’t need to hang around the kitchen viewing another timer. Users may have the time to catch a fast shower and get ready to deal with the morning.
  • This electric egg cooker shuts off automatically after the eggs are ready to consume. This usually means they will remain fresh and hot until individuals are prepared for them. And, if a single relative wakes up late, then there’ll be no requirement to cook another breakfast only for them.
  • Individuals that are short on time are certain to discover the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is a really helpful item. A vast assortment of various sorts of eggs can be produced in next to no time. This version is really simple to use that even reluctant chefs will love it.

2. Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker

  • To begin with, let us get this out of the way. This cooker seems pretty darned adorable. It is shaped like an egg or maybe an extremely tiny spaceship.
  • Handles on both sides make it much easier to lift the lid but oven mitts are a fantastic idea because they will get warm during cooking. This may steam-cook eggs to hard, moderate, or soft-boiled and will cook up to ten eggs at one time in 2 tiers.
  • However, this is not only for steaming eggs in their shell. In addition, it has removable trays so that you may poach four eggs to make three-egg omelets. The cooking time is controlled by the quantity of water included, using the included measuring cup.
  • There is a straightforward on-off switch plus a blue LED light, audible alert, and standby mode to keep the eggs from overcooking. This also includes a piercing pin to poke a little hole in the eggshell for easier peeling.

3. Elite Gourmet EGC-007B Easy Electric 7 Egg Capacity Cooker

  • The Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic is a very reasonably priced appliance that can boil, poach, and also make omelets for you effortlessly. It may cook up to seven eggs in their shells at the same time and you’ll be able to select whether you’d like them to become soft, moderate, or hard-boiled.
  • There is also an omelet tray along with a poaching tray contained. The lid of this device is transparent so that you can observe your eggs till they cook and the measuring cup includes a piercing trap, which calms the eggs and also permits them to discharge the sulfur that means that your egg yolks are going to be fine and yellowish each and every moment.
  • There is an integrated timer and it is going to automatically switch off when the eggs are prepared. In general, an extremely reasonably priced appliance that does just what it advertises.

4. Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker

  • Quickly produce absolutely cooked eggs by Selecting the favorite type; Poached, Soft, or Hard.
  • The rack could cook up to 7 soft or hard-boiled eggs and poaching tray around 4 poached eggs. Henrietta is formed and stylized like a fish, which chirps if your eggs are done cooking.
  • A piercing trap prevents shells from breaking; dishwasher-safe removable components.

5. DASH Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker Electric

  • Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker relies upon the ORIGINAL (and many reliable ) electric egg cooker on the marketplace, for ideal eggs the way, EVERY TIME, we guarantee it! Currently with TWICE the egg cooking capability!
  • Short on time? Simply choose your favorite eggs (or cooked food) and place the timer and the buzzer will alert you if your eggs (or cooked foods) are prepared. So easy even your children can use it.
  • This is the PERFECT appliance for picky eaters, big families, or people with busy schedules. From hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and individual omelets, create all of them in moments with the push button – it could not be simpler!
  • Alleviate appliance mess together with all the Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker. Steam vegetables, dumplings, fish, hot tortillas, and much more! Making complete meals is a cinch with the double-decker tiers, the choices are endless! Additionally, its slick design and fashionable color choices will highlight any kitchen area.

6. KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker

  • Krups manufacturers consider precision and perfection. The electric egg cooker allows you to cook 1 egg together. Therefore, if you’re planning to earn a household breakfast and if you’re short on time, then here is your ideal answer.
  • The easy yet precise design permits you to cook eggs. Put the eggs onto the holder, then add water into the dish, fasten with the lid in minutes you will notice a wholesome start to the afternoon.
  • Double functions for cooking and keeping warm, comprise different poaching trays for omelet creating or egg yolk, an egg piercer to prevent cracks, along with a measuring cup with mark are added to make use easier.
  • Many men and women struggle with cooling after the boil, so the machine includes a detachable holder to rapidly cool it effortlessly. Therefore, an entire package for providing a gorgeous healthier treat.

7. Copper Chef Want The Secret to Making Perfect Eggs

  • This electric egg cooker provides effortless and precise preparation of a huge array of egg dishes. With one-touch cooking, how is there a simpler method of earning perfect soft and hard-boiled eggs? It is possible to decide on the specific manner you would like your eggs and cooking them just demands the push of one button.
  • The machine includes a marked measuring cup that makes it effortless to bring the ideal quantity of water necessary for the kind of eggs you are making. The egg-right technology circulates steam to cook your eggs to perfection and shuts off automatically when the cooking is completed.
  • The non-electrical pieces of the appliance are dishwasher safe and clean-up is effortless and fast. Nothing sticks into the machine’s surface and there’s absolutely no residue that is left behind, so no scrubbing or scratching.
  • This portable, compact, multipurpose electric egg cooker includes a lot of unique features and accessories that make it the perfect addition to any kitchen. As stated by the vast majority of egg cooker testimonials on the internet, this is among the best choices you’ll find on the market now.

