9 Best Electric Woks (2022 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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As you do not need a wok to cook amazing Asian cuisine, using among the best electric woks is super useful. Woks distribute heat evenly and also permit you to cook with less oil. Should you prefer to cook complex meals that need more leftovers than you have on your stovetop, an electric wok is a significant convenience. Additionally, if you are working out a meal buffet-style, you are able to keep the food warm at the electric wok.

Electric cookwares are gaining popularity daily. And why not, in the end, an electrical cooking appliance is suitable, mobile, and above all simple to use. So now we have picked a few of the very best electric woks on the marketplace. Though a number of these feature a nonstick coating, many others possess a stainless-steel rounded base. However, to discover which product sets maximum checkmarks in your requirements, you are going to need to experience electric wok reviews below.

Why Buy an Electric Wok?

Given that the fact that electrical and conventional works share a lot of similarities, why would you decide to purchase an electric version? Lots of men and women love the portability of an electric wok. Let us say you would like to produce your signature stir fry at the dining table to impress your friends at a dinner celebration. An electric wok permits you to do this. Or maybe you wish to create dinner on your own kitchen island so that you may chat with your loved ones as you work. Again, an electric wok is best.

If you love camping or RVing, an electric wok additionally serves a worthy goal, provided that you have access to power. If you are a student residing in a dorm or small studio, then an electric wok could be a godsend, since you will have the ability to cook decent meals with no cooker.

Stove Top Wok vs Electric Wok

List of 9 Best Electric Wok Reviews

1. Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok Easy Clean Nonstick

To find your best bang for the dollar, the Aroma Housewares 7-quart Electric Wok is a superb option. This easy-to-use version has a rather large capacity and a durable, nonstick surface so it’s possible to use less petroleum than you would in a conventional metal wok.

The no-fuss flow goes from low to high, along with the carbon monoxide heats up fast and manages to keep heat well, and it can be key for fast searing and stir-frying your favorite dishes.

The domed lid also has a nonstick coating for simple cleanup, but as it’s constructed from metal rather than glass, you are going to need to lift the lid to check on the development of whatever you are steaming or braising.

Be mindful that you are going to want to adhere to using wooden utensils to prevent damaging the inside’s nonstick surface. As you can not divide the pot in the heating element, you will also need to thoroughly wash this by hands (although the nonstick coating helps stop stuck-on dirt and meals).

2. Aroma Housewares Professional AEW-306 Electric Wok

Contrary to other woks, that have regular lids which are somewhat curved, the Aroma Housewares AEW-306 includes a distinctive dome-shaped lid. This lid allows for quick heat flow. The glossy metal construct is ideal for heat retention and even distribution. Your food cooks quicker and stays fuller for more when from the electric wok.

A full-range temperature controller attribute is flexible and offers you the flexibility to ascertain the ideal cooking requirements for your meals. The electric wok also boasts of a cool-touch foundation and manages. The heat-resistant substances utilized in these parts keep you from burning your hands while managing the wok.

Its surface is non-invasive, which makes it more user-friendly compared to that of Presto 5900. Having a nonstick surface, food is not likely to adhere and cleaning is bliss. As if the deal could not get any better, a 5-year guarantee is included in every purchase so that you can be certain of the quality you are buying in.

3. VonShef 7.4Qt Electric Wok

This huge capacity 7.4-quart electric wok is among the best electric woks that will assist you to feed a bunch. The aluminum wok comes with an innovative non-stick coating, which means you don’t require a great deal of oil when you stir fry.

The coat also creates the wok simple to wash. The rotary dial includes four heat settings: Warm (176 degrees Fahrenheit), Low (302 degrees Fahrenheit), Medium (374 degrees Fahrenheit), and High (446 degrees Fahrenheit).

The electric wok itself as well as the glass lid game cool-touch silicone grips. The power cord is readily detachable, which means it is possible to bring the wok into the table without the cord getting in the way. Be aware that this wok isn’t completely round at the base; there’s a horizontal location.

