How to Steam Without a Steamer You Should Know

How to Steam Without a Steamer You Should Know

The autoclave now seems to be an indispensable item in the kitchen of housewives. Because instead of constantly eating soup, fried, fried… Sometimes women can also change meals for the family with steamed dishes. Of course, everyone would think it would take the help of an autoclave. However, even without a steamer, you can still make delicious steamed dishes. In this article, KITCHENBAR will share with you how to steam without a steamer. It is useful in case your steamer is broken or you don’t have one.

Best Way How to Steam Without a Steamer

1. How to Steam in a Rice Cooker?

The rice cooker is probably a familiar item for many families. In addition to the ability to cook ordinary rice, the electronic rice cooker also gives us many other conveniences such as being able to cook soup, and cooking porridge. And especially it can replace your home steamer to create steamed dishes.

Each rice pot that you buy from the onion door comes with a steaming rack. It is not natural that the manufacturer gives you a basket. It is used to replace your steamer.

Steaming food with a rice cooker is very simple. First, prepare foods such as vegetables, dumplings, or whatever.

The rice cooker can be used multi-function
The rice cooker can be used multi-function

Fill the rice cooker with water and plug it in. Note that the amount of water you pour should match the type of food you want to steam. For example, if you want to steam meat or a large potato, you have to pour a lot of water to prevent the water from drying out. Since the food is steam-cooked, the water evaporates very quickly. Conversely, if you add too much water, it will take time to boil the water.

Place the food on the plastic rack that came with the rice cooker, then place it in the rice cooker. Turn on the cook button.

After 10 minutes, check the food every 5 minutes to see if it’s done. Do not let the food be steamed for too long, it will lose nutrients. Since the food is cooked by steam, you should not open the rice cooker to check it continuously. This will cause the steam to escape, causing the dish to take a long time to ripen and lose its taste.

After checking the food is cooked, put on gloves and carefully take out the food. You can always enjoy delicious steamed dishes. The rice cooker can be used multi-function. In some cases in a hurry, you can cook the rice below and place the rack on top for steaming. The steam generated during rice cooking can help to cook certain foods.

2. How to Steam by Microwave?

A microwave oven is a household appliance that can make life in the kitchen easier. In addition to the thawing and reheating function, the microwave can also be used to quickly prepare delicious recipes, including steamed dishes.

The first step in how to microwave food is to ensure food safety and hygiene. In particular, it is very important to choose the right food container to carry out this process. If you don’t have a microwave oven kit, you’ll need to purchase one of the microwave steaming tools. They are special glass or plastic containers with lids. Simply add two or three cups of water at the bottom and you’re ready to steam the food.

This method is especially suitable for vegetables
This method is especially suitable for vegetables

Prepare your food and put it in a box that you can use in the microwave. Pour a moderate amount of water on the bottom. Then cover the top of the can with plastic wrap. Note that you must poke small holes in the top or leave a part of the wrap to let the steam out. If you wrap it too tightly, it will cause an explosion during cooking.

This method is especially suitable for vegetables such as: cauliflower, carrot broccoli, asparagus, beans, peas or Brussels sprouts. You just need to set the microwave capacity at about 500 Watt and wait about 2 to 8 minutes to be able to enjoy a delicious dish of vegetables.

3. How to Steam in the Oven?

An oven is a familiar tool for every home, it has many uses as much as a microwave oven. It’s even easier to use. If you want to steam food in the oven I will show you.

First start the oven and set it to about 180 degrees Celsius. Then put the food in an iron tray or iron bowl.

Fill the oven tray with water, making sure to adjust the amount of water just right. Place the food tray or food bowl in the water tray so that the water does not get into the food.

The temperature of the grill will cause the water in the tray to simmer and evaporate
The temperature of the grill will cause the water in the tray to simmer and evaporate

Then put a baking tray containing water and food in the oven. Let the stove run at the right temperature for a few minutes.

If your oven has grill bars above and below, you can adjust the bottom grill to work and the top to turn off. The temperature of the grill will cause the water in the tray to simmer and evaporate, thereby cooking the food.

You should pay attention so that the food does not burn on the top.

4. How to Steam by Pot?

The cooking pots are all too familiar to you. Many people think that it cannot be steamed without steaming. I will show you how to steam without awkwardness. This is probably the most popular and fastest way to do it.

Place the bowl in the pot and start to boil
Place the bowl in the pot and start to boil

First, take a pot of water, the amount of water you should be moderate, should not use too much because when it efferves it may stick to the food. Place a bowl or sub-bowl in the pot, so that the top of the bowl fits the size of the dish you placed on top.

Place the bowl in the pot on the stove and start to boil. When the water boils, the steam will cook the food on the plate. Like steaming with a rice cooker, you shouldn’t open the lid to check the food too often.

After the food is cooked, you just need to skillfully take out the food and enjoy it.

You can use foil to steam
You can use foil to steam

This method is also easier to replace if you do not have a bowl or small bowl to put under. You can use foil. Yes, your paper is very good for your dish in heat conduction. When they are connected to the heat source, they will be transferred to the food plate at the top so that the food is cooked quickly. Evenly, without being alive while ensuring the delicious taste of the food.

Round pieces of foil so that they are equal and not completely submerged. Place them in the pot so that the plate above them is level. Next, just boil the water and wait until the food is cooked. Very simple, right?

Final Words

The steamed dishes are always varied and delicious. Don’t let the steamer not out of your cooking talent. You can enjoy making steamed dishes after reading our article. We have shared to you how to steam without a steamer. The simplest, easiest and most effective recipes for you. Hope they are useful to you!

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