How to Smoke a Ham on a Pellet Grill: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Smoking ham on a pellet grill is really easy and a simple layer of honey is a great way to add amazing flavor to smoked ham. This is the best ham recipe we’ve discovered. So do you know how to smoke a ham on a pellet grill? KITCHENBAR hopes you will feel the same after reading this article.

What is Ham?

Smoked ham is the perfect meal for any holiday, such as Christmas or Easter dinner. Ham has the salty taste of salt and the sweetness of pure pork.

Ham is a dish which is made from pork thighs that originated in Europe. In many places, people often call them cool meat. When there was no refrigerator and freezer to preserve meat for a long time, people salted pork thighs and dried (dried ham or also called raw ham) or salted and boiled in broth (fresh or cooked ham).

How to smoke a ham on a pellet grill” src=”” alt=”How to smoke a ham on a pellet grill” width=”1600″ height=”1200″ /> How to smoke a ham on a pellet grill

Classification of Hams by Way of Making

  • Cooked ham: Initially, you need to inject salt water mixed with spices into the thighs. The amount of water injected is about 20% of the amount of meat. Then put the meat in boiling water and smoke it. Due to the high amount of water, the cooked ham must be kept in a cold place. This kind of ham can only be well kept for a few days.
  • Raw ham: Pork thighs are salted and then hung to dry and be smoked to keep for a long time.

How to Smoke a Ham on a Pellet Grill

Smoking a ham on a pellet grill is actually heating the ham to an internal temperature of 140 degrees by using fruit wood, like apple or cherry wood. Fahrenheit and then adding whatever additional flavor you want to your ham. With this recipe, you don’t need a brine or do other preparation.

  • First, you should pat the meat for it to dry before smoking.
  • The smoke should reach a temperature of 225 – 250 degrees F.
  • Keep the temperature not too high to avoid drying out the ham.
  • Make the honey glaze while the ham is smoking.
  • Coat the meat once with a honey glaze layer when the ham reaches an internal temperature of 130 degrees F.
  • The ham on the pellet grill can be taken out when its internal temperature reaches 140 degrees F.
  • When smoking a ham on a pellet grill, keep the temperature low between 225 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the ham moist.
Smoking a ham on a pellet grill is actually heating the ham to an internal temperature of 140 degrees
Smoking a ham on a pellet grill is actually heating the ham to an internal temperature of 140 degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to store smoked ham in the right way?

There is a note that when buying ham from stores, you need to choose ham carefully. You should choose the ham from a reputable seller which ensures food hygiene and safety. On the other hand, you also need to pay attention to the ingredients because many types of sellers use a lot of preservatives that affect your health.

When buying ham, people usually store it in the refrigerator to use it gradually. Fresh or unprocessed ham usually lasts 5 to 7 days in the refrigerator and about up to 5 months if stored in the freezer. As for the ham type that has been processed or marinated, the ideal time to store it is 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator and about 3 months in the freezer. Within this period of time, the ham is still delicious, not deformed and good for health.

As for the canned ham, you should only store them in the refrigerator, avoid putting them in the freezer. You should notice that after the ham has been cut and used, it should be used in a short time. If you haven’t used it all yet, you can wrap the ham carefully so it doesn’t mix with other foods in the fridge.

2. Distinguish between smoked ham and bacon?

These are two types of meat commonly used in pizza. Although they are the same meat, they have two different names.

Ham is derived from the French word “jambon”, also known as cool meat. Smoked ham is a dish made from pork thighs originating from European countries. This is one of the popular dishes in Europe.

Bacon meat is also known as smoked bacon. This is a type of food prepared from animal meat by smoking. Accordingly, people will control and handle the smoking stages to create bacon. Nowadays, bacon is probably no longer strange to many housewives. This is one of the nutrient-rich foods with abundant vitamins and minerals and is increasingly used in popularity.

3. What are the points to keep in mind when choosing smoked ham?

  • Step 1: Choose reputable cool meat suppliers, so that you can be assured of quality, price and service.
  • Step 2: Check the production date to ensure the product is new and estimate the rest of using time.
  • Step 3: To choose a delicious and quality smoked ham, you must carefully observe the following factors:
    • First, the outside of the smoked ham must always be dry, clean with no signs of greasy water, worms or mold.
    • The slice of ham is even in color with no gray, brown or black color. Finally, you need to notice the taste, the quality of cool meat should not have a rancid smell.
What are the points to keep in mind when buying smoked ham?
What are the points to keep in mind when buying smoked ham?

4. Should I eat a lot of smoked ham?

To answer this question, we need to analyze whether smoked ham contains harmful substances.

The total fat in smoked ham is quite high, mainly saturated fat. If you eat smoked ham regularly, it will make it difficult for the body to control the amount of saturated fat.

  • Saturated fat:

This type of substance increases the risk of chronic health problems such as diabetes and obesity. Eating too much of this substance will increase cholesterol levels, increasing the risk of heart disease.

On average, 1 slice of smoked ham contains 3.18 grams of fat, of which, 1 gram is saturated fat. Normally, each person eats 3 to 4 slices of meat at a time, which means that you load about 4g of unhealthy saturated fat. Meanwhile, this substance is recommended to load only 10% of the calories absorbed.

  • Sodium

Sodium in salt helps to regulate the body’s fluids and activities more easily. However, each day should only be about 2,300 mg of sodium. Eating too much can increase heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

However, each slice of smoked ham contains 192 mg of sodium (sodium), but eating 3 to 4 slices means you have consumed almost half of the sodium required for the day. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when eating smoked ham to limit the amount of sodium in the body.

  • Nitrites and Nitrates

These two substances are present in smoked ham to prolong the shelf life of the meat as well as enhance the flavor. However, if your diet contains high amounts of nitrites and nitrates, your risk of cardiovascular disease increases. They also damage the blood vessels around the heart causing hardening and narrowing of the arteries. In addition, they also increase blood sugar, making users more prone to diabetes.

Now you know that although smoked ham is delicious and nutritious, you should balance your diet properly to avoid excess substances that lead to some diseases.


We now believe that you know how to smoke a ham on a pellet grill. Hopefully with the instructions above, you can make your own smoked ham on a pellet grill to serve family meals in the safest way.

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