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14 Best Induction Woks Reviews of 2022 You Can Choose

An induction wok works exactly the exact same manner as a classic round-bottomed one. It spreads heat evenly and cooks your meals quicker. All while giving your vegetables or meat that timeless charred odor and taste and keeping the pinch. Anyway, it’s very versatile and may be used for steaming, steaming, and boiling almost any dish.

You’ve got to make certain to use woks that are harmonious with induction and that could resist the strain an induction shirt may apply. Deciding on a wok for an induction cooktop could only be an issue of earning certain the labels say it’s secure for induction.

Inside this guide, we’ll share with you all our best picks for the induction wok that’s compatible with induction cooktops. We searched the marketplace to locate a number of the best choices and we’ve narrowed it down to 14 alternatives to share with you!

What is the Induction Wok?

If you would like to use a wok in an induction cooktop, induction stove, or induction burner you are going to require an induction-compatible wok. For the purchase price of a carbon steel wok, you get excellent conductivity in an induction cooktop.

It has to be produced from a ferrous substance so that it can run the electromagnetic force throughout the wok and create warmth. The base of the induction wok has to be satisfactorily using the cooktop to get the job done. A conventional curved bottom wok won’t get the job done efficiently.

Some cooks have been able to get these woks to operate on induction since enough of this curved base is close enough to the induction surface. But it’s hit and miss, and nobody would recommend trying it if you would like to successfully stir fry at a high temperature.

List Of 14 Best Induction Wok Reviews

1. Souped Up Recipes Carbon Steel Wok for Induction Cooktop

  • This wok is going to incredibly helpful for the consumer who wishes to know the most about their merchandise. Using a movie user manual, buyers can discover how to correctly season and keep this wok to make sure it remains noninvasive and may last for several years.
  • Additionally, this induction wok is made from carbon steel, which makes it a lightweight material that may be dealt with easily. This also includes a wooden lid and metal spatula.
  • The wooden lid is fine because it won’t get as hot while cooking. The wok guide also comes with a link to movies showing how to earn takeout dishes and a few favored Chinese recipes. An extra feature is its own unique hammered texture, which makes it unlike most other woks on the market nowadays.

2. All-Clad E7859464 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free Chefs Pan

  • If you’re a nonstick enthusiast, then this bit ought to be a starter package on your cookware set. It is made from a hard anodized-aluminum center to maximize heat distribution. Furthermore, It includes a coating of bonded anti sew stainless steel which doesn’t only make it durable and sturdy but additionally induction ready.
  • The accessible coat of PFOA-free non makes it non-reactive. The scratch-resistant coating additionally ensures healthy frying, chiefly because you do not call for a great deal of oil to prevent food from sticking to the pan.
  • The All-Clad E7859464 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Wok is dishwasher friendly, which means you don’t need to think about pitching it in the dishwasher. But, it’s strongly recommended to wash it by hand. The PFOA-free nonstick coating guarantees easy cleaning due to simple residue release.
  • It includes a translucent dome-shaped lid that lets you track your skillet at a glimpse. The lid works to trap moisture and warmth if you’re ready to serve. On one side of this skillet is a loop manage while on the other hand is a contoured handle for a comfortable grip yet firm grip.

3. Ozeri 14″ Green Earth Wok Smooth Ceramic Non-Stick Coating

  • Go green with this particular Green Earth Wfok from Ozeri! Featuring ecozeriTM technologies, this induction wok employs a ceramic coating based on nature. It doesn’t include PTFE, PFOA, and other dangerous chemicals. Unlike other artificial, non-invasive coated ceramic pans which discharge toxic fumes in high temperatures, so this specific wok is secure for you and the environment.
  • Undoubtedly, the non-invasive coating is packed with functionality since it makes sure that the food does not stick or burn through cooking. It’s constructed from high-quality die-cast aluminum which has a magnetized underside, which transports heat quickly and enables even cooking.

4. Swiss Diamond Induction Nonstick Wok

  • The Swiss Diamond Induction Nonstick Wok is an 11-inch wok that’s been designed using the ideal Asian cooking encounter in your mind. It’s constructed from cast aluminum, which is an excellent substance in regards to heat distribution during the induction wok. The outcome is an ideal stir-fried chicken or fried rice or whatever has to be cooked to perfection.
  • The sloped sides let the pitching of veggies together with the roomy inside also working well as a chef’s pan. The surface is really noninvasive which means more excellent effects and less hassle cleanup subsequently. Moreover, the nonmetallic coating enables oil-free cooking and it’s been fortified with real diamond particles for optimum durability, durability, and higher heat conduction.
  • A tempered glass lid is included as standard, letting you keep your eye on your food without even raising the cover. In reality, the lid layout has been well thought out since it includes a rotating knob that opens or closes to discharge or contain extra moisture. Better yet, the cover helps to keep food warm on the table.

