7 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens For Home Reviews of 2023

If you are considering buying an outdoor pizza oven, then rest assured there is a toaster out there for everybody, whether you are put on becoming a pizza-making specialist or homemade noodles are only a pastime.

Portable outdoor pizza ovens vary from easy tray ovens which sit over your grill to counter versions powered by wood or gas. To get a larger commitment, you will find heavy-duty countertop toaster ovens or wood-fired masonry ovens which function as the focus of a backyard cooking region. Outdoor pizza ovens are commendable because of their quick preheating occasions and insanely fast cleansing skills. There’s not any greater way to cook the best pizza.

To be able to let you obtain the ideal pizza oven for your loved ones, we looked at Here is what we discovered to be the 7 best outdoor pizza ovens of 2021 you should buy.

What is the Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Why is an outdoor pizza oven separate from a standard oven? Well, mostly that these ovens are especially created to cook at very substantial temperatures. Additionally, they are available in several different sorts and sizes.

Normally, conventional outdoor pizza ovens are made from brick and heated with a wood-fire placed within the oven. But because it may take a great deal of time to prepare, heat, and cook in these ovens, a lot of men and women go for the choice – gas fire outdoor pizza ovens.

Last but not least, you will find portable pizza ovens that are a great and less expensive means for you to have yummy pizza in the home. These are smaller compared to conventional pizza ovens, but they could still attain crazy-high temperatures and cook pizza in under a minute. Typically fueled by gasoline, there are some versions that use wood pellets to mimic that smoky wood taste.

List of the 7 Best Outdoor Pizza Oven For Home Reviews

1. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • We enjoy the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven because of its flexibility and simplicity of use. The oven may be heated with wood, aluminum pellets, or wood, or in spite of a gas heating attachment (purchased separately).
  • At just under 30 lbs., it is portable enough to carry along for camping, cookouts, or tailgating. Many online reviewers state the discretionary gas heating element heats the pizza rock more frequently and contributes to much more evenly-cooked pies.

2. The Firepod – Pizza Oven – Portable Multi-Functional in Red with Grill/Griddle

  • Of all of the outdoor pizza ovens in this roundup, this flexible small piggy proven to be the easiest to use and also the most consistently dependable. The Firepod runs on Patio gas therefore that it’s fast to warm up and simple to control. Unlike the other versions, Firepod advocates baking pizzas at approximately 350˚C (50˚ significantly less than the standard ).
  • One other fantastic thing about this version is it may also be utilized as a fully-fledged gas grill; just substitute the pizza rock with the discretionary Griddle and lob to some sausages or whip a Full English.
  • And if you enjoy steak-on-the-stone, you have come to the ideal spot because Firepod is currently selling a gleaming smooth lava rock that you place from the Firepod for twenty minutes or so before putting it in the bamboo plank and carrying it into the dining table while wearing gloves, of course.

3. Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • Ooni has produced an excellent-looking and advanced gas-powered oven which heats up in only 20 minutes and will turn out crisply bottomed, perfectly cooked bread in only under a minute. The massive opening and spacious oven layout meant that we can get experimental with our pizza cookery and get ample 16in bases smothered in household favorite toppings.
  • The L-shaped burner runs at a 90-degree angle on one side and the rear of the oven, so it’s thicker the closer you are to the rear left corner. This meant we were completely in charge of the cooking process and will perfect our Neapolitan foundations so they had a tasty snack to them and only enough charring around the edges to bring another level of taste. Another huge benefit of this toaster is that the powder-coated steel casing, which keeps the searing heat whilst remaining cool to the touch, even if the flame is burning.

4. ooni Pro – Multi-Fueled Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • The Ooni Pro outdoor pizza oven. Bigger than the Ooni 3 mentioned before, this updated device can use nearly any fuel supply and warms around 932ºF.
  • This oven can be used for cooking pizzas around 16″ along with roasting fish and meat or some other side vegetable dishes in a matter of moments.

