How to reheat fried chicken fastest and keep the best taste

How to Reheat Fried Chicken Fastest and Keep the Best Taste

Fried chicken has become familiar to us. It is often the main dish at fast-food restaurants. Besides, it is also the favorite food that not only adults but also children love. If you do not know how to store or reheat the fried chicken, the chicken will become flakier and more flaccid. So there must be a way to reheat them before eating and still taste the same as the origin, right? Let’s find out the ways how to reheat fried chicken.

How to reheat fried chicken

How to Reheat Fried Chicken

1. Reheat Fried Chicken in the Oven


  • Leave the chicken outside while the oven is waiting to be hot up to 190 ° C (375 ° F)
  • Remove fried chicken from the refrigerator
  • Place the chicken pieces evenly spaced on a plate or tray until they reach room temperature. This step takes about a half of an hour.
  • Use that time effectively by doing any other prep work you should be doing. For example, you need to preheat the oven, prepare side
  • dishes, set the table or prepare fried chicken dipping sauce, and so on during that time.

How to reheat fried chicken by oven:

  • Place the fried chicken on a baking tray. First, you need to line the tray with silver paper so that after frying, it can be easier to clean. It is not necessary to lubricate it, although doing so will not affect the end product. You can also apply a little oil if you want, it’s up to you.
  • Avoid placing chicken pieces in the oven before they reach room temperature. The reason is: if the fried chicken is still cold inside, it will prevent the outside of the fried chicken from becoming crispy. It is necessary to reheat fried chicken successfully.
  • Put the chicken in the oven. Place the tray with the chicken pieces in the oven on the center rack. Then, set the alarm to activate for 10 minutes.
  • Plan a cooking time of at least 10 minutes to a half-hour. It depends on how much and how big the fried chicken you’ll reheat.
  • Check the chicken regularly. The only difficult part of this heating method is that different pieces of chicken are heated at different times. As a general rule of thumb, the larger and thicker the chicken pieces (as in the case of chicken breasts and thighs), the longer it will take to heat up compared to smaller ones (like chicken wings). The chicken pieces will be ready when they look crispy on the outside and completely hot inside.
  • According to the experience of many housewives, reheating the fried chicken legs and wings often takes 15 to 20 minutes to warm up perfectly, while the breasts and thighs take about 20 to 25 minutes.


  • Take the chicken from the oven and let it cool a bit.
  • The chicken pieces will be ready to eat when the outside is a bit crispy and the inside is completely hot to the bone.
  • In general, it is not necessary to season the chicken again, as all the spices of the dough are preserved.
Reheat fried chicken in the oven
Reheat fried chicken in the oven

2. Fry the Chicken Again

A great way to make fried chicken again crunchy, tasty and golden is to simply fry it again.


  • Like the oven method we mentioned above, it’s a good idea to take the chicken from the refrigerator and let it rest in a safe area for half an hour before you start cooking it. You can make any preparations (such as setting the table, preparing side dishes, etc.) while you wait.
  • If you don’t let the chicken return to room temperature, it could affect the re-frying process. Because putting frozen chicken in hot oil will significantly lower the oil temperature for a minute or two minutes, which will prevent the outside of the chicken from becoming crunchy.

Fry the chicken again:

  • Heat the oil in a deep and thick pan. When the chicken is close to room temperature, place a saucepan on the stove and set the burner on high. Thick pans such as cast iron are the best alternative for this purpose, as they tend to hold heat well. Add enough oil to the pan and let them heat up.
  • If you have a fryer, you can probably use it for this method, even though this device is not strictly necessary.
  • Fry the chicken pieces for a few minutes. Add the chicken carefully to the hot oil (the clamp may help protect you from oil splashes).
  • Fry them for two to three minutes by rotating them frequently.
  • Feel free to adjust the cooking time exactly as you want. Longer cooking times will make the skin of the chicken drier and more crispy. But if you cook it too long, you will dry the meat inside. Don’t be afraid to check the texture of the chicken once it’s cooked.