8. Alcyoneus Rapid Egg Cooker

  • Boiling eggs is among the quickest ways to cook them. You can do this with many kitchen apparatus. But a tool such as the Alcyoneus Rapid Electric Cooker/Boiler reduces your cooking period.
  • Additionally, it makes boiling eggs safer by putting them in a sealed and fast-cooling container which could control steam efficiently. You may adjust the water level to make eggs just how you like them: soft, moderate, or hard-boiled.
  • You do not need to worry about overcooking your eggs. This egg cooker comes with an automobile shut-off characteristic as soon as your eggs are done cooking. This cooker holds up to seven eggs. Along with steam boiled eggs, you may even create omelets, scrambled and poached eggs also.
  • Dealing with steam could be quite a challenge but using an automatic system makes it considerably simpler. The product’s boil system melts fast to generate more steam. The more steam you have available, the more evenly and fast that your eggs may cook. Why is this possible is that the capacity to steam water fast by generating more heat over a larger surface.
  • The capability to make steam fast may also allow you to cook different foods. Shrimp and vegetables could be boiled inside this cooker. It’s possible to produce a small meal or hors d’oeuvres in one cook cycle as a result of the higher quantity of steam.
  • The Alcyoneus Rapid’s non-electric components are also simple to wash. In case you have any issues, this item is endorsed by a lone manufacturer’s guarantee against defects. On the other hand, the accessories aren’t included in the guarantee.

9. Elite Cuisine EGC-007T Maxi-Matic Electric Egg Cooker

  • This electric egg cooker can cook up to 7 eggs and could earn a funky, somewhat space-age addition to your kitchen. If you’re searching for a lime green egg stove, then the Elite Cuisine EGC-007G is the one for you.
  • This egg cooker has a lifetime warranty – it is reassuring to know that a firm has complete faith in the standard of its products.
  • The fundamental functions of the electric egg cooker are in common with all the other items included in the following guide, however, the measuring cup that’s contained in the bundle is very simple to use.
  • It is nearly impossible to bring the incorrect quantity of water. Being mostly vinyl, this green egg cooker is easy to wash. The timer setting has an auto-off role to protect against the water reservoir from boiling dry, and also the built-in timer generates perfectly cooked eggs each moment. Since the water reservoir is shallow, your own water boils faster, saving electricity, so this is in fact a green egg cooker!

10. Chefman Egg-Maker Rapid Poacher

  • Individuals that are focused on producing healthy meals will understand the advantages of steaming food. Boiled and poached eggs are a fantastic healthier meal staple, however what about the veggies. The Chefman Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler may also be used to steam vegetables, making this model especially versatile.
  • Concerning design, this version actually stands out from the audience. The foundation is actually eye-catching and can be topped with a transparent plastic lid. This lid lifts at an angle so that meals can be set within the electric egg cooker quite readily.
  • When the food is actually, an alarm will sound. As an additional incentive, the non-electric areas of the Chefman Egg Cooker/Boiler are dishwasher safe. This helps to be certain the cleanup procedure is a breeze.
  • Together with the Chefman Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler, making healthy meals is simpler than ever before. Just load up the egg maker using vegetables and eggs, fill it with water, then press the button. The machine will do the rest to ensure that a tasty and healthy meal may be appreciated in moments.

11. VonShef 7- Egg Electric Cooker Stainless Steel

  • With a slick design, stainless steel exterior, along a level stainless steel heating plate, you are going to be making hard-boiled eggs in design with this countertop stove. It’s automatic power-off, over-temperature protection, and light which proves that the device is on. After the water has boiled out, the eggs have been done, along the device shuts off automatically.
  • This retains seven eggs and you also are able to opt to create soft-, medium- or hard-boiled eggs dependent on the total amount of water used. They will be completed in 8-10 minutes, which is a lot quicker than just cooking on the stove. Additionally, this includes accessories for creating poached eggs for steaming.
  • Our tester reported that this gadget provides “perfect tasting eggs” but it is not the very best for poaching eggs. So far as layout goes, she appreciated its compact size and ease of cleanup.

12. Gourmia GEC275 2 Layer Electric Egg Cooker 

  • The first striking aspect of this elctric egg cooker is its tasteful layout. The combo of white and gray color, strong foundation and, translucent lid, in addition to the natural form of this item, reflects a fashionable form created in Gourmia. The item also has all of the essential security certificates.
  • The lid of the egg cooker was created especially to stop your own eggs from bursting or cracking during prep. The lid is really hollow and Gourmia engineers thought of the innovative solution to boost your security and make sure prepared eggs, each moment.

