7 Best Portable Induction Cooktops (2023 Reviews)

Portable induction cooktops offer you a secure, energy-efficient, and convenient cooking way in the home or on the move. These advanced appliances rely on magnetic induction to discharge power, like warmth, into cookware through copper coils. Considering that the cooktop itself does not heat up unless there is a kettle or pan on it, the burners stay cool for an extra security feature.

There is a lot to appreciate in induction cooktop cooking. The very best portable induction cooktops provide sleek designs, with sleek glass surfaces subtly piled with concentric circles. There is the security offering of no open flame. And there is the efficiency, also – by creating the cooking boat the heating supply, portable induction cooktops use about ten percent less energy than normal electric burners and around half the power of the gasoline.

Part of the efficiency is because of their capacity to attain appropriate temperature dangerously quickly: a dab of oil is prepared to go nearly as soon as it is added plus a kettle of water will boil in only a few minutes. And there is much more precision and temperature controller potential compared to standard gas or electric ranges.

If you would like to locate the best portable induction cooktop that’s capable of fitting in tight quarters and readily being summoned out to make a superb recipe, then this list will act as a fantastic reference in assisting you to discover the appropriate cooktop for you.

Benefits of Portable Induction Cooktop

Alright, so there was lots of science (which might or might not go right on your head) but what you really need to know is: what exactly does induction cooking really mean for you like a beverage?

What benefits, if any, are you going to derive from having an induction stovetop that may not be achieved with a standard gas or electric stove?

In fact, there are lots of reasons that induction stoves are such a hot (pardon the pun) subject at the moment. We are pretty sure that as soon as you find the advantages of induction cooking, then you are never going to come back to your old procedures! Onto the portable induction cooktop reviews!

Energy Efficient

Remember we spoke about the way magnetic induction warms up the pots right so that the heat is kept in the pot rather than lost to the surrounding atmosphere (in other words, the kettle heats up very quickly)? But when we mentioned fast, we supposed in induction cooking, water was known to boil as little as a minute or 2 (compared to four to five minutes on conventional stovetops)!

The quicker your food cooks the less energy you’ll use (and of course how long you’ll save). Induction stovetops would be the most effective method of cooking since less energy is wasted, which saves both money and time!

Another important bonus is because all the heat is directly moved into the pans and pots, the cooktops are simple to wash (messes do not get chucked in and dried up), add to the top is smooth and flat so fast to wash down.


  • Ever inadvertently left the stove?
  • Or abandoned gasoline pouring from a burner free of fire?
  • Ever have a kid switch on a cooker without your knowing?

Well unintentional and dangerous accidents, be gone! Induction stovetops deliver a new degree of security to your house. Portable induction cooktops switch off automatically if there’s not any pot on the component (it can do that by tracking the total amount of electricity being delivered).

List Of 7 Best Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews

1. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

  • This lightweight, single-burner cooktop by Duxtop employs a typical 120-volt, 15-amp electrical socket and is compact enough for simple storage and handling. You will find 10 distinct temperature settings between 140 and 460 degrees Fahrenheit, and 10 power levels ranging from 200 to 1800 watts. The electronic control panel contains a countdown timer for extra convenience.
  • It comes equipped with an automobile pan-detection safety feature which can automatically power off the cooktop after 60 seconds if no cookware has been discovered, together with a low and higher ion grid. This fashionable portable induction cooktop comes from a silver or gold finish.

2. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop, Countertop Burner Induction Hot Plate with LCD Sensor Touch 1800 Watts

  • With 20 distinct energy and temperature settings (ranging from 200 to 1800 g, and 100° F to 460° F), the Duxtop provides more heat controllers than any other version you tested. Additionally, it did the best job of controlling its own temperature.
  • You cross-tested the screen temperature along with my electronic thermometer and it constantly measured within 10 levels of the screen, whereas other versions varied by around 30 degrees.
  • Each of the portable induction cooktops I analyzed spiked temperature once you first warmed them, however, the Duxtop self-regulated fast – both then first spike, in addition to in cases in which the temperatures had lowered, like after adding the sausage into the oil.

