How to Clean Oven Racks – 5 Simple Solutions

An oven is frequently used and over a short time there will be a certain amount of dirt adhering to the rack. These contaminants can be animal fat and seasoning during oven use. So how to clean oven racks, let us send you 5 simple solutions!

How to clean oven racks?

How to Clean Oven Racks?

Solution 1: Use Dryer Sheets & Dishwashing Liquid

The first and very easy way to clean your oven rack is to use dryer sheets and dishwashing liquid. To implement this solution, line your bathtub with dryer sheets. Then place the oven rack on top and slowly fill the sink with just enough warm water. Until the amount of water has filled the oven rack, slowly add half a cup of dishwashing liquid, then dissolve and soak it with the oven rack overnight.

The next morning you can empty the water and keep dryer sheets. You use it to clean the stand before rinsing it with clean water. The mechanism of action of this solution is to use the power of antistatic agents in dryer sheets. These electrically resistant substances will help separate the food from the rack by diluting the bond. Along with that, fabric softeners from the dishwashing liquid will soften the foods baked on the racks. And honestly, this method is very easy to use and also very easy to clean it up afterwards.

Solution 2: Use Baking Soda & Vinegar Bath

Like the previous solution, for this solution, you will also use a bath to know how to clean oven racks. Do not rush to add water to the bath! Put the oven brackets in the tub first. Then slowly sprinkle baking soda – the active ingredient in cleaning and deodorizing – on the oven rack. Next, soak the vinegar on a shelf that already contains baking soda.

Let this chemical reaction take place until it stops foaming. Then fill the tub with hot water until it covers all the brackets and leaves the mixture overnight. The next morning use an old dishcloth to scrub the stand, while you will also slowly remove grease and dirt from the surface of the stand. To make sure the stand is clean and looks new, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub and rub in areas where it is difficult to use your hands to clean.

Use a sponge and rub gently
Use a sponge and rub gently

In case you do encounter stubborn stains, we have the solution for you to add kosher salt to create a better sanding system. After that, you continue to rub and rinse until all dirt is removed, then rinse the rack with clean water and use only. It’s simple and easy to clean.

Solution 3: Use an Ammonia Garbage Bag

This solution is quite simple and easy to implement, but it is also one of the solutions that if you are a little careless, it can be very dangerous. To do this you will need a large plastic trash bag, ammonia, a trash can, a place outside of your house or apartment that you can safely ensure that you will not be devalued. help when left overnight. And especially it needs to be connected to a tap!

To begin this solution you need to remove dirt from the oven rack. We will send you the solution now. Simply place your oven rack in a large, unused trash bag, then add half a liter of ammonia to the bag, fasten the bag and place it in the trash.

You leave it for the night without having to do anything more. This is because the smoke of ammonia circulates and reacts with impurities on the surface of the support. To make sure ammonia works on all surfaces of the stand make sure you set the rack flat while in the trash bag.

Rub and rinse under running water
Rub and rinse under running water

Important Note:

  • As this solution, if not careful, can lead to serious consequences when applying this solution you have to tie the bags tightly so that ammonia cannot leak out.
  • You should also not use this method indoors, as once ammonia leaks out, it will be very dangerous to the health of your family members. You should leave trash outside of your home, this will not allow dangerous fumes to circulate inside your home.
  • When opening the garbage bag to take out the oven rack, you need to choose a well-ventilated place for ammonia gas to circulate into the thin air.
  • During any action of this solution you will need gloves and goggles. When you use a tap to wash off sticky stains, be careful not to stick to your body!

Solution 4: Use Bathtub and Dishwasher Soap

To prepare for this solution you need a bathtub, dishwasher detergent, old towels, and a few sponges.

Start this solution by spreading an old towel over the bathtub. Or you can use the sponges in the corners to lean the oven rack against. This way they won’t scratch or damage your bathtub.

Now slowly fill the tub with enough hot water to cover the oven racks, then slowly add a cup of dishwasher detergent seed and dissolve it.

Like the other methods, leave the mixture on overnight. By the next morning, it will be very easy for you to remove any stains from the oven rack surface using only sponges. If you happen to encounter stubborn stains, use a little more force and remember not to damage the glaze of the stand!

An important note of this solution is that you should not let the stand soak in this solution for too long as it can lead to oxidation. So overnight soaking is enough!

Solution 5: Use Commercial Oven Cleaner

Perhaps understanding customer difficulties in removing dirt from oven racks. That’s why the cleaning products company makes commercial oven cleaning products. With the advantage of being convenient, quick, and easy to clean, these products have a pretty big drawback that they will generate toxic smoke. We have advice for you if you plan to use them. That is, use these commercial cleaners in a well-ventilated area where there is plenty of air circulation.

And to make cleaning easier, use old newspaper or plastic pads that you no longer use to line the bottom. Next, place the oven tray in separate layers. Remember to always wear rubber gloves and protective gear to protect your skin during the use of these commercial cleaners!

Another important note that you need to keep in mind is to carefully read the instructions for each detergent’s use. Failure to do so could result in damage to your oven rack.

Use rubber gloves and newspaper lining below!
Use rubber gloves and newspaper lining below!

Why do You Need to Clean the Oven Rack?

You need to do it like you wash your body every day. Anyway, if the oven rack is left for a certain period of time, not cleaning it will be a shelter for dirt, bacteria and will be harmful to your health. So we recommend cleaning your oven as well as its racks periodically to ensure hygiene and health!

In addition to the 5 solutions that we just shared there are many other solutions that you can choose for yourself. With experience, knowledge, and professional working process, we have selected the 5 most optimal ways to know how to clean oven racks. Cleaning the oven racks according to what we’ve shared is the simplest and easiest way to return them to their original sparkle with little effort.

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