5 Best Kitchenaid Double Ovens Reviews of 2022

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Offering more cook area and convenient access, a Kitchenaid double oven provides you the liberty to meet your cooking for your own creativity. Allow the superior features and slick design of the double wall oven to spark your creativity with their capacity to handle multiple cook times and temperatures.

Whether you are cooking for Thanksgiving or even only a regular Thursday, the Kitchenaid double ovens together with double the cooking area assist you to prepare a tasty meal daily. Read the entire choice of the very best KitchenAid double oven alternatives to discover the perfect appliance that will assist you to make more.

List of 5 Best Kitchenaid Double Ovens Reviews

1. KITCHENAID KFGD500ESS Double Oven Gas Freestanding Range

  • Like other KitchenAid ranges, the KFDD500ESS uses a streamlined, minimalist design with an emphasis on direct lines. The front and top of this range are coated in stainless steel. Both cast-iron grates which pay the batter fit together to make a constant cooktop which makes it simple to slip a pan from 1 burner to another.
  • You will find just five beers on the cooktop; together with the center, oblong burner meant for use with the contained cast-iron griddle. The control panel on the rear of the stove includes an electronic screen and a touchpad that controls the oven.
  • The KFDD500ESS comes with some great cooking additions, like the aforementioned griddle and a roll-out rack that slips such as a drawer for simple food removal. There is also a steam stand, a little trough that hooks under among those conventional oven racks. It’s possible to fill out the steam rack using water to add warmth to your baking.

2. Kitchen Aid KODC304ESS 24 Stainless Double Convection Wall Oven

  • Features a specially designed heating component that can help provide even temperature administration. The fan pulls air in, beyond the heating component, and back to the oven.
  • Takes the guesswork out of convection cooking by ensuring excellent outcomes when experimenting with new recipes or recognizable favorites.
  • Combines a daring combination of professionally-inspired styling with sleek touches to your house. This gorgeous built-in wall oven includes Satin Textured Handles along with also the KitchenAid® Badge, a sign of uncompromised quality.
  • Helps eliminate cold stains to make sure even baking since the whole oven, such as the racks and walls, are heated to the appropriate temperature.
  • Combines the high electricity and maybe even policy required to achieve results very similar to outdoor grilling effects.
  • Offers square-foot perfect for cooking pizza using a crispy pizzeria-style crust in addition to bread, biscuits, pastries, and other baked products. Heat is distributed evenly across its surface to keep a consistent temperature along with its level surface releases food efficiently.
  • Makes the oven simple to use. The instinctive left-to-right screen makes it easy to obtain each purpose while the smooth layout and controller lock makes it effortless to wash while preventing undesirable performance.

3. KITCHENAID KFED500EWH Double Oven Electric Freestanding Range

  • This gorgeous electric double oven array produces flawless cooking outcomes using Even-Heat™ True Convection. The exceptional bow-tie layout and convection fan make sure the interior of the whole oven is heated to and remains at, the ideal temperature.
  • The ovens are a mixed 6.7 cu ft., supplying an additional capability and different temperature surroundings. The cooktop features five heating surfaces, such as a committed heating zone, letting you do more in your own range.
  • Features an exceptional bow-tie layout with heating and fan that circulates hot air throughout the whole oven, providing constant temperatures for crispy, flaky baked products, hot tub, well-browned roasts, and yummy, caramelized vegetables.

4. Kitchen Aid KODE500ESS 30 10 Cu. Ft. Electric Double Wall Oven

  • This 30″ Double Wall Oven with Even-Heat™ True Convection offers constant heating and even cooking. An exceptional bow-tie-shaped layout and convection fan helps ensure there are no burnt edges or undercooked facilities.
  • The Temperature Probe delivers a true measurement of internal temperatures of legumes, poultry, and casseroles without opening the oven. Bold design details would be the perfect balance of sophistication and performance.
  • Combines a daring combination of professionally-inspired styling with sleek touches to the house. This Gorgeous built-in wall oven includes Satin Textured Handles, Precision Touch Controls, a gorgeous Chrome Inlaid Frame, the KitchenAid® Badge, and Brand Medallion.

5. KitchenAid KEBS279BWH Architect II 27″ White Electric Double Wall Oven

  • This 27-inch double wall oven features our advanced Even-Heat True Convection System and Even-Heat Preheat in both ovens. This mixture helps eliminate cold stains to help make certain you receive the results that you crave without the requirement for baking stones or rotating pans. A glass-touch oven screen has instinctive left-to-right programming which makes it effortless to program both ovens.
  • Even-Heat Technology contains innovative heating technology to evenly distribute heat within the oven. Throughout Even-Heat Preheat, the whole oven heats to the appropriate temperature. And accurate convection circulates heated air over, under, and about three racks for absolutely baked facilities without burnt edges.
  • Provides assurance that a KitchenAid built-in toaster will fit your current cutout without having to change your cabinets. Adjustable/removable feet could be placed, helping our ovens to fit within the regular short, medium, or tall cutouts.
  • KitchenAid double ovens permit you to clearly see all racks from edge to edge without opening the oven door. Keeping the door shut helps to minimize temperature swings and promotes even baking.


There are as many distinct sorts of Kitchenaid double ovens since there are cooks using them, meaning it’s difficult to pin down one best version which will fit everybody’s needs. In my view, the ideal Kitchenaid double ovens are the ones that strike a balance between substance and style, with the ideal variety of features packed in an attractive layout.

That is exactly what made GE’s mix wall oven stand out to me personally. Its pick of thermal and microwave cooking preferences, large power, and sleek design make it the perfect package for a variety of different interests. On the flip side, the Cafe dual convection wall oven has an entirely different design, using classic french doors plus a ton of customizable features that will allow it to be eye-catching in almost any surroundings. In any event, they deliver the quality, custom-made appearance that marks Kitchenaid double wall ovens exceptional.

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