Best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

7 Best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic (2022 Updated)

The best electric tea kettle without plastic are those created from non-plastic materials including stainless steel. Additionally, the ones which use BPA-free vinyl or have plastic just in parts that don’t touch the water or over the maximum water should be safe.

Besides protecting your wellbeing, the lack of plenty of plastic components and parts means more strength and endurance, ensuring that the kettle functions well for quite a very long moment.

For those seeking to go plastic-free or choose a much healthier route when picking items for your kitchen, these would be the electric kettles without plastic on the marketplace which are produced from other materials.

Together with all the ease of a normal electric kettle but using safer substances, these kettles provide the very best of both worlds and look trendy in your kitchen too. Here are the best electric kettles without plastic you can buy.

List Of 7 Best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic Reviews

1. COSORI Electric Kettle Glass Hot Water Boiler & Tea Heater

  • Cosori Food-grade Kettle is your very best glass electrical kettle without plastic on the list. This exceptional kettle employs superior borosilicate glass, which can be scratch-resistance and scuff-resistance.
  • It sports the exceptional British STRIX thermostat technologies, which shuts off the pot 30 minutes after the water has boiled. The pot also utilizes a boil-dry security feature to discover the lack of water and turn it off.
  • This Cosori version will even boil water fast, particularly considering its high 1.7-liter capacity. Over 3-7 minutes, you’ll get water warmed and prepared for making tea, coffee, or even pasta.
  • Due to its trendy glass design, the pot is a superb match for your kitchen. And its blue LED light ring index further enhances the look. If it comes to cleaning and pruning, the broad mouth will make certain you have a simple moment.

2. Precise Heat Electric Water Kettle

  • In just 90 seconds, the Precise Heat Electric Kettle supplies you with 8 oz of boiling water for your beverages and foods. Produced from high-quality thick gauge stainless steel, this pot features a fashionable design and a 1.5-liter capacity.
  • The phenolic handle and also a mirror finish make this a fantastic addition to any house and the pot has a detachable base with power cord storage also.
  • There is also a boil-dry protective attribute so that you don’t need to fret about the kettle getting damaged if you just happen to overlook that the water has become dry.

3. Secura SWK-1701DB The Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle

  • This Secura version includes a double-wall insulation layout meaning that the outer surface remains completely cool when the water is boiling inside. Ideal if you have kids.
  • The most essential feature is the fact that it’s 100% stainless steel inside. It’s BPA-free and doesn’t have vinyl in contact with the water so that you can confidently enjoy pure and safe water.
  • The plan is not just anything special but it will come in a variety of vibrant colors. It’s created out of superior 18/10 stainless steel and even has a stainless steel filter over the interior to be certain that the water is as pristine as you can.
  • Fast boiling having a simple on/off switch. This pot also automobile shuts off as it reaches boiling point. It stems very quickly even if complete.

4. Electric Kettle with Variable Temperature

  • What we like about the electric kettle without plastic is the fact that it includes a variable temperature controller over the handle. You may adjust the heat level based on what you need, along with an LCD display that shows you exactly what it is at any given moment. This is only one of the more lavish versions available on the current market, making it a wonderful purchase for tea fans.
  • So far as performance goes, this pot utilizes a 1000-watt heating element to receive your water boiling in a couple of minutes. The kettle is 1.5 liters, which will be more than sufficient for many offices and households, and it includes an automatic shutoff feature for security. In general, this can be a top-notch kettle.

5. BELLA Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle

  • Bella 14522 is among the best ceramic electrical kettles without plastic on the market. The selection of fabric gives it a fashionable and timeless appearance which makes this pot a wonderful addition to your kitchen.
  • Since the pot employs ceramic because of the core substance, it’s quite safe for use as a result of the exceptional scalding avoidance land. Additionally, the water comes quickly, in only 5 minutes because this pot utilizes a 1200-watt heating component.
  • There are a few robust built-in security features, including automobile darkening and boil-dry protection. The kettle’s heating component can be hidden for optimum safety. Even better, it’s a 360-degree rotating base for additional convenience.
  • An additional neat feature that leads to secure operation is that the kettle’s extended gooseneck-style spout. This spout provides you more pouring control and helps prevent dangerous spills.
  • It is worth noting, but that Bella 14522’s ceramic construct makes the kettle fragile. Extra caution is essential when managing it to reduce harm.

