18 Best Microwave Rice Cookers 2023: Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

Microwave rice cookers are the perfect manner of cooking rice to get lots of active bees, be they pupils residing in a dormitory with restricted space or house chefs who must look after the youngsters. Regardless of your living circumstances, acquiring a microwave rice cooker prepared comes with its very own advantages.

There are a number of manufacturers of microwave rice cookers in the sector and at times it’s really hard to choose which of these ought to be the best option. Therefore, it becomes crucial to acquire more information that may give you solid thoughts about the best choice which you can make when it’s time to purchase. Listed below are 18 of their very best microwave rice cookers in the industry today and some explanation on why they would be the choice of several families.

List Of 18 Best Microwave Rice Cooker Reviews

1. Joseph Joseph 45002 M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker

  • This is a brand that commands respect, and it’s delivered several excellent products through recent years. Their rice cooker stands out as it includes a selection of things for your own convenience. They comprise the cooking room, lid, measuring cup, rice paddle, and colander.
  • Why is this the best small microwave rice cooker is the simple fact that it’s an impressive design that eliminates some problems taking your pot from the microwave?
  • The rice paddle could adhere over the borders of the circumference of the cooking room. This permits you to lift the cookware out of your microwave. In addition, it will help to lock the lid correctly.
  • This rice cooker is somewhat more costly than other models from other manufacturers. I needed to place it in the evaluation to figure out whether the excess cost was worthwhile. It surely is before the game due to its layout. Additionally, I enjoyed the rice had a constant feeling.

2. Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice Cooker

  • With just two burners, you are limited to that which you are able to create about the stovetop, but it does not prevent you from needing to cook healthful meals. If you are searching to expand methods to cook pasta and rice with no stovetop, then this handy microwave rice cooker place might be just the thing.
  • This 17-piece BPA-free collection was created particularly for cooking and reheating rice in the microwave. The easy-lock lid secures tightly to prevent messes and spills and using a 12-cup capability, it is possible to make as many as eight cups of rice enough to sponsor a dinner for friends or even to offer you a couple of days of leftovers.
  • What is so cool about this collection is that it is not just great for cooking rice the additional accessories permit you to broaden your repertoire and prepare a broad assortment of meals. Together with the rice fit, you can create java or other shaped pasta noodles as well as the vegetable steamer insert is ideal for turning out tasty and crunchy vegetables.
  • Forget about juggling heavy pots and pans full of water. With this particular microwave rice cooker, which also contains a pasta measurer, six measuring cups, four measuring spoons, a grain, along with a locking lid, so you have everything that you want to make simple delicious foods in the microwave each night of the week.

3. MaxiAids Microwave Rice Cooker

  • There should not be a worry about surplus cooked rice since this microwave rice cooker guarantees you are able to prepare just what’s good for a couple of servings. Ideal for single individuals particularly college students and young ones residing by themselves.
  • When rice is boiling, there’s a trend for the steam to discover a means out and this may result in uneven cooking. With locks on the face of the lid, so you can make certain steam won’t escape, and thus you can rest certain of cooked rice all of the time. This feature also comes in handy since it is simple to wash out the unit.
  • This item is made of plastic which has very large heat resistance. You don’t have to worry the vinyl material will deteriorate over time due to continuous exposure to warmth. With an extremely acceptable price, it includes accessories like a spoon and measuring cup, cover, and built-in lid locks.

4. Pampered Chef micro cooker

  • With its streamlined and simple layout, this version promises to create cooking rice in the microwave simple. The Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus is composed of a pot that you fill with raw rice. Add the ideal amount of water into the rice, place the pot in the microwave and you’ll be treated to cooked rice.
  • This version may make up to eight cups of cooked rice at one time. This ought to be adequate for the largest family to enjoy. If you’re cooking for a smaller collection, then you may add vegetables, legumes, and other things to your pot.
  • Exercise is necessary to find the water levels only right and utilize this best microwave rice cooker just like a pro. Luckily, you’re supplied with comprehensive documentation. As soon as you’ve mastered the procedure, you’re guaranteed to enjoy perfect results each time.
  • When you’ve mastered the technique, it is possible to practice creating a broad array of different kinds of dishes. This pot is excellent for making perfect noodles and pasta of all types. The hardy and durable design mean this kettle is guaranteed to move the distance.

