12 Best Korean Rice Cookers (2023 Newly Updated)

Cooking rice in SouthEast Asia is a convention and part of an integral civilization spanning centuries. Korea was known to add rice to its own diet and also took it one step further using its electric rice cookers. The best Korean rice cooker you can purchase online is inexpensive and incredibly simple to use.

Together with Korean rice cookers, you are able to cook the ideal rice with no guesswork and much work. They also permit you to cook unique kinds of rice such as basmati, brown rice, regular white rice, black rice, jasmine rice, along with others.

In this best Korean rice cooker reviews and buying guide we’ll be talking about the very best of the very best rice cookers that cook not only rice but any meal searchable. They are sometimes employed to prepare soups, steam vegetables, meat, and create yogurt. It becomes better here you can also bake a yummy cake in the home with these very best Korean rice cookers.

What’s the Difference Between USA, Japan, Korea Made Rice Cookers

This is a clear question. Let us look at its different aspects:

  • Usage of rice: In both Japan and Korea, rice is the staple food. From ice hockey to bibimbap, rice can be used anywhere. The rice variety used in every dish differs and has to be cooked otherwise. A one-technology match for all approach doesn’t work here. This caused the creation of an electric rice cooker that could cook several rice dishes. On the flip side, in the USA, rice isn’t remarkably common. So, the dividers made there are intended to execute bare minimal functions.
  • Technical progress: No doubt, most nations like Korea and Japan are hotbeds of creations. That is evident from how that they manage their most significant cooking appliance. Most high rice cookers from such nations include innovative features like Neuro-fuzzy, automatic timer, non-toxic substance, etc… This is true, particularly for Japanese and Korean rice cookers .
  • Portability: In the USA, you’ll see individuals carrying ready-to-eat foods for a crisis. Nevertheless, in Japan and Korea, a rice cooker requires this location. They ought to be mobile. It’s possible to cook rice dishes everywhere in your lodge.

List Of 12 Best Korean Rice Cooker Reviews

1. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW 10 Cup Electric Heating Pressure Cooker & Warmer

  • The best Korean rice cooker you’ll be able to purchase on the internet, the CRP-P1009SW. With its incredible capability and X-wall diamond-coated internal pot, the system works with minimal power and water use.
  • It is possible to use it for rice or porridge and believe us when we say that these cookers create the rice fluffy and ideal for consumption. You might even voice browse the device adding to its simplicity of use. Since the interior is non-stick, it is easy to clean and saves a whole lot of time.

2. Cuckoo CR-0631F 6 Cup Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

  • You might say that Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker cooks greater than the usual Zojirushi Induction Rice Cooker that costs this cost: This appliance is exceptional in every manner to a traditional rice cooker, does a much better job of rice does it quicker, provides super-simple cleanup, and will keep rice warm for 24 hours!
  • This is a really pleasant and rice cooker that is searchable. When creating basmati rice you’ve got to use an equivalent part or ratio of rice and water. By way of instance, you could cook two cups of tender basmati rice 2 cups of water and pick the glutinous rice attribute, as well as the pick turbo. The rice will turn out like it needs to, split and fluffy.
  • This rice cooker makes excellent rice and doesn’t burn the rice onto the bottom/sides. There are many settings for various kinds of grains, time to cook/steam, and timer configurations (up to 12 hours beforehand).

3. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SB 10 Cup Heating Plate Electric Pressure Rice Cooker

  • Desire a Korean rice cooker that can also cook rice, glutinous rice, pasta, soup, porridge, or bake bread or even ferment your cheese and yogurt? You can do all of those things on this rice cooker.
  • Aside from that, in addition, it enables you to enjoy refreshing GABA rice from uncooked grain to germination to completely cooked rice. It’s the ideal alternative for somebody prepared to invest to receive a heavy-duty multi-cook kitchen gadget.
  • The Cuckoo manufacturer is really hard to beat when it comes to rice cookers. They create heavy-duty products which have many fantastic features and among the best sellers is the Cuckoo CRP-P1009SB. This version will cost you over the usual normal rice cooker but it may do lots of things for you making it worth your cash.
  • We also saw this heating plate programmable pressure cooker/rice cooker includes dependable security features including pressure controller and secondary pressure discharge, reed switch, lock assessing apparatus, and thermal fuse.

4. Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S, Q5 Premium 8 in 1 Rice Cooker

  • Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S is a multi cooker. Aside from cooking rice, this cooker may be used for cooking any kind of rice. This cooker is user-friendly. Each of the cooking tasks is performed autonomously. The rice cooked inside this cooker is totally moist and sticky.
  • This cooker isn’t a normal item. It will cook with good elegance. The rice cooked inside this cooker is ideal. The cooker is simple to operate and doesn’t call for any assistance.

5. COMFEE’ 5.2Qt Asian Style Programmable All-in-1 Multi Cooker

  • The next product is also the least expensive rice cooker in our listing. This Korean rice cooker out of COMFEE’ is for people that are on a strict budget, but still, need to get their hands on a nice item.
  • Obviously, having an entry rice cooker, you need to generate some compromises. However, this particular unit gets the most out of the restricted collection of attributes that it comes packaged with. The cooker has an impressive performance of 17-different cooking applications which range from cooking rice to steaming veggies.
  • COMFEE’s custom smart cooking entails a 6-step procedure that permits the inner valve and the steam kettle to circulate heat. Thus, delivering soft and fluffy rice every time. Additionally, the 20 cup ultra-capacity makes it a perfect cooker for virtually any kind of large gatherings also.
  • Additional the 24-hour delay timer will help you to organize your cooking beforehand also. On the other hand, the “stay warm” period is simply confined to 12-hours.

6. Cuckoo CRP-JHSR0609F Multifunctional and Programmable Rice Cooker

  • Cuckoo certainly does not neglect to design quality merchandise for smaller families. The 6-cup capacity Cuckoo CRP-JHSR0609F creates a case for smaller stoves delivering as a lot of punch as their bigger (and more costly ) counterparts. Within this version, it is clear that the apparatus of this size may also create not simply perfect rice, however well-cooked vegetables, meat, fish, and much more.
  • A special quality of the Korean rice cooker is its own high-pressure and low-pressure setting. Despite its elaborate look, the brand guarantees this can be a beginner-friendly model constructed to be available and convenient. The LCD screen allows for navigation. Finally, it features a Smart Algorithm which modulates cooking time, pressure, heat, and electricity consumption during the cycle.

7. Cuckoo CR-0351FG 3 Cup Micom Rice Cooker

  • No self-cleaning, no steam release valves, no mic so that you can speak with… It’s a fairly regular vanilla rice cooker with a single exception: the fuzzy logic.
  • Long story short, fuzzy logic implies the rice cooker won’t only switch off the heater when the water level reaches a vital point. On the contrary, it starts altering the temperature so the rice will absorb a suitable degree of moisture.
  • This is why this does not possess “GABA”, “Jasmine”, “wild” and other rice configurations. It knows which kind you have set it.
  • Most rice cookers here have their own particular diamond-based coating. This one has routine Teflon. Love it or hate it, it does the job nicely.

8. Cuckoo CRP-HV0667F 6 Cup Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

  • Cuckoo CR-0631F 6-cup Multifunctional Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer is for all those who wish to cook rice and other foods. It’s the capacity of various customized settings and functions. This rice cooker will provide you with a total of 10 menu options or preferences. They’ll help you steam, cook, reheat, and heat your meals conveniently and easily. These settings are extremely simple for you to work and maintain.
  • This high-performing rice cooker includes the most recent fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Cooking Algorithm. It makes it possible to cook your meals perfectly and efficiently with the ideal parts. Additionally, it finds grain kind and fixes the timer and temperature automatically that matches the grain finest.
  • This is this kind of Korean rice cooker that supplies the best priority for your security together with the ideal cooking performance. The automated steam and pressure emission system, a lid-locking apparatus, an automobile temperature control system, along with other security features, will guarantee your security whilst cooking inside this rice cooker. Due to all of these attributes, everybody thinks it the best Korean rice cooker using a stainless steel interior pot.

