11 Best Ice Picks (2023 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Ice picks were used before modern refrigerators to cut large chunks of ice into smaller pieces that could be placed in a glass. Although this process is now obsolete, some bartenders still use ice picks to sculpt and chip ice into impressive shapes.

A simple ice pick can be used single-handed with just one or three prongs. These can be used in bars or kitchens. However, if the pick is large enough, they can also break down the ice in driveways and parking lots. A larger ice pick should have a thick blade and handle for heavy-duty tasks like camping, fishing, hiking, and climbing. Below are some of our top picks, along with key considerations when selecting the right ice pick.

List Of 11 Best Ice Pick Reviews

1. Titaner Outdoor Camping Picnic Toothpick EDC Keychain Tool 

  • This backpacking icepick is space-saving and durable. It’s a well-made, long-lasting item.
  • This camping icepick is simply amazing. It works great. It is a great product and I would highly recommend it. This item is great. It is simple and functional. Its compact design makes it easy to take more stuff with you when you go outdoors.
  • This backpack is great for hiking and offers many benefits. You can find some of the best information about this item by reading the reviews from customers. It is possible that this item is worth more than its price. I am sure you will be satisfied if you purchase it.

2. Cuda Stainless Steel Ice Pick for Breaking Ice

  • Cuda’s SS icepick features sturdy and simple construction, with a durable stainless-steel finish that prevents corrosion. The 5-1/2-inch blade runs the length of the handle, making it one of the most versatile ice picks. The handle features a scale pattern that allows you to manipulate the ice pick according to your preferences. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor use.
  • While ice climbing is a popular outdoor activity, there are many safety considerations that must be considered. Ice climbing can be dangerous and difficult so it is important to choose an ice pick that has been specifically made to withstand this activity.
  • Look for an easy-to-grip handle, a sturdy head made of steel, or another tough material when choosing the best ice pick to climb. The lightweight design with carabiner holes and other fastening elements makes it easy to reach the icepick at any time. This is crucial for mobility. To improve stability on flat surfaces, consider an icepick with a spiked tip if you are looking to simplify your climbing gear setup.

3. Kikeep Stainless Steel Ice Pick with Safety

  • Stainless Steel Ice Pick Made from premium Rosewood and professional food grade 304 stainless steel. It can easily crush blocks of ice. It can also be used to break up ice and for other purposes, such as frozen foods.
  • Easy to use ice pick tool. Ideal for camping, outdoor activities, picnics, bar, kitchen, and restaurant. Wooden covers can be used to protect from injury when not in use. Wooden handle with ergonomic design, non-slip surface. It is easy to hold and force. This reduces hand pain.

4. 9″ Ice Picks Stainless Steel Wooden Handle

  • You can rely upon this KOTU ice pick. The pick is made from professional-grade food-grade stainless steel 304, which won’t rust. The high-quality wood used to make the handle matches the safety sheath that covers the ice pick’s steel. The seamless design of the sheath secures the handle to the base. The total length of the shaft and handle is 9 inches.

5. PETZL Summit Evo Ice Axe

  • The PETZL Summit Evo is a great ice ax to use as a winter survival tool. The tip has a toothed edge that allows you to grip both thin, hard, and deeper snow. The pick weighs between 400 and 450 grams, depending on the length of the shaft. However, it is light enough to be stored in an alpine survival kit. This pick is ideal for long treks and difficult ascents. It can also be used to self-arrest if you fall. It is a great all-around nice tool.
  • When you think of ice fishing survival tools, a classic icepick may not be the first thing that comes to your mind. An ice pick that is similar to what you would use in a survival kit does not suffice. However, ice picks made for emergencies can be used to prevent you from becoming hypothermic or drowning if you slip on the ice.
  • An “ice pick” in ice fishing is a small, sharp pick that can be used to cut large blocks of ice into smaller pieces. An ice fishing pick is essentially a small, wooden, or plastic handle with a long metal prong. The pick isn’t meant to break up ice but rather to grab onto the ice when you fall and carry yourself back to safety.
  • Either a regular kitchen icepick or one made for ice fishing can be purchased. The former will ensure that you have two (one for each of your hands) and that the handles are made from wood to prevent them from sinking. If your emergency survival gear is at the bottom, it won’t be of any use.

6. Sosanping Portable Wood Ice Pick

  • This versatile multi-purpose item can be used for many purposes. It is well-made and durable. This is an amazing camping icepick that I’m sure you will never find. It’s hard to believe that such an effective item can also be budget-friendly.
  • I want the cost of the item I’m going to purchase to be as low as possible and affordable. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry. This is an excellent item that will make hiking more enjoyable. It is high quality and meets my requirements. This item is still among the best, even after many years of use.