3. NuWave Platinum 30401 Precision Induction Cooktop

  • Try out this NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Platinum (PIC platinum) and you’ll see that it provides precise temperature control using the simple press of a button. It’s really simple to use because it includes a remote controller to adjust the temperature on the opposite side of your kitchen.
  • And it’s also secure as there are no coils or open fire and the cooktop comes with an automobile shut-off attribute consequently eliminating fire hazards. If you need more, you ought to understand that NuWave Platinum 30401 Precision Induction Cooktop with Remote Control includes new attributes; you own a programming feature and the capability to save as much as 150 recipes, along with the 50 pre-programmed recipes, these thanks to its PIC platinum’s memory function.
  • You own a good deal of innovative and exciting features for this NuWave Platinum 30401 Precision Induction Cooktop: you can select your own volt electricity choice and involving pause and function works, auto shut off, along with other security and convenience features.

4. Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop

  • Anybody searching for a double glazing cooktop may prefer this choice from Duxtop. Both heating zones are independent of one another and maybe heated separately with all the controllers on the LCD screen.
  • Whether you require an extra cooking area for a huge dinner party or you need something for your studio flat, this portable induction cooktop is likely to make cooking much easier. It has two chief modes: electricity mode and fever mode. You may control the temperature you enjoy, if you are boiling water, building a stir-fry, or simply keeping your food hot.
  • In regards to energy, this cooktop can provide you with a sensible quantity. But it is important to not forget that if you are using both heating spaces, this means that the energy has been shared between the two. It might take longer for the two to warm up.
  • The Duxtop 9620LS portable induction cooktop is a superb solution if you’re looking for something compact, but you want to have the ability to cook two items at the same time. It is powerful and simple to control.

5. Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop 1800 Watts LCD Control

  • The Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop is well worth mentioning because of the modern design and appealing LCD screen which is a lot simpler and better to view in low light. It’s capable of heating up to degrees which most individuals will need and contains fine increments of 25° so you can fine-tune what temperature you’d love to cook at.
  • As there’s a lock attribute, you’ll never again need to be concerned about your kid coming up and adjusting the temperature to mess with you. The same is true for family and friends; just take care not to show them how to utilize this attribute.
  • Whether or not you would like to apply this portable induction cooktop for heating dishes up, or fast boiling water, then you’ll be highly happy with its strong and simmer layout.

6. TIBEK Induction Cooktop,1800 Watt Portable Induction Burner for Rapid Heating

  • Heat up your meals 40% quicker using the Portable Induction Cooktop from Tibet. It’s ten heating settings to permit you to receive flexible and precision cooking on control. As the induction heating system functions together with all the cookware, it simply heats the width of the pan for significantly less heat reduction for quicker cooking.
  • No heating coils, no open fires, you merely secure safe cooking onto your pan just. Although, it includes a lock attribute if your children grab the ideal pan and then turn on the device. The only cooktop means that this is portable and ready to go along with you. It can cook whatever you want and boil water in no time in any respect.
  • It’s a smooth glass surface and easy-to-read digital display along with a timer with around 180-minute capability. The burner may place out 1800W of power and does not have lots of spots for filthy or meals to accumulate meaning you receive an easy-to-clean cooktop. Additionally, the cooktop includes a dual exhaust for rapid cooling using a fan on the floor and on the trunk, which also can help to decrease noise.
  • Last, importantly, the cooktop steps 13.2 x 11.02 x 2.5 inches and weighs 7.6 lbs. It’s six buttons lock, timer down, heat, heating, pick, and also the on/off button. It will need access to power as it plugs in to turn on. Figure out why this is actually the top-rated portable induction cooktop now!

7. Duxtop Professional Portable Induction Cooktop

  • Quality and efficiency in one. As with other portable induction cooktops, this device may be used anywhere you’ve got a 120v 15amp electrical socket. It’s 20 preset power levels and 20 preset temperatures: 100 levels – 460 levels. It’s durable and has an LCD touch panel display for effortless temperature control.
  • Additionally, it has an integrated count-down electronic timer that’s programmable for up to ten hours. You may adore the auto-pan detection security feature in the event you flip it on and walk off. Additionally, it has over-heat security to prevent the odds of cooking catastrophes.

Buying Guide for the Best Portable Induction Cooktop

While searching for the best portable induction cooktop, assess the qualities and advantages of each model prior to making your selection. Factor in the next:

Size and Number Of Burners

Portable induction cooktops come in various sizes, and also the most frequent versions have one or two burners. If you’d like maximum portability without consuming too much space, then a single-burner alternative is a wise option. Alternately, if you anticipate utilizing your induction cooktop to cook a number of things at the same time, one with two burners will maximize your cooking period.