5. Sistema Microwave Collection Rice Cooker

  • Next on our list is Sistema Microwave Collection Rice Cooker. This unit includes a steam vented lid to make it simple to release the pressure building up in the pot while cooking. Further, there’s a one-of-a-kind cool touch quality that reduces your chances of getting your fingers burned when lifting the stove from the microwave.
  • Moreover, this unit is capable of carrying 2.6 gallons of rice which ought to be more than sufficient to feed a normal family. This kitchen support is hassle-free to wash because the device’s top-rack dishware comprises the freezer safely.
  • Within this budget, Sistema Microwave Collection Rice Cooker is a go-to for its very best microwave rice cooker to people on a budget. This unit doesn’t need extra schooling or operation to acquire the version that began.
  • More so this particular unit is crafted with phthalate-free and BPA-free substances, which makes sure that the product doesn’t distribute harmful or undesirable chemicals to the food. It is a fantastic pick for people who are searching for flexible cookware to shop and cook their food.

6. Home-X – Microwave Rice Cooker

  • Frankly, I enjoy the double lid systems. This double lid system aids in making a pressure room inside that allow steam to escape gently via its own lid ports. This makes sure that you get fluffy rice that’s equally cooked every moment.
  • This awesome one-pot rice cooker works really nicely with oatmeal too. And so much as rice is concerned, you just get 1 cup of rice when cooked together with two cups of water. The cooker has a rice paddle and is made from superior-excellent vinyl that is microwave, refrigerator, and freezer safe.
  • All-in-all, I feel this Home-X microwave rice cooker has been a wonderful kitchen accessory to possess and it makes a fantastic present for your mother or uncle when you see them.

7. Progressive International Microwave Rice Cooker

  • Do not feel like eating rice now? Not to worry, the Progressive International microwave rice cooker has your back! Pop in certain quinoa or oatmeal to the cooking pot and then chuck it in the microwave for a quick, healthy meal. It is that simple, which explains why this device our choice for the most effective multifunctional cooker.
  • The best part is that you don’t need to think about food, steam, or some other liquid overflowing, due to this shelf insert which prevents any spillage. Rest easy knowing that you are getting 6 cups of soup, rice, or oatmeal, totally steamed and cooked on each try. There is a reason this thing gets a whole lot of rave reviews.
  • This 6-cup capacity merchandise includes a lid, nesting plate add, measuring cup, and a rice spoon to get precision. The Progressive Rice Cooker is created out of dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and non-stick plastic components so that you can set it and forget it. Just toss it at the top-rack dishwasher and you are done.

8. Chefs Basics Select Siz Cooker with 8 Cups

  • Cook your next meal at the Chefs Basics Select Microwave Pressure Cooker . It permits you to make tender, flavorful meals in less time. It combines the advantages of a pressure cooker with the ease of a microwave, functioning to lock in natural juices to produce flavorful, tasty meats.
  • Simply fill out the kitchen and set it in the microwave to create ample meals for your loved ones. Your meals will be prepared quickly and you are able to use fewer pans and pots. This way you’ll be able to enjoy more free time rather than spending it on cleanup.
  • The 8-cup capability will supply you with lots of food to feed everybody. Use it to cook for vacations, parties, special events, or daily.

9. Nordicware Microwave Rice Cooker Cup Cookware

  • Nordic Ware’s rice cooker is the best utensil for rescue and speedy rice preparation. It really just takes moments.
  • The cooker, which can be created from BPA-free vinyl, has a capacity of 8 cups and includes a cool-to-touch grip that allows for simple handling.
  • Nordic Ware’s rice cooker is dishwasher safe and absolutely capable of managing pasta or veggies in addition to rice.

10. Home & Appliances Rice Cocker Only for Microwave

  • This small microwave rice cooker is multifunctional, also it may be used to make rice in addition to other fast meals like reheating refried beans, soups, and a lot more. The choices are infinite. The microwave rice cooker is charcoal, and it’s created from Binchotan.
  • The rice cooker has a capacity of 1.2 L, also it can be used frequently without breaking or disintegrating. It’s a tight lid which seals in the vapor to get quicker rice cooking. Additionally, it makes reheating foods out of your freezer considerably quicker. You might even use it to steam vegetables.