4. Presto 5900 1500-Watt Stainless-Steel Electric Wok

Those of you who are working using a marginally smaller budget will appreciate the fact which you’re still able to manage an adequate electrical wok at a reasonable price. The wok is constructed from stainless steel, which guarantees a particular degree of durability, and it is dishwasher safe (and so is your lid), which is a massive plus. The cover, on the other hand, consists of tempered glass and also offers a stainless steel rim, in addition to the handle.

A wooden spatula can be contained in the bundle, which is a fairly fantastic offer for the purchase price. 1 thing you discovered is the cable is a little too brief, which takes away from your wok’s portability – unless you have loads of outlets in your own kitchen, you won’t have the ability to move it about just as much.

Additionally, as a result of its shape, just the horizontal surface at the base becomes warmed – the sides do not. You do not see it as a deal-breaker, however, I’m concerned that it may cause some discoloration on the floor. Again, it is not much of a problem, but I needed to allow you to understand, anyhow.

5. Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok

Experience genuine Asain-style gas cooking using Breville electric wok. This highly effective 1500-watt wok reaches the set temperature immediately, exactly enjoy the large flame of a gas stove. However, what makes the device special is your Butterfly heating component. This component distributes heat evenly on the curved bottom wok and the walls up. You may see the oil get smoking hot, which is ideal for stir-frying veggies or meat.

The temperature dial goes onto the side of cookware that provides a maximum of 425 degrees F. In total, Breville BEW600XL provides 15 precision heating settings for restaurant-like cooking in the home. As a result of this die-cast aluminum structure with a proprietary nonstick cooking surface which needs very little oil for cooking. And genuine Chinese dishes use small oil to stir fry veggies for a crispy exterior and soft inside.

The flexibility of Breville’s nontraditional electrical wok makes it worth purchasing. Aside from stir-frying, you may use the cookware for steaming, braising, and shallow skillet ingredients. And yet once the cooking is completed, detach the temperature controller probe to wash out the round lid and bowl readily. It is going to barely take you 5 minutes to wash off the oil from the lid and bud with the assistance of a sterile sponge and water.

6. Breville EW30XL Electric Gourmet Wok

If you’d like the absolute best money can purchase, this high-quality wok includes a 6-quart ability and 1500-watt decoration component, the latter of which can be put back around the foundation for improved heat distribution.

It shares the exact same 15-heat setting choice (14 regular choices and also a”high sear” style ) and is dishwasher friendly. The non-stick wok place is lasting and scratch-resistant using a four-ply Quantanium coating. It’s an easy-release mechanism to pop the foundation for cleaning and has a spatula and convenient recipe booklet.

7. Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet

Skillets are fantastic for grilling, frying, grilling, baking, and for producing one-dish meals. Therefore, in the event that you would like a very simple life of healthy yet tasty food, then a spoonful is certainly going to be your own buddy in need. But, there are lots of kinds available on the market to select from.

If you’re searching for a choice, look at obtaining the Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet which’s an industry-standard in amazing devices for your kitchen. It’s a built-in spout that also doubles up as a spoon holder. For simple cleaning and keeping, the foundation and the large sidewalls can be dispersed and may be kept compactly within the wok if not being used.

This one comes in a significant size of 16 inches and the measurements are approximately 20 x 12.5 x 8 inches. For this reason, you might even cook huge meals for more people simultaneously and store away neatly if the guests are all gone. Although, it is possible to continue to use it frequently even without the additional folks to cook for then keep your dishes later since the skillet is far more effective than a normal toaster or an oven.

It’s a tempered glass cover for security functions and particular handles that never warm up. Overall this skillet will function to make your life far simpler and allow you to cook a variety of delicious dishes daily with no of those kitchen hassles of cleaning.

8. Sonya Electric Shabu Shabu Hotpot with BBQ Grill SYHS-4L

Now you can enjoy at Hotspot or Shabu Shabu while grilling fish such as shrimp and other meat on top using Sonya Electric Hotpot and BBQ grill. It may make cooking whilst eating comes accurate.