9. Cuckoo CRP-EHSS0309FG 3 Cup Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

  • Featuring Fuzzy Logic and an Intelligent Cooking Algorithmour 3-cup rice cooker detects grain type, cook, and temperature time! Using an induction heatingsystem, your favorite dishes are ready in no time with no guesswork needed.
  • Fully programmable and complete with a blue LED display and signature choice menu, our rice manufacturer is the private kitchen helper! With voice navigation along with also a non-stick coating for simple cleaning, we are innovating meal prep.
  • We went the excess mile to make sureKorean electric rice cooker is as secure as it’s simple to use! With automatic steam and stress emission, a lid-locking device, auto temperature control, and an alarm for overheating, we are putting your safety.
  • Boasting a whole stainless Eco 2.0 inside and venting system, rice cooker steamer retains reliability in the forefront! Reputable by homemakers and chefs alike, the superior interior construct is made for durability, strength, and durability.

10. Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

  • If you would rather a Korean rice cooker that uses induction pressure, then have a peek at the Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F. It’s a six-cup capacity that is ideal for a little to medium-sized group and 11 distinct cook settings, such as multi-cook, porridge, rice and legumes, and rice. This rice cooker is a great size but will not occupy too much space on your countertops.
  • The electronic display is easy to read makes adjusting the settings easy and also a rice scooper and measuring cup have been contained so you have the best results each time. It’s an automated steam cleaning attribute and also the lid is removable and immediately wipe clean. Additionally, it is very safe to use and is packed with 16 different security features, such as automatic steam Cleaners, malfunction index, lock-checking apparatus, and thermal fuse.
  • While people are usually pleased with the way that system cooks rice, there are a couple of troubles. The voice manuals and formulation book are just in Korean and, even although the directions are in English, they are not quite simple to comprehend. Some individuals felt that it had been a bit expensive but, again, the results speak for themselves. It is among the more versatile goods from Cuckoo plus an excellent investment if you take advantage of each of the cook preferences.

11. Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

  • Nothing beats freshly and cooked Korean rice and also together with all the Zojirushi Neuro, you will definitely make it happen every single time you use it. No hassle and no continuous checking required since it is a totally automatic rice cooker and warmer which uses fuzzy logic technologies.
  • Zojirushi is also a favorite brand in regards to rice cookers and this version is one of the finest products. Why is this rice cooker stand out in its own layout? It is not so common to discover a Korean rice cooker that’s a wall socket such as this one, so it is ideal for kitchens with limited space.
  • Furthermore, this 5-1/2-cup capacity rice cooker is user-friendly and its configurations can be corrected using a push of a button. From the primary menu choices, you may pick several cooking functions such as white rice, regular/sushi, softer, more difficult, quick-cooking, mixed, porridge, sweet, semi brown and brown rice using the timer signaled in the center of the LCD screen. The cable can be retractable for simple storage.

12. Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker 6 Cups Uncooked (3L)

  • Cooking Korean rice flawlessly without burnt borders can also be as simple as pressing a button using this gadget. Even though it’s engineered in Japan, it certainly cooks excellent Korean rice. Additionally, this can be your lifesaver if you enjoy eating hot peppers in the morning but do not have enough time to watch on your own pot. It is an ideal kitchen helper for you.
  • This very best Korean rice cooker utilizes fuzzy logic that means it may process several programmed configurations at one time. From the primary menu preferences, there are numerous cooking purposes which you could select including blended rice, fast rice, brown rice, and white rice, together with choices for multi-grain, porridge, and oats. You can also easily adjust the cooking time in the menu choices.
  • Besides Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker, this can be just another rice cooker that’s wall mountable so it is a fantastic alternative if your kitchen has restricted space. The interior pot of the device has a non-stick coating which makes it simple to wash. While the lid isn’t detachable, it is also not that hard to wash.
  • There is no messy overflow if you cook with this rice cooker because it’s a massive steam port at which steam rises without difficulty. Messy overflow is a frequent problem among Korean rice cookers with an attached lid. However, for this one, that is no problem.