11. Handy Gourmet Micromaster Kitchen Microwave Pressure Cooker 

  • This Joseph may not have the catchiest name on the planet, however, this BPA-free, food-grade rice cooker includes a 2-liter kettle that doubles as a colander. Plus it includes a paddle to fluff the rice and also to function as a locking device for your lid.
  • Additionally, it includes a measuring cup for incorporating the ideal quantity of water into the rice. This Joseph Joseph is dishwasher safe, easy to wash, and, together with all the lift-out colander, even simple to function.
  • The plastic is BPA-free and will pop up on your dishwasher, therefore cleaning up after creating rice is going to be simple. And since the spoon functions as a locking device, the lid remains firmly in place and should not result in some spills or splatters from the microwave.
  • On the downside, the rice mill also functions as the primary transport handle, meaning it isn’t as safe as other goods featured from the listing, with only a little lip on each side of the rice cooker to hold.

12. Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker Purple

  • If you’re searching for a tiny personality in your own kitchen, this best microwave rice cooker by Tupperware could be exactly what you require. Despite the fact that the lid isn’t liquid-tight, it’s a 3-quart capability and you may also save your leftover rice from the pot in the fridge in case you don’t consume that all.
  • The lid really has a fairly neat design that grabs any foam that comes around the peak of the kettle and lets it drain back into the rice. Just be certain that you don’t fill out the pot within the maximum fill line.
  • All Tupperware products are BPA-free which can be wonderful to know. This item may nourish the rice just a bit quicker as a few folks are mentioning that they can cook two cups of rice in roughly 5 minutes. Inside this size pot, you can cook enough rice to function around 10 or 12 people.

13. Lekue Microwave Rice, Grain & Quinoa Cooker

  • In regards to beauty by means of simplicity, it doesn’t get better than the Lekue rice cooker. However, this item is not all seems; it could cook a mean bowl of rice too.
  • Apart from the slick design, we adore the deep thought that went into crafting this very simple cooker. The foundation consists of 2 molded walls having an air gap in between.
  • This not only permits for the shelf the silicon lid stays but also lends itself to secure handling. Even if the contents of the stove are draining hot, the outer surface stays cool to the touch.
  • You’re able to pull this stove directly from the microwave and place it in the middle of this table without even risking your hands along with your lacquer.

14. Donabe Microwave Rice Cooker Mug

  • You’re attempting to decrease the quantity of plastic on your home and you’re searching for an alternate means to cook rice in the microwave with a plastic container. Glass versions look too thick. If you’re searching for an exceptional approach to produce individual pieces of rice in the microwave which does not include glass or plastic, then think about this wonderful mug collection.
  • Both of these Japanese ceramic mugs, one white and one black, would be the very best bet to cook yummy, fluffy rice minutes with the microwave. Simply wash 5.3 oz of white water and drain well. Pour the rice 3/4 of a cup of water into the mug and put it on the lid. Microwave for 2 minutes in 500 watts and allow steam for 10-15 minutes before serving.
  • Each mug holds roughly 2 cups of cooked rice, ideal individualized portions to consume using a protein or to eat as a snack. Easy to use, simple to wash, your children are going to love this fresh approach to generate rice.

15. Norpro Microwave Rice Cooker

  • Constructed with BPA totally plastic that this Norpro microwave rice cooker is heat resistant which makes it perfect for microwave heatingsystem. The business that was established nearly five years ago has been providing top-class kitchenware.
  • Upon assessing different attributes, I understood that this one is sharply priced and can be among the best contenders in regard to the class of microwave rice cookers. This includes a measuring cup, rice spoon along with a lid which entraps warmth and keeps moisture inside the cooker.
  • I also enjoy the fact that instructions and recipes are also included with this toaster. In general, this is among those great makes to possess as part of your kitchen fittings.

16. Sistema Microwave Collection Steamer

  • At first glance, this rice cooker does not resemble a rice cooker in any way. However, its innovative design becomes evident as soon as you use it. The Sistema Microwave Collection rice cooker is accompanied by an internal steamer basket which truly remains cool as the food inside is heated so that you can lift it out readily.
  • The guards enclosing the lid remain cool, also, so that you can easily start it up after you are done cooking your rice, veggies, meats, or fish. That is the reason it’s our pick for the ideal cool-touch device.
  • Did we say that the rice cooker includes a 13.5-cup capability? It is not some type of rice cooker; it may actually provide for the entire family. Easily create enough cooked rice in the home in one go!
  • Much like a digital rice cooker, there is a steam vent in the center of the lid which guarantees splatter-free heating. Regardless of what you are making, it is going to remain safe from the container. Later, cleanup is as simple as chucking this infant in the dishwasher and pressing several buttons.