  • Take out the chicken and drain the oil. The chicken will be ready when its skin looks dry and crisp. Move the chicken pieces one by one to the metal rack placed on the tray and let the oil drain. This step is very important, as letting the oil drip will allow the chicken to become brittle. It should take completely in about three to five minutes.
  • Serve the chicken and enjoy it.
Reheat fried chicken by frying the chicken again
Reheat fried chicken by frying the chicken again

Some Experience When Eating Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a delicious dish. However, the following experiences will help you enjoy fried chicken in a healthier way.

  • You should combine fried chicken with some vegetables such as salad or tomatoes. The composition of each fried chicken meal should be 50% balanced with fried chicken with the other 50% of vegetables and fruits.
  • After each meal with lots of fried chicken, you should have a plan of physical exercise or exercise to release less energy for the body. This avoids the excess energy that causes them to accumulate fat. Note that it is advisable to exercise or exercise after eating fried chicken for a few hours for the stomach to digest the fried chicken while eating. Do not exercise vigorously right after eating if you don’t want to be susceptible to some diseases related to the stomach.
  • Fried chicken should be eaten in places where food is hygienic and safe. Keep away from eating fried chicken in places of unknown origin. Because it is often difficult to distinguish frozen chicken for a long time with fresh chicken when they are fried.
  • Limit carbonated soft drinks when eating fried chicken because eating fried chicken makes you feel hot. In addition, drinking a lot of soft drinks makes it easy for those with sensitive skin to get acne.
  • After eating a lot of fried chicken, you can use 1 jar of yogurt without sugar or 1 glass of cool water such as sugarcane juice or squash ginseng to better purify the body.

Some experience when eating fried chicken

Some experience when eating fried chicken
Some experience when eating fried chicken

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should we use olive oil to re-fry fried chicken?

Don’t use olive oil as this can cause the chicken to taste bitter and burnt. Instead, use an oil that has a high smoke point and a neutral flavor, such as canola, peanut or vegetable oil.

2. Should we use a microwave to reheat fried chicken?

Do not use a microwave to reheat the fried chicken. Microwave is a quick and convenient way to heat a wide variety of foods, although it is not suitable for reheating fried chicken.

The only thing this device achieves is the drying of the frozen fried chicken when it is cooked. That means while it heats the chicken, the outside skin will usually have a soft, non-crispy and non-eye-catching appearance. Meanwhile, reheating the fried chicken in the oven will help the chicken skin to be crispy.

3. Should I use cooking oil to re-fry fried chicken?

Absolutely not. The use of repeatedly fried oil causes the following disasters:

  • Carcinogenicity

More and more research is showing how aldehydes – toxic elements – are created when you heat oil many times. That cooking food by reusing cooking oil can also cause increased free radicals in your body. This is the root cause of most diseases including cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

  • Increases LDL cholesterol

Foods cooked with used oil can raise LDL (the bad cholesterol in the body) levels. High LDL cholesterol levels can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and chest pain. Avoiding reusing cooking oils to keep away from cholesterol-related problems.

  • The stomach produces more acid

If the burning sensation in your stomach and throat becomes more frequent than ever, used cooking oil could be the culprit. That is why we should avoid eating street snacks and fried or fast foods of unknown origin.

4. Should we eat a lot of fried chicken?

The composition of fried chicken is often used from chicken of industrial origin, plus the breading and frying in the oil, so the fat content in the fried chicken is very high. Normally, starches in the fried chicken crust and cooking oil, if eaten a lot, will make you gain weight and obese. The consequence is a high level of cholesterol in your blood, leading to a number of other dangerous diseases related to excess weight.

Eating a lot of fried chicken also causes a number of cardiovascular problems, affecting the blood circulation system and the nervous system. In addition, due to the excessive amount of oil and fat in fried chicken, you will also increase the risk of acne, making the aging speed of the skin faster. That is why people often avoid fatty foods if they want to keep young.

Moreover, the unsafe use of fried chicken also has a number of liver and kidney diseases. Currently, these fried chicken businesses often take advantage of used cooking oil, which creates a number of toxic substances for your health if accidentally ingested.


Through the above article, you can find out how to reheat fried chicken easily, right? Hope the above useful shares will partly help you reheat fried chicken in the right methods as well as enjoy delicious food in a healthier way.

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