6. Molla Contento 1.7L Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Water Kettle

  • The Molla Contento Electric Kettle has a cordless design along with a sleek appearance with a generous 1.7L capability. It’s a massive water level screen that enables you to see readily how much is inside, in addition to a quick boiling moment.
  • It automatically switches off if it is boiled but additionally, it has a boil-dry detector that protects the mill from getting damaged by dry boiling. The stainless-steel is the perfect substance for water kettles, maintaining your water tasting good and free of BPA.
  • This is a lasting appliance that will last you a long time of usage, using a soft-brushed complete that guarantees it’s going to look good in any house. For the additional distinctive kitchen, things check out kegerators.

7. VAVA Electric Kettle Temperature Control Water Kettle

  • This permits you to warm water for certain teas, or you could customize your choices as you see fit. Additionally, there are three preset choices to make sure you receive the best results possible.
  • Other noteworthy characteristics that people like about this electric kettle without plastic comprise the entire mouth-watering lid, a water level indicator on both sides along a removable mesh filter.
  • Each one of these additions makes this a feasible solution for anybody. But as a result of its performance and cost, we urge that only serious hot water connoisseurs select this particular model.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

You can’t merely walk into the sector and put your finger on any kettle and buy it. There’s an ample number of things which you will need to take into consideration for acquiring one suiting your requirements.

Listed below are a couple of factors to think about while choosing the best electric tea kettle without plastic:


All these stainless steel electric kettles can be found in a number of versions, and you need to think about picking one based on your own preferences.

Due to the daily function utilization of those kettles, these kettles occasionally occupy space from the kitchen also, and so the layout ought to be such that they seem great and will fit on the counters.

You’d recommend you proceed through electrical kettle reviews of different kettles on the current market, before obtaining a kettle that’s somewhat trendy so that it may even match the corner table of your own drawing rooms.


Nobody would love to acquire an electric tea kettle without plastic which will quit working in a year’s time. Your purchase ought to be worth your investment. Thus you have to keep a watch out for the guarantee, guarantee provided with the bundle which is going to be an add-on aspect to the durability of the goods.

A couple of electrical glass kettles may occupy two or three moments for boiling, whereas some may just do it in a moment’s time. The rate of boiling is based is directly proportional to the wattage.

The greater the energy consumption, the greater is that the boiling speed. So it is your call for selecting a electric kettle without plastic that could serve you in a fast moment.

Kettles take advantage of heating components and consequently could have different power requirements. Normally, the energy requirements change between 1000 and 1500 watts and affect your house’s general energy intake.

Should you apply the kettles frequently, then you can certainly find a small increase in the power bill at the end of the month. But because they could heat the water up at a quicker speed, the intake can be decreased down slowly and functions to be economical.

User friendly

Simple to run electric kettle without plastic ought to be there in your own wish list. A kettle that entails rocket science because of its performance may frustrate you once you want to wake up to a hot cup of tea or coffee. So it is better for you to get something simple to use.


Auto shut-off is the main quality which you ought to search for considering the security parameter of an electrical kettle without plastic. Additionally, make sure there are not any regions of the electrical tank touching the water, causing contamination, and supplies boil-dry protection.


Water holding capacity and household size are the two chief limitations that you have to consider to find out the ideal size and manufacturer of the kettle you ought to get for your property.

You can’t elect for a little size kettle when you’ve got a huge family, and so the daily water demands of the household considering the number of household members stands as a very important element for your size choice.

Temperature control

Obtaining a top-rated electrical kettle without plastic that lets you acquire control over the temperature. There’s a gap between brewing a hot cup of java with boiling water and normal water.

Hence a BPA-free kettle with a temperature controller depending on your own requirements and specifications stands as best for usage.


Go for electrical kettles which are made with stainless steel, aluminum, silver, and ceramic electrical kettle. Avoid becoming kettles that use vinyl as it might cause your water to purge.


From our best electric tea kettle without plastic inspection, it’s apparent that all these are valuable for our everyday water heating demands, particularly when making coffee and tea.

The kettle adopts exactly the exact same layout as a normal pitcher, using a large handle and an opening in the top to give access to the interior. But some features and improvements could be added to kettle components like the lid, handle, and base to make them, even more, user-friendly.

When comparing all of these fantastic devices, we must state our top two choices are Secura or even Gooseneck. For security, you can not beat the ever-cool appearance of this Secura Super Kettle. Only our quick tip about the electric kettle without plastic to select from, and our listing still has exceptional products from top quality brands.

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