Burner size fluctuates also – and also the measurements of your cookware can dictate the perfect burner dimensions. Many single-burner portable induction cooktops can accommodate pots and pans under 10 inches in diameter, however, this varies dependent on the general dimensions of this cooktop.


The ability of portable induction cooktops is measured in wattage (W) and suggests different cooking styles from simmer to boil. Maximum power differs based upon the version, but most come with a selection of energy levels which could be increased or decreased depending on what it is you are cooking. More configurations imply more controlled cooking. Many cooktops begin at approximately 100 watts and move all of the ways around 1800 watts. The flexible increments allow for much more precision and control throughout cooking.

Range of Heating

Portable induction cooktops typically incorporate a selection of temperature settings, letting you dial in a perfect temperature for anything you are cooking. All these particular temperature configurations are more exact than the conventional “non” to”large” configurations of a traditional gas or electric stove.

What is more, a significant advantage of induction is the almost instant temperature controller, allowing for fast and precise cooking. Establish a lower temperature for a greater fever for boiling water. Considering that the temperature adjustments rapidly when deciding on a new warmth setting, you will always have the correct temperature.

Extra Features

Portable induction cooktops offer you numerous bells and whistles which help encourage effective, convenient, and secure cooking. A few of those features include security locks, built-in timers, and electronic displays. Another additional advantage in some versions is a harmonious pan or pot.

How to use Induction Cooktop?

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have any questions regarding your new portable induction cooktop? Here is some very helpful info for you up to speed.

1. What are Induction Cooking Technologies?

In the 1860s, Scottish physicist James Maxwell articulated four mathematical formulas known as Maxwell’s Equations, among which applies to induction cooking: Where there’s a shifting stream of power, there’s also a magnetic field.

Induction cooking utilizes this scientific formulation to make a pliable magnetic field between the cooktop and the pan or pot positioned on the surface. The iron at the pan activates and finishes the circulating electric current, which generates warmth.

It’s essential to be aware that, even though the induction cooktop won’t heat until the suitable pan is put on top, the induction cooktop will subsequently make it searingly hot, and it needs to be managed with identical security measures as you want a gasoline or electric stovetop.

2. Where Should You Put a portable Induction Cooktop?

You can utilize portable induction cooktops in several areas including homes, apartments, dorm rooms, and RVs. You’ll have to put it on a countertop or table within close proximity to an electrical socket.

3. Can I Use All Pots and Pans on Induction Cooktops?

This is only one of the few pitfalls of induction cooking. It’s likely, based upon the time of the pots and pans, so which you are likely to have to purchase compatible cookware! That, for a lot of folks, could be too much of an investment. However, many induction cooktop users begin with purchasing induction hob diffusers.

An induction hob diffuser, also called converters, adaptors, or vents is comparatively cheap to purchase and will tide you over till you’re in a position to replace all of your cookware. They’re horizontal round sheets of metal with a grip that you put over the cooking zone of an induction how they operate by moving to strands that don’t have sufficient magnetic inside them to operate independently.

4. Do Portable Induction Cooktops Conserve Energy?

Portable induction cooktops are more energy-efficient compared to traditional gas or electric burners. Since the pan or pot is your heat supply, induction cooktops use about half of the energy of gasoline and about 10 percent less electricity than normal electric stovetops. They also allow for much more precise temperature control and heat up faster than their electric or gas stove.

5. Which Brand New Portable Induction Cooktop is Best?

That’s a matter we do not believe is too simple to reply to. The truth is, there are numerous large brands that offer induction cooktops at the moment. Some, even larger titles, provide a few less striking products compared to others. Therefore, rather than leading with new appeal, you need to look carefully at what confirmed buyers must say. A fantastic burner is one that has high ratings and that is advocated by specialists and kitchen proprietors equally.

That having been said, if a brand is familiar to you, it’s very likely to provide you more assurance than many. Who are we to judge? But do be sure that you read through our entire purchasing guide and have a look at a few of the greatest products from brands available in the industry at the moment.


Portable induction cooktops are easy to move around as required, and they’re an inexpensive choice for a kitchen stovetop installation. Who says you have to get a stove or an integrated cooktop? You may cook meals just too on a portable induction cooktop.

The best portable induction cooktop can also be convenient to carry with you on excursions, camping, RVing, or only to the yard to enjoy a day eating outdoors. No worries about small hands becoming burnt out of touching the burner. We have given you 7 alternatives to pick from, be daring and purchase yourself these fantastic cooking technologies and see how fast you are able to create fantastic foods in half the normal time.

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