5. Ooni 3 Portable Pizza Oven with Pizza Peel

  • The Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven is the best outdoor oven. Not only does this make good pizza, but it’s also portable. It is possible to take it into barbecues, family parties, or perhaps out to the shore. When you light the Ooni upward, it is going to be prepared to produce crispy, tasty, pizza tout-suite. It is fueled by wood pellets to present your pizza with that true wood-fired taste.
  • In terms of warmth, the Ooni 3 attained 780°F in about 15 minutes. In terms of size, you can Attempt to stuff a 13-inch pizza in there (since the Manufacturer claims) however it’s more suitable for your smaller, 10 or even 11-inch pizza.

6. Lynx 30 in. Napoli Built-in Pizza Oven Counter Top

  • The Lynx Napoli outdoor pizza oven is a perfect selection of an outside pizza oven for people who are confused involving a countertop or an integrated gas pizza oven since it could be compatible with both. The Lynx Napoli Pizza Oven can bake an 18-inch pizza, together with specially formulated in the heating system using a 400 square inch cooking area that’s acceptable for the necessary quantity of top heat for your pizza.
  • As a result of the toaster being outfitted with an infrared heating system, it saves the quantity of energy intake by rapidly devoting to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. A special quality of the outdoor pizza oven is the cooking panel could be dragged forward for the ease of adding a few additional, last-minute dishes, as well as taking away the pizza readily. The blue LED illumination at the hand’s knob makes certain that the outside pizza oven may be used at any time of the day, irrespective of whether it is night or day. There’s also a light connected to the insides.
  • The outside pizza oven is constructed from a fashionable and sleek stainless steel design, ensuring enhanced durability and longevity of this oven. There is a reversible chimney built that provides the characteristic of management in which the smoke and the heat from the toaster go so it does not stain the walls together with ash or disturb the guests. The Lynx Napoli Pizza Oven includes an aluminum pizza peel, and this will be a handy aid from the elimination of this freshly baked pizza.

7. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

  • Here we have yet another high-quality outdoor pizza oven that you may want to test out. The exceptional thing about this alternative is that it includes a noninvasive enamel cooking surface. That’s to provide both tasty and quality benefits in each and every pizza which you bake.
  • Additionally, with its stainless steel construction, this really is just one durable and heavy-duty oven you ought to have. It may withstand external conditions, and its quality is very good for long-term usage.
  • And of course its own thermometer and 2 racks, there are various things which you could cook with this toaster. With the appearance, it is possible to tell this is one flexible alternative. So let us have a peek and see whether this really is the best outdoor pizza ovens you need.

Buying Guide for the Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

As we just mentioned, you are very likely to obtain an outdoor pizza oven once every so often. For that reason, it takes a nice investment. Moreover, Irrespective of how much cash You’re willing to spend, you need to ensure these points:

  • Check the content quality. Don’t settle for anything less than high-quality material. In case your pizza oven includes an adequate material, it’ll last longer.
  • Make certain the range is well ventilated. Consequently, it is going to affect the time for warmth retention.
  • The very best outdoor pizza oven should easily reach no less than 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The goodness of pizza is located in appropriate baking, which is dependent upon the evenness of their cooking surface.

There are dozens and dozens of outdoor pizza oven kits on the market. To Purchase the most appropriate version, here are some areas to focus on:

Source of Fuel

The classic, conventional pizza ovens rely on warm chunks of timber, or timber logs because of their source of warmth. This is mostly due to the simple fact that a toaster reaches around 800 degrees Fahrenheit and much more, which makes it compatible with quick as well as cooking time. Additionally, it assists in adding a crispy crust to the pizza base.

Even though a toaster oven generally appears to be a fantastic option, newer outdoor pizza ovens are made compatible with other gas resources. Propane and wood pellets are replaced using the conventional logs of timber since they’ve been shown to be more effective and less cluttered whilst reaching exceptionally substantial temperatures in precisely the exact same moment.