5. Lodge Pro-Logic Wok With Flat Base and Loop Handles

  • This wok measures 14 inches and can be made out of cast iron materials. The dimensions are helped for storage functions by the inclusion of loop handles on each side as opposed to one long handle to encourage. This makes it simpler to use.
  • These substances are of superior quality and the induction wok is intended to permit heating retentions in addition to heat over the whole surface area. This cast iron wok comes to you pre-seasoned with 100% organic vegetable oil for your procedure. You can now it farther in any manner you prefer.
  • This can be pretty awesome as you can use it on your induction cooktop however, also the cast iron construction makes it function for things such as grills, campfires, stoves, and also the oven. You may use it to get just about anything due to the size.

6. Cate-Maker 12.6 Inch Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Wok with Lid

  • This gorgeous gold wok from Cate-Maker is a popular option. It’s a stunning speckled nonstick surface that’s fortified with Whitord Quantinum which’s a long-lasting PFOA and APEO free nonstick coating. The pan consists of 5 layers of material to make certain it is very durable and will last you a very long moment.
  • It can naturally be used with some cook best kind but was optimized for induction cooking. The aluminum base warms in 30 minutes and distributes heat evenly across the pan such as all fantastic induction should.
  • The induction wok is dishwasher safe but just like some other non-stick pan, you’ll find a longer lifetime in the nonstick coating with hand washing only. The handle is stainless steel and will remain cool when in use.
  • The wok is 3.46 inches deep and 12.60 inches broad at the top. It includes a glass lid. This is really a beautiful wok and though the golden color may not match with your other cookware it’s definitely worth considering.

7. Calphalon 1877054 Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware

  • Highlighted because of the “flat-bottom”, the Calphalon Flat-Bottom Wok 1877054 is an excellent option to use for stir-frying your favorite food. Designed with sturdy, hard-anodized aluminum, this induction wok has three distinct layers of nonstick coating that will assist you to keep it to the plate!
  • The Calphalon Flat-Bottom Wok 1877054 is a powerhouse when it comes to sautéing, braising, simmering, steaming, searing, grilling, baking, and stirfry. Even though it’s fairly small in size (just about 10-inches in diameter) it is great if you are low on the counter or cupboard space–and can be useful once you would like to throw it in the dishwasher.
  • This is an ideal size for a few or single chefs searching for a sautéing alternative. This very affordable choice is just one of the most effective pans on the current market, which is the point where the small size comes into play with – and also to its own benefit. The wok heats up exceptionally fast and keeps heat the whole procedure through.

8. Bruntmor, Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Wok

  • For your convenience, you desire a wok that is equally multipurpose and generic. This is actually the one which you badly need to create use of. The reason underlying that is the simple fact which you might utilize it beneath the induction, and electrical stoves seamlessly. Simply put: You don’t need to constrain yourself at the duration of cooking.
  • Its foundation is really sturdy and won’t fidget in this way to trickle about your contents. In addition, the induction wok itself includes pre-seasoned and prepared for instant installation and use. Some big loop handles also exist to ease your use as well as carrying.

9. TeChef – Art Pan 12″ Wok/Stir-Fry Pan

  • This Aubergine Purple wok is angled for much greater control of distributing and stirring ingredients. Its slim walls and 3.5-millimeter thick heavy bottom, in comparison to woks that keep the exact same depth throughout, helps ensure even heat during the wok.
  • This is coated on five occasions using Teflon Platinum nonstick, which has been equally a smoother cleaning procedure and also environmentally friendly. The base of the pan is patterned, which permits the user to use less oil to make wholesome meals for their families and friends.
  • This induction wok also offers a lifetime guarantee. Contrary to other woks, this wok has a gentle touch handle, which makes gripping the pan simpler and simpler for all sorts of cooks.

