Best Pizza Peels 2023: Reviews, Buying Tips and FAQs

The pizza peel is essential for placing the pizza dough onto a hot surface such as a grill or pizza stone. Once it’s done, you can easily remove the pizza from the pan. The best pizza peel is essential if you love to make pizza.

A pizza peel is a great tool for cooking delicious crusty pizzas at home, no matter how thin or thick you slice them. A good pizza peel should be sized correctly to fit in your oven. It should also have a long handle that allows for easy transfer. You can choose from metal or solid wood peel paddles. Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Two pizza peels are essential for home chefs who make pizza. One is for placing the pizza in the oven and one is for removing them from the oven. These are the best pizza peels for any kitchen, no matter if you’re a professional pizza chef or just want to learn how to safely cook pizza. Here are our top picks to help you choose the right one.

What’s a Pizza Peel?

There are two types: metal and wood pizza peels. Because you can build your entire pizza on the wooden pizza peel, the homemade pizza chef will love it.

However, the traditional way to make pizza is to place it on a hard surface such as marble or granite and then use a thin metal peel to lift the pizza from the surface and into an oven.

The kitchen could be the most important factor in deciding between a metal or wooden peel. You might choose to use the metal-peeling method if you have cool granite or marble surfaces. A wooden peel may be more suitable for you if your kitchen surfaces are wooden or standard laminate.

List Of 22 Best Pizza Peels Reviews

1. checkeredchef Stainless Steel Pizza Peel

  • The Checkerchef Stainless Steel Pizza Peel should be your best choice. This one is much easier than a wooden pizza peel, which requires a lot of care and attention. It won’t rust or discolor so you can wash it in the dishwasher. It is very tough and durable.
  • It can slide under pizzas easily and won’t stick to the surface. You feel safe and comfortable handling it, even in high temperatures. The Checkerchef Stainless Steel Pizza Peel handle provides a strong grip and firmness to the hand.
  • The handle can be folded down, making it easy to store when not in use. It won’t take up all of the space in your small kitchen cabinets. It is affordable, but it also comes in extra-large and regular sizes. This makes it ideal for both your home and the pizzeria.

2. Kitchen Supply 14-Inch x 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel

  • The Kitchen Supply 14-Inch by 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle is a great option if you are looking for a pizza spatula. This will come in handy during pizza night.
  • The Kitchen Supply 14-Inch by 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel will protect bakers from the oven’s heat and prevent them from burning their hands while baking. The aluminum peel comes with a wooden handle and a head made of aluminum. It measures 14 inches wide by 16 inches long, has an 8-inch handle, and is 14 inches wide. These peels enable food to be placed farther back in the oven than a normal baker would.
  • The best part about the Kitchen Supply 14 inch x 16-inch aluminum pizza peel with a wood handle is that it is longer. This allows you to place your food further back in the oven and prevents you from getting burned. You won’t feel the heat when you place the pizza in the oven.

3. Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel

  • This lightweight, the durable aluminum peel is easy to slide pizzas into and out of the oven thanks to its thin edges. The pine handle is 10 inches in diameter and offers more maneuverability than metal handles.
  • A standard-sized medium-sized pizza can be made with the 12-by-14-inch pizza paddle. This pizza peel measures 24 inches in length, including the handle. The convenient folding handle makes it one of the easiest tools to store away.

4. Non-Stick Super Peel Pro Composite

  • This baking peel’s unusual design makes it easy for you to transfer bread, pizzas, and intricately latticed crusts without stretching or damaging them. The paddle measures 14 inches in width and is made of an eco-friendly mixture of recycled paper fiber and wood fiber.
  • The paddle is covered in a pastry cloth so it won’t stick with soft doughs. It also features a rod that acts as a conveyor belt. The peel can be easily slipped under delicate doughs, then flipped out of the oven.
  • The EXO, unlike wood peels, is dishwasher-safe, washable, resistant to staining and warping, and also has a removable and washable cloth. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it if you’re serious about making homemade pizzas.

5. The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel

  • The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel not only has a sleek design but also features a back-and-sidestep that prevents the pizza from sliding backward or sideways off the blade. The FDA approved this high-performance tool for kitchenware use with an aluminum blade. It has been coated with a nonstick substance to make it safe. The blade’s surface is divot-shaped, which prevents gluing and allows for smooth placement on an oven deck.
  • The peel does not need to be coated with flour to prevent it from sticking. The handle is made of wood and is attached to the blade at an angle that allows for easy access to the oven ends. As it protects against extreme heat in the oven, the handle acts as a safety device. Large pizzas can be carried with ease by the 14-inch blade. Both pizzaiolos and novice pizza chefs will love it. Here’s a list of its benefits and drawbacks.