17. Microwave Rice Steamer, Ready in Minutes

  • This microwave rice cooker produced by Silicone Bakeware may be used for cooking rice, polenta, or couscous. The 4-part cooking method contains a lid with two flaps that function as handles, a steamer, along a nonstick serving spoon.
  • It retains rice moisture by using a pressure room tray and a lid which allows steam to escape and is simple to wash. The color of the rice steamer is red, so it is going to stick out in your kitchen.

18. Pampered Chef Small Micro-Cooker 1 Quart

  • The Pampered Chef is ideal for microwave cooking. It’s also perfect for steaming vegetables, melting butter, heating soups, and reheating leftovers.
  • It’s a vented cover that has medium and small holes for draining fluids. Additionally, it has a spout for pouring liquids. The rice cooker is also simple to use, also it’s not hard to wash.

Buying Guide for the Best Microwave Rice Cooker

Creating a purchase choice of a microwave rice cooker isn’t simple as there are tons of alternatives. Below are a few critical aspects you want to check before purchasing a rice cooker.


The capacity is vital as not all people today need an identical quantity of rice. Should you reside single, any little version will fit you. A cup of raw rice supplies you with 2 cups of cooked rice. If you’re living with a mean size household, then you will need to go to get a bigger size rice cooker. A bigger size rice cooker may function six to eight cups of rice.

The Lid

The lid is just one of the most essential facets to take a look into it. Whenever you’re going to get a microwave rice cooker, then you want to check that it’s a lockable lid program. It is helpful to eliminate the clutter and clogs while cooking. There ought to be handled on the lid. It’ll be suitable for you to proceed with the pot after ingestion. Little holes in the lid are essential. They’ll allow the steam from the pot during cooking.


The main usage of a rice cooker is cooking rice. But rice isn’t sufficient to have a beautiful dish. So, there are a few versions with which you are able to make curry, soup, and pasta. These flexible versions are helping you save money by preventing investing in additional kitchen equipment.


The majority of the microwave rice cookers are made from plastic stuff. Thus, you have to make sure that the build quality is satisfactory. Otherwise, it might get rid of efficacy in a brief moment. One more thing is that you will need to clean the stove after using it. Thus, ensure the vinyl is stain-resistant.

Ease of use

The main intention of using a rice cooker would be to have rice. So, there shouldn’t be any issues. Any easy and simple using method is excellent for getting a smooth cooking experience. Ease of usage differs from model to design. Some versions include a large selection of accessories, which provide you more choices. Some versions provide you such types of attributes that could alleviate you from some other cooking problem.

How To Cook Rice in the Microwave

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you microwave-cooked rice?

I actually try to avoid doing so. Recooking rice will shed a few of the nourishment and simply does not taste as good. It is also not too beneficial to try it, so in the event that you need to reuse, cool the rice as swiftly as possible and keep it in the refrigerator. Recook within a day of their rice being cooked.

2. How can I measure the rice?

Sometimes we do an error in measuring the quantity of rice. You may get support from the instructions guide supplied together with all the rice cookers. Apart from that, the majority of the microwave rice cooker manufacturers supply a rice measuring scoop. Thus, it is possible to just assess the rice together with the scoop.

3. Is it healthful to cook rice with a rice cooker?

We can declare that it’s healthier than the standard cooking procedure. You don’t have to reheat the rice to eating it after some time. Warming several instances of rice leave it unhealthy. A rice cooker may hold heat for quite a while.

4. Which are the primary features to look for in the best microwave rice cooker?

From my experience utilizing a microwave rice cooker, there are particular features that I discover more significant than others. The fundamental ones to consider include the ability of a rice cooker and also the quality of its construct. Furthermore, get to understand if the lid guards minimize spills.

5. Can I cook things in a microwave rice cooker with other rice?

Yes, you can. In the majority of the microwave rice cooker, it is possible to cook curry, pasta, vegetables, and soup.


The very best microwave rice cooker needs to first and foremost be dishwasher safe. It needs to be produced from a substance that won’t disintegrate from the microwave. It also ought to have the ability to cook your rice equally and in record time. Elect for a microwave rice cooker which could be used frequently without breaking. Start looking for alternatives with no toxic plastics such as those listed above.

It’s surely feasible to cook rice with no rice cooker. But, investing in the cookware can help remove the guesswork that often leads to undercooked or overcooked rice. To be confident of always serving completely cooked rice, then use the above-mentioned guide to obtain the best microwave rice cooker for your own household.

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