You can enjoy all sorts of dishes and serve your loved one’s members and friends. You simply need to put all of the components in the pot or on the grill plate. It’s excellent for a family get-together or having fun with friends.

9. Cuisinart WOK-730 7-2/7-Quart Electric Wok

This 7-2/7-quart metal wok is produced out of a nonstick coating to steer clear of food sticking, burning off, also for stress-free cleaning. Additionally, it includes a Removable temperature probe which enables adjustment of these temperatures from warm to 450 degrees F. Additionally, all of the sections of the Stainless Steel Wok are dishwasher safe so straightforward to wash. The wok is best to prepare steams veggies, sauces and simmers soups.

The domed lid and die-cast handles make it easy and secure to move the pot when cooking, so it’s straightforward to eliminate your food after cooking. Additionally, it has an instruction manual and a 3 years limited guarantee.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Wok

The qualities on this listing change from one model and make to another. We urge prospective buyers to explore these attributes before choosing an electric wok.


Nearly all electric woks include a nonstick surface, however, there are exceptions to this principle. While nonstick cookware prevents food from sticking, it has its own drawbacks, too. After a time, a wok’s nonstick coating may peel, at which stage it is a good idea to replace the merchandise.

Many people today worry about possible health problems brought on by Teflon and related substances, particularly if it flakes to meals. These concerns are not automatically supported by scientific research.

Nevertheless, if you would like to prevent vulnerability to nonstick components, consider an electrical wheelchair made from stainless steel. The Presto 06857 consists of the substance and is also secure for dishwashers. Another fantastic choice is the VonShef 7.4Qt Electric Wok, which is made from ceramic.

Heat settings

An electric wok with flexible heat affords you control over your cooking. And because stir-frying is intended to be done at a higher temperature, the more complex the work can proceed, the better.

Most electric woks can extend up to their temperature to approximately 400° Fahrenheit. We advise customers to be skeptical of versions that can not achieve that temperature.


Some cooking fans prefer a conventional, round-bottom wok. If you are not a wok purist, though, a flat-bottom variety is going to do just fine. If you want a wok with a rounded bottom, we advise you to have a peek at the Breville Hot Wok.


Some electric woks incorporate a completely built-in heating component. Others, while still powered by power, can be taken out from their foundation for cleaning.

The Breville Hot Wok detaches from its base, as does the dishwasher-safe West Bend in our product listing. Even though the Aroma Housewares is promoted as removable, some owners whine that they have had trouble taking off the base and placing it forth.


As you do not want a lid for stir-frying, it comes in handy if you intend on using your wok for many different cooking functions. We favor a glass lid within an opaque one since you can peek in and see how your food is progressing without raising the lid. This is a good feature if you are cooking rice or steaming veggies.

The Handles

A number of the most effective electric woks game cool-touch handles which are heat-resistant and totally free of awkward nooks and crannies, which can be tough to wash.

Price and Durability

You could purchase an electric wok for as little as $25, however, the top products available on the market retail in a bit over $100. If you’re planning on using your electrical wok often, it is definitely worth spending more. Cheaper versions have a tendency to wear out or break after a couple of years, and also their nonstick coatings can easily be scratched or damaged.

If you elect for the Breville How Wok, you are going to pay a higher cost, however, Breville is rather a trusted name in the business. Owners report that after several decades of routine use, the nonstick coating still looks brand new.

Nevertheless, you could get adequate electrical for somewhere in the $60 range if you should shop around and prevent non-coatings.


Here is the best electric wok you may purchase to put in a preference for your kitchen. Furthermore, they have enormous applications that you are able to cook and serve together around the table thereby providing your family a hot meal daily.

Woks come from various brands so always choose wisely the very best that is suitable for your need taste and taste. Additionally quality and cost aren’t a match as you can still have a fantastic wok with everything you’ve allocated because of your budget.

If it comes to the electrical wok, you’ll come across a whole lot of alternatives in the industry. In this guide, we’ve recorded for you the high-quality professional versions which electric wok flawlessly and will ideal stir-fry very quickly. Just select one that will meet your requirements.


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