6. American Metalcraft 2814 28″ Aluminum Pizza Peel

  • The American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel With Wood Handle is the perfect choice for someone who loves metal pizza peels because of their durability, sterility, and longevity.
  • The highest quality metal has been used to make the blade light and strong, without increasing the weight of the aluminum. American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel With Wood Handle has been rated by both domestic and commercial customers as the best pizza peel at an affordable price.
  • The natural-feel wooden handles are easy to use and can be detached to make loading and unloading easier. They also come in different lengths so that they will work with any oven. Aluminum used in the manufacturing of the blade is resistant to microbe attack and prolongs its life span by up to 1.4 pounds.
  • This 12″ x14″ blade is made from aluminum that has been rigorously tested for corrosion resistance and high oven temperatures. Simply sprinkle flour on the dough before placing it so that it is virtually unsticky. This allows you to slide the pizza, with all its toppings intact, onto your favorite dish.

7. Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel

  • The Pizza Royale is a great peel that doubles as a cutting and serving board for pizzas or as a beautiful serving block for cheese. Even when you top it with pizza, this sturdy paddle is easy to hold. It has a wide end and a handle that is easy to grip. This prevents the peel from sliding out of your hands as you slide the pizza into the oven.
  • This peel is ethically sourced from bamboo. It has natural anti-bacterial properties. This peel is more resistant to knife grooves and tougher than wood so it’s a great alternative if you are concerned about the potential dangers of wooden kitchenware.
  • Bamboo is more resistant to splitting than wood, and it’s well-known for its strength and durability. It is also lighter than wood. This peel will last many years if you take care of it. It won’t crack, split, or warp if you treat it with respect. It’s easy to slide your pizza in the oven thanks to its tapered edge. You may need to use a pair of tongs to remove the pizza from the oven.

8. New Star Foodservice 50295 Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel

  • The next option is from New Star Foodservice. You can get this paddle in a variety of sizes, so you can make it as big or small as you like. It’s a great advantage to have a variety of sizes! It is a restaurant-grade peel, and it is quite affordable.
  • This wood pizza crust is made from sturdy basswood. The wood has a fine texture and is uniform in color. It is durable and strong, but it is also lightweight. Its edges are angled so that you can slide your pizza under it easily. This can be used for pizzas, but it can also be used for bread, cakes, muffins, and other baked goods.
  • As we have already mentioned, you can choose your own size. However, you can also select whether you prefer square or round blades. It is only hand-washable but is easy to maintain and clean.

9. TDHDIKE Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel

  • Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel is lightweight and compatible with many types of ovens and grills. Although the peel is smaller than the other ones we reviewed, it is still great for small kitchens. It folds up, so it’s easy to store.
  • Be aware that this pizza peel cannot be scrubbed with abrasive scrubbers. It is also not dishwasher safe. The size of this peel is 14 inches, which is smaller than the others we have reviewed. You can also check out our other options if you want to make a bigger pizza.

10. Honey-Can-Do 12 x 14-Inch Foldable Pizza Peel

  • This pizza peel is great for those who want a simple and easy-to-use pizza maker. This pizza peel’s aluminum paddle conducts heat more quickly and creates a crispy crust. Aluminum paddles dry faster than wooden paddles, which need to be dried in the air. Aluminum is stronger than wood, and it’s lighter than steel. This makes it an excellent material for making pizza peels.
  • The handle of the peel has been made. The handle measures 8 inches in length, making it possible to reach the hotter parts of the oven interior with only your hands. The paddle’s large surface allows you to hold your pizzas while the edges are thin enough for the peel and the pizza to slide under it. This preserves the pizza’s texture and shape. The handle has a hinge point that allows you to easily move the peel and pick up the pizza.

11. Epicurean Pizza Peel, 21-Inch by 14-Inch

  • The reversible feature of this pizza peel is its beveled edge front design. The 24-inch-by-14-inch, nonporous tool is durable, lightweight, and nonporous. It is safe and easy to use. It’s also dishwasher-safe and knife-friendly. We don’t recommend using the Epicurean Pizza Peel for cutting.
  • It won’t crack or warp, making it a great surface for cutting, prepping, and serving. This NSF-approved kitchen tool makes it easy to scoop out pizzas from the oven. This product is also made in the USA. It is temperature resistant to 350°F.