10. Circulon 82687 Espree Hard Anodized Nonstick Deep Frying Pan

  • Produced from hard-anodized alloy and comprising a stainless steel base, this induction-compatible wok boasts exceptional heat conductivity that equally and quickly cooks meals. All while the 3-layer non-stick coating and hi-low groove layout of this pan guarantee that the smooth discharge of meals without using petroleum.
  • These qualities also stop the inside of the pan from becoming damaged, subsequently, prolonging the life span of this utensil. It’s not difficult to clean with the assistance of a dishwasher and may withstand oven temperatures around 400°F. This black induction wok has a transparent tempered glass lid that lets you track the food whilst cooking without raising the cover and keeps the food warm until it is ready to serve.

11. NUWAVE MOSAIC Induction Wok

  • The Nuwave Induction Wok allows you to cook tasty stir-fried food 5x faster than conventional cooking methods. Its cutting-edge induction technologies securely heat the pan with no open fires or hot coils, which means that you can enjoy fried rice in only two minutes. The trick is in the sturdy, yet lightweight steel pan that’s been custom-made just for its induction base, ensuring total coverage from the induction foundation for super-fast, even heat distribution.
  • Along with supplying a much quicker method of cooking, it is similarly considerably safer to use than other procedures of cooking. The deficiency of open fires means heat is preserved inside the wok itself, leaving the neighboring areas like countertops cool to the touch. One more thing, the traditional stove can become quite hot and a few are more prone to being shaky, but the induction foundation stays stable and cool while cooking.
  • Better yet, this wok gains from innovative technology which make cooking a breeze. There are two intuitive dials for simple temperature and period adjustments, even though a preheat button makes it simple to bring up the spoonful to the ideal temperature for cooking fish, tofu, and other delicate foods. The heat range is from 100-575°F, which means that you can cook many different foods at their proper temperatures.

12. TECHEF – Blooming Flower Collection, 11″ Wok/Stir-Fry Pan with Glass Lid

  • We adore TeChef goods due to the good build quality and additional touches that they place in their pieces. This one gets the gorgeous blossom pattern we’ve observed on additional TeChef cookware on the surface of the pan. TeChef cookware also boasts one of the most effective nonstick surfaces in the marketplace with their DuPont Teflon Platinum coat. It’s no PFOA, Cadmium, or Lead.
  • The wok base is made out of a thick gauge aluminum whereas the remaining portion of the induction wok has thin walls which are the trademark of any fantastic wok. TeChef goods are designed to last and the grade is evident from the moment you get your hands on it. The foundation is 3.5mm thick which contributes to a fantastic contact with the induction cooktop and warmth is dispersed surprisingly well.
  • The wok is 8 inches broad at the bottom and 11 inches wide at the top. The handle is really a stay-cool bakelite. In case you haven’t looked in TeChef goods before then we highly suggest that you do. They’re amazing quality and receive rave reviews all around the net.

13. MICHELANGELO 5 Quart Nonstick Woks and Stir Fry Pans With Lid

  • Is it that you’re a professional cook that would like to enjoy the most of his time? You need to select and make do with a multipurpose wok of this type. Truly, this appliance will allow you to fry, roast, sauté, steam, and boil components. It’s hence a one-stop-shop alternative.
  • Both its exterior and interior are super powerful and appropriately suited to cooking. That’s due to the ultra-non-stick coating that’s also resistant to scratches. The substance mix also sees that your food isn’t poisoned in any way. You’ll also enjoy some simple washing afterward.

14. COOKLOVER Chinese Wok Nonstick Die-casting Aluminum Scratch Resistant 100% PFOA Free Induction Woks

  • Along with being a fantastic part of kitchenware, this Chinese wok is no doubt a work of art. One look at it, and you’ll be in awe of its own overall look. It’s constructed from die-cast aluminum and includes German technician GREBLON noninvasive PTFE marble coating for easy cooking and effortless cleanup.
  • Additionally, it does not need an excessive amount of oil to cook your own meals. This induction wok includes a 4 mm thick foundation that conducts heat fast and evenly and also ensures it is kept for more at the pan. The flat base of the pan doesn’t just allow it to be harmonious with induction cooktops but also makes it convenient to be used on ceramic, electric, solid-gas, and halogen cooktops.

Buying Guide for the Best Induction Wok

Whether you’re a regular or once in a particular kind of cook, then a skillet is a must-have. You don’t need to become a Chinese chef for one to have a wok which means you do not need to delight in its many benefits. A fantastic wok will completely change your meal prep expertise in lots of ways.

