Tips to Help You How To Clean a Flat Top Grill

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You love outdoor activities and always want to have a good time with your family and friends outdoors? Owning a flat top grill can take your outdoor cooking to the next level and bring you an enjoyable time with your loved ones. “How to clean a flat top grill” will also be the thing you want to know. Let us find out via the article of KITCHENBAR about how to clean a flat top grill.

What is a Flat Top Grill?

Flat top grill is a unique piece of cooking hardware. Many might recognize them as the cooker seen at teppanyaki restaurants, but they are also found in backyards and food trucks everywhere.

This device provides steady heat to help you cook your food delicious and properly cooked. It enhances the flavours of dishes by emitting smoky flavour. The most attractive thing about this device is you will not have to worry as much about the flare-ups that can occur when hot fat drips onto the live coals like normal cooking devices.

A flat top grill
A flat top grill

Why do we Need to Clean a Flat Top Grill?

Regardless of what type of cooking you are doing, sanitation should always come first. Grilling is no exception. Just because this method takes place outdoors does not mean that you can neglect your cleaning duties. If the food is prepared on an unclean station, you should not eat it because it can never be good for your health.

The most typical difference between flat top grill and normal cooking devices is when you cook on a flat top grill, you use a great deal of oil. If the grease is allowed to build up, it will mix with any other ingredients which were left behind as a result of high-heat cooking application.

You may think that your flat top grill is clean enough and no need to make any more deep clean routine, but the residue from old meals can linger, imparting an off flavour to the next dish you cook. The grease buildup can cause ingredients to stick to the surface of the flat top grill, leading to the fact that they will not be cooked as evenly. Additionally, if you keep letting your flat top grill ‘dirty’, it will be much more difficult for you to clean in the future.

A dirty flat top grill with built up grease
A dirty flat top grill with built up grease

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill?

First, you need to find the right time to clean a flat top grill. The surface has to be cool enough to touch, but not so cool which the residue has had time to adhere. You should start the cleaning process as soon as the grill has cooled down enough that it does not burn your hand if you lay a hand across the surface.

Second, if you have prepared foods that contain saturated fats (such as butter or bacon grease), these things will begin to solidify when they cool down to room temperature. This will be another sign that it is safe for you to begin your cleaning process. If you miss this time, the fat might harden to the point where conventional cleaning methods will not be enough to clean the device.

Now, let us show you 5 easy methods to clean your flat top grill.

Before you begin any of these cleaning methods, please grab a few high-quality paper towels and use them to wipe the surface of the grill. This step will help you absorb any excess grease and wipe away any small bits of food that were left behind when you cooked.

Using high-quality paper towels to wipe the surface of flat top grill
Using high-quality paper towels to wipe the surface of flat top grill

1. Vinegar and Water

  • Put the equal amount of vinegar and water into a spray bottle, make sure that you combine these liquids completely.
  • Then turn on the grill to high temperature and spray the surface all over with the solution, paying attention to grimy areas.
  • Spread the solution evenly, scraping as you go.

2. Dishwashing Liquid

  • Squirt the generous amount of dishwashing liquid into a wet sponge and wipe the surface until the drippings have been eliminated.
  • Clean your sponge, soaked it with hot water and wipe down the surface again to remove lingering soap.
Using dishwashing to clean a flat top grill
Using dishwashing to clean a flat top grill

3. Lemon and Soda

  • First, you need to reheat your grill to soften the hardened food debris.
  • Second, scrape off all the debris with a heavy-duty scrubber.
  • Prepare the solution that contains lemon juice and soda water, then spray the solution on the surface of the grill.
  • Let the mixture for 5 minutes, and then scrape the grill in circular motion.

4. Beer

  • What you need is just some leftover beer that you have when your party is over. Just pour some beer on the warm grill as well as scrub it.
  • Then drain the liquid off.

5. Onion

Ordinary ingredients in your kitchen such as an onion can also be your life-saver when it comes to cleaning a flat top grill.

  • First, slice a regular white, or sweet onion in half and use it to scrub the flat top before it is fully cool down.
  • When you finish scrubbing your device, discard the onion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any other tips for me to clean a flat top grill?

Yes, they are. There are many easy ways, tips or even hacks that can help you clean your flat top grill. We can offer you some more tips such as: clean every component of your device, you should not only focus on the surface, drip tray and grease drain are needed to be clean too; moreover, please choose your method carefully, before cleaning your device, please take time to take note of the construction to choose a good method to treat your flat top grill.

2. How often should I clean a flat top grill?

You should always clean it after every use. This will contribute a great help to stop excess fat from setting on the grill surface, that will help prevent harmful bacteria from developing on the surface. If you can, try to clean it every month, even if you are not using it. Because this device is always exposed to nature. Therefore, dust, dirt, and bacteria can develop on their surface.

3. How do I know that I need to deep clean my flat top grill?

As we mentioned in the article, there are a few signs for you to determine if it is necessary to clean your flat top grill:

  • Original flavour disappearing: Obviously when this happens, it means that your food flavour has been mixing with each other, this is one of the typical signs for you to notice and take action in cleaning your flat top grill.
  • Your food is unevenly cooked: If you find that it becomes harder to cook the food evenly, deep cleaning the flat top grill is your solution to stop this from happening.
  • You start to notice grease buildup on the surface: You clean your flat top grill after every time you use it, but the grease does not come off with your daily cleaning methods, then a deep clean process is needed.

4. How do I keep my flat top grill clean when I do not use it?

You know how to clean your flat top grill when using it, then you should know how to keep it clean when you do not use it too. Always use a lid or a cover to cover the grill. As you know, a lid or a cover is not an expensive thing, try to get one and protect your appliance from exposing to nature too much. Because if it is exposed to nature, bacteria, dust can develop on its surface.

5. Can I avoid food from getting stuck on the surface?

The answer is yes, you can. You can easily avoid food from getting stuck on the surface of your device by seasoning the grill. This is what you should do when you just got a brand new flat top grill. Seasoning the grill is not that hard. What you need is oil, but the oil must be rich in fatty acids such as flax oil, vegetable oil.

When you get the oil, heat the grill up until it becomes darker and add the oil. Once your grill is covered with the oil, amp up the heat until smoke appears. When the smoke is gone, turn off your appliance.


With what we are sharing above, we have helped you understand how to clean a flat top grill. Moreover, we provided some easy ways and tips to clean and keep your device clean as a new one. When your appliance is in good hands and well cared for, it’s sure to last longer and provide the best healthy and good food for you and your loved one.

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