12. Heritage Wooden Pizza Peel 

  • A pizza peel is a kitchen tool that will earn you admiration and compliments from family and friends. You want your pizza peel to be both a practical tool and a classic piece that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen decor.
  • The pizza peel is one of these products that will be admired by anyone who sees it hanging on their kitchen walls. Acacia wood is used to make this pizza peel. It has a beautiful, polished appearance that makes it an ideal choice for home furniture.
  • It is visually appealing and feels great in your hand. If it is properly cared for, it will last a lifetime. This peel’s paddle is large enough for homemade pizzas but small enough that it can be controlled easily. The peel’s thickness has been adjusted to resist warping, but it is thin enough that it can slide under your pizza.
  • The handle, also made from acacia wood is cool and stays cool throughout baking. This keeps your hands safe from the heat of the oven. To ensure your pizzas are easy to grab from the pizza stone, the edges of the paddle were tapered.

13. American Metalcraft 14″ x 16″ Large Blade Peel

  • The short-handled ones won’t work well if you cook in a backyard oven. To get your pizzas into a hot pizza oven quickly and easily, you will need professional-grade long-handled ones. Metalcraft metal has a thin aluminum blade with a smooth carrying surface. This allows your baked goods to slide under the blade.
  • There are three options to choose from, the 28″, 37″, and 54-inch ovens. This design is rustic and authentic. The handle is attached securely to the metal. This handle is very useful for turning your pizza. The shaft also ensures a secure grip.

14. Epicurean Pizza Peel, 21-Inch by 14-Inch

  • Epicurean peels are made from modified wood rather than pure wood. This makes them safe for use in the dishwasher and knife-friendly. It is lightweight and durable while also being non-porous. It also has unique features such as being reversible, and the ability to choose from a variety of colors.
  • The board can be made from either natural (light brown) or slate. The handle colors include natural, brown, red, and slate. It measures 23 by 14 inches in size and has a beveled edge. This type of material allows you to prep, cut, and serve directly on the peel without having to dull your knife. It can also be used as a trivet since it is temperature-resistant to 350F.
  • Epicurean’s history is interesting in that it was started by TrueRide, a custom skate park manufacturer, to recycle excess skating surface material. The wood fiber composite used for skate park ramps was non-porous and dishwasher safe so they decided to repurpose it for use in the kitchen.

15. Kitchen Supply Company Kitchen Supply 4431 Aluminum Pizza Peel

  • This product is universally loved and we are beginning our review. It is simple and elegant. It will be appreciated by people who are able to manage their stuff quickly. This pizza peel is easy to use and will allow you to relax while cleaning your stuff in no time.
  • The aluminum paddle was a great idea. It’s a brilliant design. It will heat up at an incredible speed. This is the paddle for you if you are passionate about preserving those perfect crusts. This paddle also takes less time to dry. This is an advantage to using an aluminum paddle. It would take much longer to dry a wooden paddle. Aluminum is the best material for durability.
  • It’s always fun and easy to use lightweight pizza peels. It’s aluminum, so you can see how light it would be. This is the best home-use pizza peel, where comfort is paramount. This device’s handle is made from wood. The wood is a heat insulator and will not feel the heat.
  • This will give you a comfortable grip and protect your hands from any injuries. This paddle is also wide enough to allow me to hold my pizza comfortably.

16. Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel Paddle

  • One agency may give you a certificate, but it is not enough to meet the requirements of all four. This wooden pizza peel makes it easy to take your ready-to-eat pizza out of the oven. This pizza peel is made of organic bamboo with a finer grain. It is easy to maneuver because the handle is very short.
  • This unit’s beveled edges allow for easy pizza transfer to the oven. This unit is extremely durable, so you can cut your pizza without fear.
  • Frederica Trading is completely non-toxic. It does not contain any chemical sprays or components. It is also certified by the FDA, BSCI, and LFGB. It is therefore completely safe to use.