It’s simpler to handle the suitable temperature of the toaster when a person is employing a gas oven. But a wood-burning pizza will provide a smoky taste to the pizza which does not come in gas-burning ovens, and, could cook a pizza considerably quicker than the gas oven.


An individual should check out the way in which the pizza oven is built and the substances that it is composed of. It is suggested to think about those pizza ovens composed of durable materials like stainless steel which would endure for longer intervals. It could be costly but will lead to improved performance and cover off finally in the long term.

Size & Portability

Those people that have a tradition of going for camping trips, or seeing friends’ house for a garden party are suggested to acquire an outdoor pizza oven that’s lightweight and mobile. It assists in easy transport, and in the event, the pizza oven is readily assembled and disassembled, then it makes it all the easier to transfer in addition to clean. It would also finally take less space for storage.

Smaller ovens are often much better choices in regards to patios and terraces. They supply a compact cooking encounter and also use less fuel compared to a bigger oven which helps it attain the required cooking temperature quicker. Bigger ovens provide more room to consume more anonymously concurrently. Additionally, it makes it simpler to alter the heat so as to be able to ensure a greater supply of heat.


Funding is the first consideration. As stated earlier, you can find a fundamental oven for as low as $380. Another great alternative is to look for an outdoor pizza oven available. You could save yourself some precious bucks which you may invest in both important oven accessories.

How to Cook Pizza in a Wood Fired Oven

Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking in an outdoor pizza oven requires practice. If your questions are still percolating, we have answers to some of the most often asked ones.

1. What Wood do I Need for an Outdoor Pizza Oven?

A lot of unique hardwoods carry various aromas, and these may considerably affect the flavor of your pizza. The forests which best fit the tastes of pizza are oak, hickory, and apple.

Oak is quite simple to find, and it generates a healthy quantity of smoke without overpowering the taste of your timber. Hickory has a more intense taste but can go well with beef and spicey tastes. Applewood is sweeter but fits nicely with toppings which are topped with a great deal of cheese, such as quattro stagioni.

2. Do You Require a License to Set Up an Outdoor Pizza Oven?

State, county, and city laws and regulations change, but a lot of them do need a license to set up an outdoor oven. Homeowners’ associations might have guidelines too.

3. Why are Brick Pizza Ovens?

Brick pizza ovens shop more warmth than any other kind on the market. This makes them cook the pizza quicker than many ovens. In addition, the heat trapped inside the bricks will be published in a more even fashion, cooking the pizza nicely from either side.

4. What is the Ideal Temperature for a Outdoor Pizza Oven?

The ideal temperature to cook pizza in a toaster is about 350 degrees (Fahrenheit). This will cook all of the ingredients on the pizza very quickly and will give the crust a crispy texture. If you are using a thicker dough, place the temperature around 50 degrees lower.

5. How Long does One Pizza have to be Cooked?

The objective of pizza is to bake the pizza before the crust is brown and the cheese gets a golden color. For ovens that are heated to approximately 450 degrees, that should occur in no longer than 15 minutes. For extra flavor, you can place a little more cheese directly at the end and abandon the pizza in the oven to get a couple of added minutes.

6. Is wood-fired Pizza Healthful?

As a guideline, the quicker you cook something, the fitter it’ll be. The cause of this is because the spices and ingredients in addition to the pizza can retain much of the nutrient antioxidants and value when cooked quickly (instead of being cooked slowly at elevated temperatures). That’s the reason why wood-fired pizzas not just are fitter but have a far better taste compared to the ones cooked for longer periods at a classic electrical kitchen oven.


Deciding on an outdoor pizza oven is simpler than you might imagine, with a few particular features you’re searching for. Pizza ovens are easy to gear and are made possible by their own raw functionality, which is principally expressed in feel and substance over anything else. The better the substance and the greater the mix, the greater the oven.

Easy and simple, the outdoor pizza oven is just one of the fantastic inventions. Together with our recommendations, above we expect that you have found a minimum of one alternative which you enjoy best. We only pick the very best outdoor pizza ovens for you, so whatever decision you decide on is fantastic.

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