How to thicken chili

How to Thicken Chili Easily and Most Delicious?

In any kitchen, there is no shortage of chili ingredients. It is a very familiar cooking ingredient to us. In particular, for many people, chili is indispensable to every meal. Not only simply making spices, chili peppers can also make your health better. The pungent flavor of chili will make your dish more appealing, especially in winter. However, every chef does not like their chili dish to be watery and thin. It is both aesthetically pleasing and not really delicious. So, how to thicken chili? We will share with you the easy way to thicken chili!

Thicken Chili by Boiling to Remove Water

One simple thing that many people know is that when the water is boiled, it will evaporate and run out of water in the pot. You can apply this principle to thin, watery chili sauce. Fill the pot with chili water and place it on the stove. Heat it until the water has evaporated or the consistency you want.

Note that you must open the pot when you boil it. Because when you open the pot, the steam inside can quickly fly out, leaving a delicious chili sauce. Once the chili has thickened to the extent you want, taste the seasoning and taste it!

However, you should consider doing this. Make sure you do not have to cook for too long to remove all the steam in the chili. The reason is that when you cook a chili over the heat for too long, it doesn’t taste as good. The beneficial substances in chili peppers can also be altered when you cook it for too long.

If the amount of water in chili is too much to boil and discard. You should refer to how to thicken chili below.

Thicken Chili by Crushing Chili and Beans

Needless to say, you will cook chili regularly into the dishes. Chili peppers that are too thin and watery can make you feel disinterested. There is a way to make your chili condensed and smooth with new flavors. You can mash beans together with chili using a mill. Then put the mixture on the stove and cook it into a delicious dish.

You can mash beans together with chili using a mill
You can mash beans together with chili using a mill

With just one mill, you can crush both chili and beans at the same time. It has a huge effect because during the grinding process, the mill breaks the chili’s flesh and grinds them. This is followed by the release of the natural starch found in beans. After grinding you will have thicken chili.

If you have a multi-purpose grinding blade, you can go through the bean and chili crushing process even while cooking. However, you should pay attention to the temperature because the chili that is cooking will be very hot. You can also cook chili first and mash the beans later. Crushing beans and chili peppers can separate any residue before you add it to the chili.

How to Thicken Chili with Tortilla Chips

Surely the delicious french fries are no stranger to many people. This dish combined with chili will create a seductive flavor that you cannot ignore. But what surprises you the most here is that the tortilla chips can thicken chili. It can perfectly thicken your chili.

Tortilla can perfectly thicken your chili
Tortilla can perfectly thicken your chili

When you cook tortilla chips with chili juice, the chips absorb the water and form the desired thickness. To do this is very simple. First, you need to put the tortilla chips in a plastic bag, cloth bag, or wrap it in a large sheet of paper. Roll the dough or roll over a spherical object to crush the potato chips. You can also use your hands to crush them, chips are pretty fragile.

Add the ground tortilla for about 30 minutes before finishing the chili cooking process. Do this a few times to learn from yourself. You will know exactly how many tortilla chips you should add in your chili water to the thickness you want. For me, using less is better than using too much.

Another note is that tortilla chips are often seasoned so they have a salty taste. You should add the French fries before you start adding seasoning. That way, your chili will taste better, neither too salty nor too light. At this point, your chili not only has the taste of chili but also the taste of potatoes.

How to Thicken Chili with Masa

Masa is a flour used in many Latin American dishes, like corn flakes and tamales. It is made from dry hominy, which is the result of soaking corn in water and an alkaline solution. Some people confuse it with cornstarch, but it is white and much more like wheat flour.

Its use in thickening soups and sauces is superb. Many chefs around the world use it for their dishes. Obviously, masa can make chili thicken as well.

To thicken chili, simply add a few tablespoons of masa to the pot of chili water. Heat on low for a few minutes and check often. You will get the perfect thick chili. However, you should not add too much masa powder at the same time. They work quite slowly, you should wait.

How to Thicken Chili with Tomatoes

Tomatoes are beautiful red fruits and quite a lot of starch. Tomatoes will best thicken your chili. It is an excellent thickener and does not affect the taste of the chili. There are many people who like their chili to have a lot of tomatoes.

Tomatoes will best thicken your chili
Tomatoes will best thicken your chili

You can puree the tomatoes and pour them into the hot chili water on the stove to thicken the chili. Adding fresh tomatoes will ensure the freshness of the chili. However, you should remove the ketchup, if your chili adds tomato seeds it will have a sour taste. Some people won’t like this.

You can also use ketchup to thicken chili, tomato sauce has been pureed and is more convenient. You should add it to the chili when it’s about to cook, so add it little by little to get the thickness you want. Since some types of ketchup will taste salty, you should add the ketchup before adding the seasoning to your chili.

The tomato will still have a bit of a sour taste, I recommend adding a teaspoon of granulated sugar to the chili to neutralize the sour taste. You should buy quality ketchup so as not to adversely affect the chili sauce.

Thicken Chili by Adding Cornstarch

Flour is the best thickener to mention is cornstarch. It is surprisingly effective and is used by chefs in many soups and sauces. When you use cornstarch to thicken chili, it doesn’t affect the taste of the chili.

Thicken chili by adding cornstarch
Thicken chili by adding cornstarch

This thickening of chili is really simple. You can add cornstarch directly to chili juice or mix cornstarch with water and pour into chili. The second approach is always more welcome. Mixing cornstarch with water will help remove clumping and make the chili sauce smoother. Just mix the cornstarch and water in moderation and pour it into a pot of hot peppers. Don’t worry when you mix cornstarch with water it will turn milky white, the temperature will change its color.

Be careful with low heat because the cornstarch is high in starch, which can cause the chili to burn. If the chili sauce is still too thin, consider adding cornstarch to your desired thickness.

How to Thicken Chili with Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a sugar derived from corn, soybeans or wheat. It is used in a wide variety of products due to its excellent thickener. In addition, it also has perfect bonding ability and can be substituted for gluten.

If you are concerned that the taste of the chili will be altered due to thickening agents, then xanthan is a great choice. It will not cause any flavor changes. However, it does cost a lot and is lumpy if you don’t dissolve it with water before adding it to the peppers.

If you’re a keto dieter then xanthan is the thickener you need for your chili.

Final Words

Chili is a favorite food and contributes to the flavor of many dishes. To avoid chili thinning and watery, refer to the methods of thickening chili peppers above. In this post we shared how to thicken chili. Hopefully, our sharing was helpful to you!

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