13. Chefman Egg-Maker Rapid Poacher

  • Why go through all of the hassles when you’re able to serve perfectly poached eggs to everybody in breakfast? Have a peek at this Chefman electric egg cooker; you are in for an offer!
  • For small and busy households, we want tools that are compact yet effective. The six eggs capability appears Ideal for an ordinary household. Therefore, I’m guessing it will meet your requirements, and also storing it on your kitchen cupboard will not make you worried!
  • Not many egg poachers include easy maneuverability. However, this one will! All you have to do is stop the water from the measuring cup and set it within the cooker and wait patiently. Once your eggs are cooked, then the buzzer will telephone you.
  • Your children like hard-boiled eggs, as you enjoy them soft. How to proceed? Well, here is the solution. As among the greatest cookers, it could cook eggs in accordance with your desire. You will only have to devote a couple more minutes, that is all!
  • The egg poacher includes a prepared buzzer, a power button with an indicator light, and a detachable tray. So, say goodbye to the hassle of cooling eggs. Almost forgo! Additionally, it includes another omelet tray.

14. Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker

  • This is a very lovely and well-thought-out design. It is a version which the majority of people will fall in love with plus it will improve any kitchen counter it is put on. You may boil up to seven eggs at once and along with this, this electric egg cooker includes a non-stick poaching tray that helps to create the cleanup process simpler for you.
  • It’s an inbuilt timer that is quite a simple program and very successful for cooking your eggs absolutely each time. You don’t need to be concerned about undercooked or overcooked eggs and no longer settling for medium-boiled or hard-boiled eggs once you really wanted a soft-boiled egg.
  • Weighing in at a feathery one pound, this version is quite simple to use and transport. In addition, it will come with amazing security attributes, which means you may really let younger kids use it under your supervision. You can readily prepare poached eggs, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, or omelets at virtually no time in any way.
  • The Hamilton Beach Egg cooker has a capacity of seven eggs and includes a non-stick egg for poaching. Additionally, it comprises a water measuring cup plus also an egg-piercing pin. If you’d like the greatest kitchen tool that will assist you to create delectable recipes like eggs benedict, leafy greens, egg whites, etc, then this may be the very best hard-boiled egg cooker to suit your requirements.

15. Egg Genie by Big Boss, The Original Rapid Egg Cooker

  • The Egg Genie is a popular choice that lets you cook seven eggs simultaneously. You are able to easily cook tender, moderate, and hard-boiled eggs. This electric egg cooker includes a few of the following: an egg steaming tray, vegetable steaming tray, egg yolk tray, and measuring cup.
  • It’s possible to earn poached and scrambled eggs together with omelets within this egg manufacturer. It is a terrific multifunctional appliance for additionally making steamed veggies, fish, dumplings, and much more. The amount of meals you can create is just limited by your imagination.
  • Having an electric egg cooker, it is wonderful to have the ability to keep an eye on your eggs while they’re cooking. The Egg Genie makes it effortless to do this because it’s a transparent lid. It includes an integrated cooking timer and buzz awake index so you know when your eggs are done.
  • The Egg Genie should be uninstalled from the wall to be closed off. Some customers complain that the alarm buzzer is a little more annoying and certainly will continue to buzz before the device is unplugged.
  • For many users, this is no problem. Others prefer an automated shut-off so that they do not need to be worried about quickly unplugging the egg cooker when the eggs are finished.

16. Hamilton Beach 25505 Electric Egg

  • Sous vide egg snacks have become a favorite cure, but not everybody has sous vide apparatus or molds to cook them. These useful egg drinkers egg snacks directly on the countertops, two at a time, making it effortless to add your additional tastes with herbs, cheese, or sausage.
  • Not only for sous vide snacks, but this electric egg cooker additionally makes great poached eggs or maybe to top your favorite pasta. The stove is very simple to operate, using a power light that signals that the stove is powered and another light that turns on if the eggs are finished. Cleanup is simple since the lid and tray are top-rack dishwashers safe.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Egg Cookers

The best electric egg cooker for your home depends upon many things. While they could all cook eggs, each egg cooker attribute may really make a difference in just how useful it’s for your loved ones. Some stoves have additional purposes, which means it is possible to create different foods.

The version you select can make the difference if your electric egg cooker is the appliance you reach for frequently or simply buried in the cupboard.

Key Features

There are numerous important characteristics to search for when making your choice. It’s possible to come across the appropriate electric egg cooker for your loved ones by comparing these attributes. Below are items to think about before making your choice.


