How to Clean Infrared Grill Safely? What Should You Know

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Using an infrared grill to bake food has always been a favorite of many people. They choose infrared grills instead of traditional grills because of the temperature advantages. The more often food is grilled, the more food residues will appear. The best way is to clean it, at least twice a year. It will be better if you clean it continuously. So, how to clean infrared grill? The article of KITCHENBAR below will make it clear to you!

What is an Infrared Grill?

Infrared grill is a grill that cooks food using infrared rays, also known as heat radiation. It uses gas to heat the infrared element and generate thermal radiation, which in turn produces hot gas to cook food.

The gas burners of the infrared grill burn the infrared elements. After a short time these elements will produce infrared radiation, they have a high temperature and can cook food easily. These can be called electromagnetic energies, they are not harmful to human health. The cooking time of food is also very short due to the very high heat generated by the infrared rays.

After a short time these elements will produce infrared radiation, they have a high temperature and can cook food easily
After a short time these elements will produce infrared radiation, they have a high temperature and can cook food easily

An infrared grill generates hot air and cooks food directly through radiation. They do not cause smoke and ensure a great taste of the dish. Their way of working is not the same as that of traditional grills, which is to cook food by heating the air.

How does an Infrared Grill Work?

Surely many people will wonder about how the heat radiation rays in the infrared grill work. It works on the thermal effect of infrared or infrared radiation. Don’t worry, “radiation” will harm you or make the dish bad! It is completely harmless, the radiation here is not nuclear radiation but thermal radiation. It raises high heat to cook your food quickly.

Infrared grills use gas burners that burn directly onto the radiating elements. These radiation elements will absorb heat and emit light with high levels, mainly infrared or infrared radiation. These pictures quickly spread to the grill and cook the food.

It works on the thermal effect of infrared or infrared radiation
It works on the thermal effect of infrared or infrared radiation

Infrared elements are usually pieces of high-quality glass, stainless steel or ceramic, which always have gas particles underneath.

Because it generates heat by means of radiation and wavelengths of heat, an infrared grill can generate heat up to 1200 degrees F. Plus the time it takes to heat up extremely quickly, like the speed of light, infrared. It also belongs to the light rays that humans cannot see, so its ability to generate heat is also very fast. With infrared grills they only take 1 to 3 minutes to reach 500 degrees F. An infrared grill definitely has the upper hand.

How to Clean an Infrared Grill?

Leaving food residue or remaining grease in the grill can cause the grill to rust and wear out the components in the infrared grill. On the other hand, you won’t like it when today’s barbecue has the smell of stale garlic from previous roasts. It really is a bad thing!

If food residues remain in the grill and after repeated baking, they will burn and turn into unhealthy compounds. Of course, it also loses the flavor of the food you are preparing. In addition, food scraps can rust and corrode your infrared grill. Therefore, you need to clean the infrared grill. Clean as much as possible and at least twice a year.

You need to clean the infrared grill
You need to clean the infrared grill

There are 2 main ways to clean your infrared grill, both safe and clean.

Clean the infrared grill using the combustion method

The combustion method is arguably the best way to clean an infrared grill. This method takes advantage of the infrared grill’s very high temperature rise to burn off all the food debris. You should do this method after each use to burn off food crumbs or excess grease. The way to do it is very simple.

After each meal, turn on all the burners in the infrared grill and turn the temperature control knob to the highest level. The high temperature will help to burn off all the leftover food residue.

Cover the grill and let it burn for 10-15 minutes. This period is long enough for everything to burn to ashes.

Turn off the burners and wait for them to cool down. You should not start cleaning immediately after turning off the burners. The residual heat can cause you to burn. Stay calm and wait for about 5 more minutes or you go to do something and come back.

Prepare a rake, nylon brush or grill brush to start the cleaning process
Prepare a rake, nylon brush or grill brush to start the cleaning process

Prepare a rake, nylon brush or grill brush to start the cleaning process.

After the grill has cooled, use a rake to clean the grill, scrape off all burnt food residue on the grill. They are quite easy to come off due to being burned. You can also use a nylon brush to brush ash pieces off the grill.

With crumbs on the back of the grill you can use a metal razor if they get too hard.

The infrared emitter also needs to be cleaned in order to function more efficiently. Use a nylon brush and gently sweep across the surface to remove layers of ash.

Clean the glass panels of the infrared grill with a warm towel. You just need to use a warm towel to wipe it without having to take it off.

After the ash and burnt food residue has been removed, apply a layer of thermal oil to the grills and infrared panels. It will ensure that the next time your food is baked, it doesn’t stick to the grill or the infrared emitter.

Deep cleaning method

Although you can burn off leftovers after each use, grease will still stick to the parts of the infrared grill. Use the following deep cleaning method to get rid of them completely. This method will also help you keep the shiny look of your infrared grill. You don’t need to do this all the time, but it should be done occasionally, based on how often you use the grill.

If your infrared grill has glass panels, clean them with ammonia-based glass cleaners instead of scouring pads and abrasive cleaners on the glass. Simply use a soft cloth and ammonia-based glass cleaner to clean the glass panel and cover. You can get rid of grease splashes here and make it cleaner.

Clean them with ammonia-based glass cleaners
Clean them with ammonia-based glass cleaners

On stainless steel grills, use a metal polish to remove leftovers. You just need to leave the cleaner on the surface of the blister for a few minutes and scrub it off. Stains will quickly disappear.

Check the drip trays and wipe off the grease on them.

With the infrared emitter, use a nylon brush to gently sweep away the ash and dust on it.


If your infrared grill is used frequently, clean and disinfect it regularly. Because the structure and working method of the infrared grill is quite special, it is not difficult to clean it. Cleaning the infrared grill will make your grill more wonderful. Hopefully, after this article you know how to clean an infrared grill!

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