There’s not any substitute for a fantastic excellent wok. Woks can cook virtually every food you can think about, and of course, it uses less warmth when skillet. Having established a wok is a necessity, it’s also important to comprehend several factors before settling on the person to buy.

These aspects can allow you to limit your options and arrive in the best wok for induction cooktops.

Choose Wok Material

Woks come in various substances which have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the disposition of cooking, one of several other elements.

  • Cast Iron – Woks made from the substance take somewhat longer to warm up but after warm, retains heat longer and cooks food evenly superior to others. On the reverse side, you’ll be asked to maintain your wok dry since cast iron readily rusts.
  • Aluminum woks – Unlike ironworks, the aluminum kind is milder as far as weight is concerned. Its principal benefit is organic heat conductivity. Obviously, aluminum isn’t a magnetic coil and can not be employed on an induction shirt by itself. Additionally, aluminum woks don’t retain heat for extended.
  • Teflon wok – Are noninvasive and possess a restricted collection of applications compared to other woks of distinct substances. This is since the nonstick coating comes off in high temperatures. You’re advised to utilize this wok for non-heat requiring procedures like boiling and steaming.
  • Carbon Steel – Compared to its counterparts, woks made from carbon steel are only the go-to alternative since they have a small bit of everything. This substance heats up evenly and has exceptional heat retention properties. If used properly, a wok from carbon steel has a virtually non-invasive surface. To top it off, it’s by far the most pocket-friendly of all of the kinds of wok accessible.

Shape and Size

Woks can be found in various sizes, each determined by numerous factors, including the total amount of food ready and also your own personal taste, among other elements. Restaurants will call for a bigger wok when compared with a household that only wishes to earn a fast breakfast. The selection of the ideal size and shape is completely at your own discretion. A 12 -14 inch sized crossover is suggested for unsalted foods. An oversized awakened will probably be tough to move while a little wok won’t cook food evenly.

Flat vs. Round Bottom

Woks do exist in 2 shapes the horizontal bottom and also the round bottoms. Picking the proper shape to select could be a hassle if you don’t understand just what to really go for. The round bottom work is a traditional layout that guarantees maximum heat supply during cooking.

The flat bottomed skillet is a contemporary design developed to match the contemporary cooktops. The decision you make on the wok form you need ought to be well informed by the kind of cooktop you’ve got. The flat bottom is excellent for induction and electric stoves, although the round base is perfect for gas stoves.

Durability and Weight

As a purchaser, you always need to get value for the money; as a result, the kind of wok you buy must offer service so. How can you understand the right weight and endurance of a wok? You may be asking yourself this question. A wok should not feel overly heavy on the palms when picked up. You need to keep in mind it will be thicker once you place food in it.

You are able to assess durability by using slight pressure on the base of the pan. The pan shouldn’t give in throughout the procedure nevertheless, aluminum pans are predicted to provide marginally. Even though this isn’t the final test for durability, it offers you a sense of how great excellent wok must act.


Flat bottomed woks focus heat in the base, so, could quickly burn off food. It’s simple to stir and blend food at a round bottom wok due to its oval form.

Handles & Lid

The conventional woks came armed with two metal handles which have been purposely for lifting and outside of the heating cooker. The contemporary flat bottomed wok went with a long wooden handle and a helper handle on the opposite end. The longer handle will allow you to tilt and turn the wok during”stir-frying.”

The round-bottomed wok hasn’t yet broken the classic Chinese design and contains two ear-shaped metal grips on two different sides. If it concerns the lid, it’s best to select a wok that’s one since a few meal prep techniques need food to sew. Possessing a wok with a lid can make your meal homework easier and comfortable.


With the vast array of brands available on the current market, there’s an equally enormous range in costs for your fundamental skillet. If you’re a first-time buyer, then you might be in limbo about which cost is best. There’s not any textbook preference for the right price. But, according to your expertise in purchasing different goods, the ideal excellent merchandise isn’t necessarily the cheapest. Go for something that won’t overstretch your wallet.


Arriving at a fantastic selection of a wok can be critical since woks are constructed differently and serve various functions. Appropriate induction woks are created for both performance and durability; hence, having one in your possession is a triumph for you.

A fantastic wok must fit inside your budget and function easily together with the variety of cooking stoves you may be thinking about. For your convenience, you need one that is going to last longer and survive a lot of cases of usage.

The 14 best induction woks discussed would be the very best in the current market and are certain to supply you with support so.

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