Ability refers to the number of eggs that your egg cooker can cook at once. In case you’ve got a large family or consume a high number of eggs every day, picking an electric egg cooker that could cook ten eggs makes greater sense than one which cooks just six eggs at one time.

Special Functions

Particular functions significantly alter the value of an electric egg cooker. These may consist of security features like an automated shut-off system or even a very low water sensor. In certain egg cookers, you have a larger amount of control with added control functions or buttons. In the others, you have the capacity to alter the way the cooker works with accessories and additional features like another cooking shelf.

Cooking Method

The electric egg cookers are capable of eggs using several procedures. But they largely rely on steam. You need to add water into the base of the stove where a heating system tray will turn it into vapor. That steam cooks the egg evenly all of the ways around. The huge majority of egg cookers rely upon a steam cooking system but a few also rely on the heat when the eggs are near the heating.


Most electric egg cookers include different accessories. Included in these are muddy and omelet trays, in addition to a measuring cup using an egg piercer attachment. These accessories make it feasible to cook eggs in many various ways. Some cookers also include extra accessories such as a distinctive lifting tray so you can quickly eliminate and carry your own eggs.

How to Use an Egg Cooker

An electric egg cooker works on the principle of utilizing different quantities of water to prepare hard-boiled, medium-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, or omelets egg dishes. However, not all machines function exactly the exact same way and you have to follow the directions as they’re laid out by the manufacturer.

As a rule of thumb, most egg cookers enable you to include just the ideal quantity of water necessary to cook a specific egg dish. To use your egg cookers, simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Place your eggs within the device. If you’d like soft, tough, or medium-boiled eggs, then use eggs. If you’d like other recipes you may use stirred or crushed eggs.
  • Step 2: Now add the specified quantity of water for that specific recipe. Some egg cookers include published ‘fill’ lines to make it effortless for different recipes.
  • Step 3: Turn off the egg cooker.
  • Step 4: Wait for the alert to inform you that your eggs are completed, then eat and revel in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best electric egg cooker?

There is not only one egg cooker that’s the very best of all since they have different characteristics that can appeal to different people for various reasons. But when thinking about the very best electric egg cookers available on the current market, there are particular attributes that they have in common, like the rate of cooking (that, ideally, should be approximately 5 to 10 minutes), the power of this egg cooker, ease of cleanup, the substance employed in the building of the machine, automated security attributes, alarm, etc.

You are able to decide on the best-rated electric egg cooker to your requirements based on any or all these features. We’ve reviewed and rated the very best electric egg cookers which you will learn there, and some one of those ten on our listing is likely to create a fantastic addition to your kitchen.

2. Do you need an egg cooker to cook eggs?

No, you don’t need to cook eggs. You can use a kettle of water to boil a pan to scramble eggs. But, using an egg makes less of a wreck and is quicker. Additionally, it may help you with ideal methods of cooking eggs.

For example, rather than taking a pot, a lid, then filling it up with water, then waiting for your water to boil, then set a timer for those eggs, draining the kettle, and massaging the eggs in a different ice tub, you may simply apply your egg cooker.

3. How do you clean an electric egg cooker?

After turning off and unplugging your electric egg cooker, you can wash off the trays as well as the lid with dish soap into your sink prior to drying the egg off cooker components with a sterile towel. Cleaning the exterior of this egg cooker is as simple as wiping it down with a moist cloth and drying it.

Some egg cookers have dishwasher-safe components and accessories. But, it’s very important to maintain the digital components (normally the whole foundation ) from water. Should you want to, then wipe it clean with a moist cloth and dry it completely.

4. How do You Boil Eggs in an Egg Boiler?

Boiling eggs within an egg yolk is an easy procedure. All you have to do is add the number of eggs that you would like to cook, then follow the directions on the user’s guide regarding how much water to add for the sort of eggs you desire.

As an example, if you would like hard-boiled, medium-boiled, or soft-boiled eggs, then you’ll need to include unique quantities of water. The quantity of water depends upon the number of eggs you are boiling simultaneously. The egg cooker takes all of the guesswork from this tricky process of boiling eggs and also guarantees that you don’t need to waste any of your time or attempting to learn whether your eggs are done or not.


Locating the best electric egg cooker to your requirements can alter how you cook in your home. Making breakfast may be a far easier and quicker task. The ideal egg cooker may save you a great deal of time.

Now you understand precisely what the best electric egg cooker resembles, all you have to do is to consider the particular characteristics, functions, and layout that you need on your egg cooker.

You may then compare this with the wonderful products listed on our electric egg cooker testimonials listing to discover the egg cooker that’s a perfect fit for your needs. When you’ve your egg cooker, both you and your loved ones will have the ability to enjoy a tasty assortment of healthful egg dishes daily.

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