17. Pizza Cutter Rocker Style & Pizza Peel Set

  • Pizza Cutter Rocker Style and Peel Set is the best home-use pizza peel. This is one of the most basic designs that you’ll find on the market. This appliance includes an additional pizza cutter with stainless steel and a wooden handle.
  • The paddle is also made from the same material, but still features a sturdy wooden handle and an adjustable handle. You will have a great grip and protection from heat. You can also remove the paddle for easy storage. It is designed so that heat evenly spreads across your pizza.
  • It glides effortlessly under your pizza. It is sharp enough for cutting pizzas easily. The toppings will remain intact. This pizza peel is very versatile and can take care of all your pizza needs. It is easy to clean and it doesn’t take too much effort.

18. Weber 6691 Original Pizza Paddle

  • The Weber 6691 Original Pizza Paddle is the perfect choice if you are looking for a pizza spatula that has a loop in its handle. This pizza spatula can be hung on the kitchen wall.
  • The Weber Original Pizza Paddle 6691 has a stainless-steel paddle that can support pizzas up to 2.5 pounds and up to 12 inches in diameter. The handle of the paddle is non-slip and sturdy.
  • The Weber 6691 Original Pizza Paddle’s best feature is its durability. A sturdy pizza pan is essential for cooking more pizzas, especially at parties or weekends. It will prevent the pizza from slipping.

19. Eppicotispai Birchwood Pizza Peel

  • This made in Italy birchwood peel makes a great starter piece. It’s 15 inches wide and is thinner than other wood peels. It has a beveled edge that makes it lighter and easier to slip under pizza after it’s baked.
  • It’s not dishwasher-safe or as durable, but it’s still very affordable and large enough to hold large pies. The handle is shorter than other models but it has a hole that allows the paddle to be hanged from a hook or loop.

20. Acacia Wood Pizza Peel With Cutter

  • Acacia Wood Pizza Peel is an all-wooden, pizza-lifting tool that delivers high performance and lasts a long time. The durable, tapered edges of this pizza peel allow for smooth and easy lifting of pizzas, without affecting their shape. This wood-based tool is best used as a prep or oven peel.
  • This is one of my favorite pizza pans. It has a 19-inch by 12-inch surface, which makes it ideal for large-sized pizzas. It has a short handle, so it might not be easy to use in large ovens. Another disadvantage of wood peels is the tendency to warp over time due to water soaking into the wood. The peel is a great tool, with great durability. I would recommend it to anyone. These are its cons and benefits.

21. SPLENDR Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel

  • SPLENDR Aluminum Metallic Pizza Peel is our fourth entry. It is composed of a thin, 14-inch aluminum blade with a leather cord that allows you to hang it up to dry or decorate your kitchen.
  • This pizza peel is the result of a marriage of versatility and user-friendliness. This peel has a unique feature: it was designed to meet the different needs of different customers. It has been thoroughly tested and proven to work with all sizes of pizza ovens, large and small. This peel works well with all ovens, even those made from brick kilns. It folds up to allow for a 25-inch working length.
  • Although it may sound cumbersome to transport, it’s not. The fulcrum of the long oak-wood handle is secured in the center of the aluminum blade. This allows you to rotate the peel until it measures only 14 inches. To use the handle sideways, you can turn it.
  • This large 14-inch blade is ideal for making family-sized pizzas at home or in your pizza shop. It is made from aluminum and has been approved by food authorities for safe use at high temperatures. The SPLENDR Aluminum metal pizza peel is much easier to clean than wooden ones. It also doesn’t have the tiny porosities that can be a breeding ground for microorganisms. The material is strong and can withstand harsh kitchen conditions over time without being damaged.

22. G.a HOMEFAVOR Natural Wood Pizza Peel

  • This option is great because it comes in a set with two! You get both the single and double peels for less than a regular single peel. These paddles are larger than normal, but the handles are shorter so make sure you pay attention to that.
  • The set of wood pizza pans measures 16.5 in. The square shape of these wood pizza peels gives you additional workspace.
  • This product is made from very strong birchwood. It is made with 7 layers, which makes it durable and strong. It does have a tapered edge, or beveled edge, to make it easier to slide under your pizza. It is still quite thick, so it might take some time to get used to.
  • It is sturdy, strong, and easy to grip. However, it does not have much extra length. It can hold any size of pizza. This is also made from solid wood. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Buying Guide for the Best Pizza Peels

There are many options for pizza peels. They come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and lengths. You should also consider the type of oven it will be used in, how many diners it will be used at, its shape, and ease of cleaning.