7. PETZL Glacier Ice Axe with Linkin Leash

  • Petzl’s Glacier is an extremely lightweight ice pick that can be used to anchor and cut steps in the snow and hard ice. It is lightweight at less than a pound, and its length is just over 1.5 feet. This makes it extremely portable and durable. A rust-resistant, anodized aluminum handle connects the steel spike and head. The Glacier can be used by more extreme climbers, but it is well-equipped for outdoor winter adventures.
  • A backpacking pick that is portable and foldable should be the best. You can reduce the amount of space in your bag by incorporating the pick’s design into a form factor that also includes a spade, shovel, or other backpacking gear. This will allow you to maximize your readiness for dealing with environmental variables.
  • A dedicated ice pick is needed for backpacking situations such as clearing snowy trails and preparing backcountry campsites. It is important to choose a stronger material such as steel for maximum effectiveness and to prevent breakage, just like other types of icepicks. When choosing the best backpacking ice pick, it is important to consider whether it can be folded and compressed.

8. AQUEENLY Stainless Steel Ice Pick

  • Overall length: approximately. 8.6 inches / 22 cm. 3 packs are an affordable replacement preparation that can also be used to decompose ice.
  • This stainless steel is extremely hard and wear-resistant. It has a bold stainless steel needle that will not bend easily. A sharp tip makes it easy to cut ice.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle, nonslip surface, comfortable hold, easy force, reduce hand pain.

9. 7 Inch Food Grade Stainless Steel Anvil Ice Pick

  • The ice pick is capable of more than just shaping ice. The anvil head is included, as well as the traditional pointed pick at its bottom. These can be used for breaking up frozen foods and ice. To last a long period of time, it’s made from anti-rust 18/10 food-grade stainless steel.
  • It is easy to hold thanks to the beechwood handle, which is wider than average. It measures 7 inches in length from tip to tip. The tool is easy to clean and rinse. It’s an extremely useful tool that you should have in your kitchen.

10. Frabill Deluxe Retractable Ice Picks

  • Frabill’s Retractable Ice Pick provides you with peace of mind while you are out on the lake. These picks are small and should be kept inside your jacket. When you put on your jacket, hold a pick in each of your hands. Place the picks inside your sleeves so they are ready for you in an emergency. You won’t accidentally poke yourself with the retractable guards. These guards are designed to prevent you from accidentally poking yourself.
  • You should purchase an ice axe that is suitable for winter hiking and not mountaineering. A longer ice axe will work better on steep slopes and be more comfortable to use. These ice axes are likely to be quite heavy. It is important to balance weight and maneuverability. You can use a straight or slightly curved piece of ice axe to accomplish the task. An aggressive curve is not necessary, as it is more suited for climbing ice and steep terrain.

11. New Star Foodservice 48353 1 piece Ice Pick

  • This backpacking icepick is one of the best. This was not something I expected to like. It’s a good thing that I was wrong. This is amazing. This is one of the most impressive ice picks you can buy right now. This ice pick is very compact and sharp. This ice pick is great for outdoor use and in colder weather.
  • This is what I bought to replace my old backpacking icepicks. It is strong and well-built, with many features packed into a small package. I will definitely purchase it again. There are many positive reviews from customers which should make it easy for people to learn more about this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the most durable material for an ice pick?

Steel is the most commonly used material for ice picks because of its durability at high temperatures. Food-safe stainless steel is the best choice for kitchen picks. Aluminum handles are often used in backpacking ice picks or climber’s ice picks to reduce weight and improve handleability.

2. How do I choose the best material for my ice pick?

Ice axes made from the same material, namely aluminum shafts and steelhead, are almost all made. Both of these materials are good choices. Make sure you get an ice pick that floats for ice fishing. You can use either wood or plastic. Before you start to churn the ice, double-check that your ice picks are in good condition by putting them in a sink at home.

3. What other uses are there for ice picks besides chipping ice?

Ice picks can be used for a variety of purposes, including chipping ice. Most of these uses are in the realm of outdoor recreation. Ice picks are used by climbers to provide stability when moving on icy slopes. Ice fishers also use them to cut through ice.


Ice picks offer unique tools that allow you to harness the unique properties and benefits of ice in many ways. For backpacking and hiking, larger, more compact icepicks are best for chipping away at ice blocks in bars or at home. Larger icepicks, such as multi-tool icepicks, are better for this purpose. A good ice pick allows users to control, break down, and distribute ice in all contexts. It is a great addition to any kitchen or climbing gear collection.

There are many styles and uses for ice picks. Make sure you know exactly what the pick is used for and consult our guide to help you choose the right ice pick.


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