How to Use a Korean Rice Cooker

Buying Guide For Best Korean Rice Cooker 

Most of us recognize that each rice cooker version that arrives from the current market is not of top quality. Instead, the majority of the models have these kinds of characteristics and specifications which will even disappoint you. That means you ought to consider a few critical variables prior to going to obtain a Korean rice cooker. Though we’ve considered all variables while creating the record of the best Korean rice cookers, we’re also mentioning some variables individually.


It is tempting to get a rice cooker with much more power, but is it truly required? For smaller families with two to three individuals, rice cookers having a 5-cup capability will suffice. But in case you’ve got a larger family, or in the event that you often invite friends for dinner, then you might consider products using a larger capacity.

Receive a rice cooker that satisfies your requirements. Smaller capability rice cookers have the benefit of reduced electricity consumption and they are able to fit into little kitchen spaces.

Fuzzy Logic and Induction Heating

If your budget allows, receive a Korean rice cooker with fuzzy logic and induction heating or induction cooking attributes. On a hot afternoon, the ideal rice cookers with these attributes can feel the rice melts too quickly so that they will decrease the heat to generate heating slow, and thus improving the standard of rice. With this technology, you are able to make the essential temperature and pressure alterations if necessary.

Rice warmer

This feature provides you the flexibility to keep the rice warm until you’re ready to consume. It is a fantastic feature if your family eats rice several times. Rice sexier not merely keeps the rice warm but in addition, it prevents clumping.

Pressure cooker

A rice pressure cooker makes cooking rice quicker. In case you’ve got a busy lifestyle, this is a fantastic attribute to have on your rice cooker. Stress cooking hastens the cooking period with little to no influence on the degree of rice.


Aesthetics also matter when comparing rice cookers. Obviously, you’d want to select an electric rice cooker that suits your taste and is ideal for your kitchen.

Inner Pot Coating

Quality rice cookers usually have a nonstick coating for ease in cleaning and to prevent cooked rice from sticking to the pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Korean Rice Cooker?

A Korean rice cooker isn’t any rice cooker made and fabricated in Korea. These brands might have their own subsidiaries and offices in different nations too. Korean rice cookers can be found in the American marketplace and nearly in every other nation. The control panel on Korean rice cookers is in numerous languages to assist non-Korean users to comprehend the functions and operations of the device readily.

2. Are Korean rice cookers different?

Korean rice cookers are essentially good to cook white short-grain rice. The majority of the choices in a Korean rice cooker will be the same as any additional rice cooker manufacturer. It usually means a Korean rice cooker will supply you the exact same quality of cooked rice along with other manufacturers but because Korean rice cookers have been outfitted with MICOM and Fuzzy Logic technology in order that they perform really nicely.

3. What else can be cooked in a Korean rice cooker?

Apart from rice, you might even cook sausage, quinoa, oats, and soup, boil eggs, steam vegetables, and baking sponge cakes.

4. Does a Korean rice cooker make better rice?

Yes, a rice cooker creates better rice since it spreads heat evenly and also ensures no more burning or sogging.

5. Is A Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Safe?

Yes. The stainless steel rice cooker pot is more resistant to direct, nickel, and another poisonous chemical leaching.

6. Why Does My Rice Cooker Smell Awful?

Most folks simply rinse the pot after cooking a dish. In case you’ve cooked a hot or strongly flavored dish, its own odor lingers. The auto-clean mode might not be adequate to eliminate it.

The very best approach is to pour a glass of water and half a glass of vinegar and then change on the cooker for half an hour. Then wash it with soap.


These would be the very best Korean rice cooker. Consequently, if you’re trying to find a Korean rice cooker then this guide should certainly help you. Each of the above products is outfitted with characteristics that are amazing and they provide exceptional performance. The rice cooked inside this cooker is full of nourishment and great in flavor. Don’t undermine your passion for rice and tantalize your taste buds today. Present yourself among those exciting products.

There are many choices on the marketplace on marketplace which can confuse you about what or what not to purchase. Whether you’re looking to replace your old rice cooker or you’re a newcomer to this apparatus and you will buy it for the very first time, our best Korean rice cooker reviews and buying guide will describe and research the best Korean rice cookers so that you do not need to spend hours on the world wide web to collect fundamental information.

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