Wood and metal are the most common materials used to make pizza peels. You will choose which material is best for you based on your preferences and what you want in your pizza crusts. Both wood and metal have strengths and weaknesses.

It means that your guests can enjoy your pizza on their pizza peels. However, if you have a metallic peel you may want to transfer it onto a more attractive plate before they serve it.

Wooden pizza peels are very difficult to maintain and must be dried completely after being washed. Hand washing is recommended. Metallic peels, such as those made of aluminum and steel, are easier to use because they have a thin paddle that is easier to slide underneath pizza. They are also lighter than wooden peels, which makes them easier to use and maneuver.


Wood is a traditional pizza peel material. Its natural texture creates airflow underneath the pizza. A better airflow allows the pizza to slide easily off the peel and into the oven. Once the pizza has been removed from the oven, you can use wood as a cutting board.

Wood needs to be sealed with oil regularly in order to protect and preserve its surface. Wooden peels can also be thicker than metal and heavier than metal. Wood can crack if it is not maintained properly.


Composite pizza peels are made from pieces of wood and resin. These peels have a stronger resin mix, which makes them thinner than other wood products. The surface of the composite pizza peels is textured, which promotes airflow underneath the pizza and allows it to slide into the oven. Composite pizza peels can be quite heavy and limit the size and length of the handles.


The most commonly used metals for making pizza peels are aluminum and stainless steel. Metal peels last longer than wood and require little maintenance, other than hand washing. These peels are lighter than composite or wood and therefore easier to use. The problem is that pizza crust can stick to aluminum, making it difficult for the pizza to be removed from the peel. Perforated metal peels reduce suction and allow the pizza to slide better.


The handle can also be folded. The handle can be folded back onto the paddle if the pizza peel isn’t in use. This allows the item to be compacted.


It is crucial to choose the right shape for your paddle. This will affect how easy it is to lift up pizzas and transfer them to the oven. You can choose from either a round or rectangular shape for your paddle. It all depends on how big and what shape your oven is and which shape you are most comfortable with. If you choose a wooden peel, make sure the edges are tapered. This will make it easier to slide the paddle underneath your pizza.


When choosing the right pizza pans, it is important to consider the length of the handle. A handle that is too small will make it difficult to reach the bottom of the oven, especially if you have a large oven. A handle that is too long will make it difficult to use in the kitchen.

You can choose from metallic or wooden pizza peels. The handle should be made from a material that stays cool throughout the cooking process, so your hands are safe from high temperatures.

Ease of Cleaning

Metal is more durable than wood and doesn’t need to be oiled. Pizza peels should not be put in the dishwasher. However, some metal peels can be separated from the handle to allow for machine washing. Dishwashers can be too hot or wet to cook pizza peels, and may reduce their lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my pizza stick on the peel?

Smooth surfaces create suction in between the dough and the peel. This type of sticking is prevented by airflow between the pizza crust and the peel. This type of airflow is created by perforated and rough surfaces. To reduce sticking, you can also use flour or cornmeal on the pizza peel’s surface.

2. How do you use a pizza peel?

There are many ways to use a pizza slice. It is important to choose what works for you and is the most comfortable. You can either make your own pizza on a pizza peel and then transfer it to your oven. Or, you can use your pizza peel to transport the pizza from the prepping surface to your oven.

3. What thickness should a pizza crust be?

Most metal pizza peels are 1 to 3 millimeters thick, or about 3/64 to 1/8 inches. Wooden peels are usually thicker and can be as thick as 1/2 to 3/4 inches.

4. Can I cut my pizza while it’s still on the peel?

The type of peel you have will determine whether or not your pizza can be sliced while it is still on its peel. Although many pizza peels made of wood can be used as cutting boards for pizzas, it is best to not cut your pizza on a metal one. You should avoid cutting your pizza on a peel because the sauce may leak onto the peel. This will cause your pizza to stick to the peel.


After carefully evaluating the features and functions that you want in your pizza peels you can compare them with the products we have listed here. You will be sure to find the best one.

We believe that the Chequered Chef stainless-steel pizza peel is the best. It is dishwasher-safe and folds away easily so it can fit into cupboards without any problems. Comfort-grip handles make it easy to move from work surface or oven, and the long handle keeps heat out of your hands.

You will be able to bake delicious pizzas with the best toppings once you have the best kitchen equipment.

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