Melon Baller Recipe

Melon Baller Recipe is Great You Should Know

Kitchen tools are very important and have many uses. Melon baller is a special kitchen tool, it can process many dishes. Not simply grating melon, melon baller can make many different dishes with special recipes. It is made of metal in various sizes to make dishes easy. In this article we’ll take a look at some melon baller recipes!

What is Melon Baller?

The Melon Baller is a very useful
The Melon Baller is a very useful

The Melon Baller is a very useful and versatile kitchen tool in the kitchen. It looks similar to a regular teaspoon but it has a spherical top. Each round end of the spoon has a small hole for the fruit to be poured into the bowl easily and quickly. Others will have spherical heads on both ends in 2 different sizes. Therefore, with just 1 spoon you can make many different dishes and uses.

Melon baller is not just a tool for scraping melons to decorate or create delicious drinks that you know. You can use it to create a variety of dishes other than melon baller recipes.

Although called the melon curette, this is not just for melons. It can also be used for other fruits like cantaloupe, watermelon, mango and other soft fruits. It can create beautiful round fruit pieces to decorate or make delicious dishes. Another use of this tool is to form mixed dough pellets or other dry mixes used in baking or baking.

You can use melon baller to create a variety of dishes
You can use melon baller to create a variety of dishes

To achieve the desired roundness, when poked into the melon it must be angular. Allow the spoon’s side to penetrate deeply into the fruit. Slowly rotate the spoon to 360 degrees until the spherical part separates from the rest of the fruit. Sometimes, when the penetration of a melon is not deep enough, the shape will not be perfect. Therefore, it is important to push a little more when using the melon press.

To be able to help you understand more about the variety of uses of melon baller. We’ll share with you some very interesting and delicious melon baller recipes.

Melon Baller Recipe to make Bingsu

Bingsu is a refreshing dish for the summer. It is made from succulent fresh fruit combined with fresh milk and other ingredients to create sweet, cool Bingsu pellets.

First, you will use the melon baller to get fresh fruits such as watermelon, yellow melon, green melon, or some other soft fruit that you love. Use a melon baller to scoop out each round of watermelon, melon with yellow intestine, melon with green intestine.

Bingsu is a refreshing dish for the summer
Bingsu is a refreshing dish for the summer

Watermelon you remove the inside to leave the shell intact for decoration (or if you like, you can replace it with a melon peel to decorate).

You put 500 ml of fresh milk in the bowl, add 150 ml of whipping cream, 150 grams of condensed milk, stir well. Then the milk mixture you pour into a clean ice tray, let it freeze for 5 hours.

Having enough time to freeze, you take the milk ice out of the refrigerator, put it in a blender to collect the ice shavings mixture. You put milk shavings in half of the watermelon rind, add the fruit balls that you just created with a melon baller around, decorate and sprinkle cereal and invite your family to enjoy!

The cool fruit bingsu with delicious fresh fruit is sure to make you satisfied. This is one of the best melon baller recipes for summer.

Melon Baller Recipe to make Pomme

This is a delicious dish with the main ingredients are potatoes and a melon baller. A pan-fried dish that is very interesting and delicious. There is no melon here, you use the melon baller to make the potatoes.

You start by rinsing and peeling the potatoes, then use a melon scraper to scrape off as much of the potato as possible. You decide how much pomme you want to make based on the number of potatoes you choose to use.

Pomme is a delicious dish with the main ingredients are potatoes
Pomme is a delicious dish with the main ingredients are potatoes

Place the balls in a separate bowl and cover while preparing the rest of the melon baller recipe to make pomme.

You can use the remaining potato chips without throwing away. Take them to make strips of french fries or make rich mashed potatoes.

Pat the potatoes dry with a paper towel, then place in a pan with melted butter to cook. Potatoes should be cooked in an even layer. Stir them often so they have a golden crust and ripen evenly. You should simmer over low heat to allow the potatoes to cook slowly and evenly. Be sure to set the heat to the right level for crispy fries.

Once the potatoes are done, you can season them with salt and black pepper. You can add parsley, hot chili sauce or ketchup to garnish and serve them.

Melon Baller Recipe to make Melon Cocktail Ball

Cocktail Melon Ball brings cool blue colors to dispel the hot, sultry summer heat. With the main ingredients are fruity wines combined with vodka to make a great drink that you cannot refuse. Since it is made from a variety of wines, Melon Ball cocktails have a heavier wine and sweetness than other cocktails.

Cocktail Melon Ball brings cool blue colors to dispel the hot
Cocktail Melon Ball brings cool blue colors to dispel the hot

How to make cocktails Melon Ball is not too complicated and fussy, so you can learn how to prepare this cocktail Melon Ball at home.

Ingredients to prepare:

  • 7ml pineapple juice
  • 7ml of melon liqueur
  • 15ml of vodka alcohol
  • Ice
  • Shaker
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Instructions on the steps to prepare Cocktail Melon Ball:

  1. First, you put 7ml of watermelon liqueur 7ml pineapple juice 15ml vodka wine into the shaker.
  2. Then add ice cubes to the shaker, cover, then shake well about 4-5 times.
  3. Finally, after shaking, pour the mixture into a glass.

To decorate your cocktail, you can decorate the cocktail glass with a slice of fresh pineapple, add a cherry. You can use a melon baller, scoop two pieces of melon, then attach it to a skewer and decorate the top, to increase the appeal of the drink.

Melon baller will help you to have a melon ball decorating your Cocktail more lively. This is an enjoyable melon baller recipe for those who love refreshing cocktails.

Melon Baller Recipe to make sSalad Melon Ball

Enjoy a 3-color melon salad with lemon honey sauce with sweet and sour sauce, fragrant vanilla and mint leaves, sweet and crunchy fruits that not only bring nutrition but also enrich your meals.

Salad melon ball is a delicious dish
Salad melon ball is a delicious dish

First you should choose different color melons. Split in half and use the melon baller to scoop out each round melon. Combine with spices and sauces to taste to create a particularly delicious salad. Add salads or your favorite herbs to add flavor to the dish.

Some other Interesting Melon Baller Recipes You Should Know About

The melon scraper is a handy tool that can be used rather than scooping up pieces of melon. This tool has extremely many different functions, it helps you to prepare and make a wide variety of foods.

  • Pineapple eye peel: In a pineapple there will be many brown parts, it is called the eye of the pineapple. The appropriate size melon ballers can help you to easily take out the pineapple eyes and keep the juicy flesh. While pineapple eyes are edible, they are not good and can be annoying. To make pineapple eyes easier and more beautiful, using melon baller is the correct choice.
  • Scoop Out Tiny Ice Cream Servings: in addition to the effects of food processing, you can use a melon baller to create small ice cream balls to decorate. It will give you small ice cream cubes that will fit into a baby cake without the need for too big ice cream.
  • Get rid of tomato seeds: If you want tomatoes to be seedless, a pickle scraper is a great way to clean them. You can easily remove the seeded portions and leave the tomatoes with gaps. It will either be easy for you to stuff or will not cause a mess when you cut them.
  • Get rid of the core: You can also use your melon recipe to remove the cores of fruits like pears and apples. Removing cores can make them easier to cut into small pieces and also help young children eat safer.

The Melon Baller is a versatile kitchen appliance. Not only can it process melon, it can process a wide variety of different and beautiful foods. In the above post, we have shared to you the most interesting and useful melon baller recipe! Hopefully, our share is helpful for you!

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