How To Attach Propane Tank To a Blackstone Griddle

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Connecting a propane tank to a gas griddle is not too complicated. The best part is that Blackstone griddles come with a regulator, meaning you will not need to purchase additional parts. Again propane gas manufacturers have put a monumental amount of time and effort into ensuring they are safe for use. However, you will need a secure connection; for that reason, we have provided a detailed guide on how to attach a propane tank to a Blackstone griddle.


If you got your gas grill and are ready to start using it, you need to have one essential item: a propane tank with gas. And even before you begin tha process, you must read and understand the manual that comes with the propane tank. This will help familiarize you with the portable grill while attaching it or using it.

Step One: Securing the tank on the Blackstone griddle

This step will involve securing the prone tank to the griddle, but before you even do that, you will need to take some time and inspect the gasket on the tank. The gasket can become damaged over time, and pointing the tank valve towards the sun can help identify a damaged valve. Basically, a good valve should be entirely closed, round, and free of any splits or cracks.

Again you will need to ensure that the Blackstone grills knob is off and it is cool. When that is done, you will require to position your tank well to enable you to work with maximum safety. It would help if you got the tank as closer to the grill.

Step Two: Get The Propane Tank Ready

Now that you have the propane tank in place and the tabletop griddle all set, you will need to remove the safety seal off the tank. It is important that when you remove the seal, you should try and work as swiftly as you can until the attachment job is done.

The best part is that Blackstone griddles burn hotter than most other grills; you do not have to go through many green bottles to attach to a standards propane tank. Since small bottles tend to run out of propane faster, you could go for a bulk propane tank that can carry more propane than a one-pound tank equipped with a tabletop griddle.

Typically the most reasonable tank size to get is a 20lb propane tank that will serve you for up to 12 hours, depending on the Blackstone griddle you have. The Blackstone 17 and Blackstone 22 can fit any tank size, even the 20-pound propane tank, with the right adapter hose.

Step Three: Making The Connection

The next set will connect the end of your adapter hose to the tank. To connect, you will only screw the connector to the tank you have, ensuring it is tight. Next, hold the grill’s coupler and secure it into the propane tank’s valve. Again, it is not necessary to use any tools for the securing job since your hands are more effective.

Depending on the tank size, you will need to have a propane hose that perfectly fits the propane adapter. The best part is that you can get a 3-foot propane hose with a regulator that will allow you to connect it to small propane tanks and even a bulk propane tank.

However, you should note that the 3-Feet in length Propane adapter hose is specifically designed for the Blackstone 17 and 22 inches Tabletop Griddles and the Griddle Charcoal Grill Combo. The Blackstone Propane Adapter Hose comes with a regulator. In addition, it has a high-quality connector and rubber. The connectors and rubber ensure excellent durability, which allows you to use the hose on larger propane tanks.

Step Four: Conduct The Gas Leak Test

Now that your griddle is connected to your small or bulk propane tank, it is time to test the connection for safety reasons. To do this, you will make a water and soap solution. Then pour some of the solutions on top of the connection between the propane bottle and the griddle. When that is done, turn the valves on and wait for a couple of seconds.

If you notice some bubbles forming on the connection, the connection is not tight enough, and they are a gas leak. However, this may be caused by a faulty propane adapter hose or tank. If you try again and have the same results, you could return the tank or ask for professional help.

Step Five: Get To Grilling

Next, slowly open the small or bulk propane tank and light the griddle. It would be great if you only did this after you have passed the gas leak test. Again remember to clean and wipe dry the soapy water off the tank’s valve.

How Large Should The Propane Tank Be For my Portable Grill?

As indicated above, the take size you purchase should be entirely upon you. Typically, it will depend on how much you will be grilling and how big your meals are. Ideally, the smaller tanks like a 1 pound propane tank are perfect for camping or tailgating and bulk propane or 20lb propane tank when at home.

The other factor that could affect the tank size is the portable grill’s quality. Definitely, with the best propane griddle, you will be able to save gas which reduces propane waste. Generally, the 20-pound propane tanks are ideal. Moreover, you can easily swap between a 1 pound propane tank and a bulk propane tank with the Blackstone griddles.

Should I Refill or Exchange My Propane Tank?

The grill will still be functional whether you change or refill your propane tank. Therefore, if you decide to change or refill your tank each time it empties, that will still be fine. However, refilling is always cheaper and more convinient.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, refilling will be cheaper. However, every time you need to refill your tank, you need to take it to a retail location set up for refilling. The greatest advantage of changing the tank is that the tanks are regularly inspected for safety.

When Should I Replace The Propane Tank?

Two main reasons will require you to replace your propane tanks. First, if the propane tank has expired, it might be rare, but it happens. Most of these propane tanks have an expiration period of up to ten years. So the possibilities of refilling or exchanging the tanks are much higher than the expiration.

The other reason you will need to replace the propane tank is when it is empty. To know if the tank is empty, you could check its weight; when it is lighter, the tank is empty or rather almost empty.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor griddle cooking is fun. A propane tank provides the gas to an outdoor gas grill, and it can be purchased at any number of stores, including hardware stores, grocery stores, and mass merchandise centers. The amazing bit is that the propane tans are fuel-efficient, affordable, and easy to use.

In addition to that, you could easily connect and remove them from your Blackstone griddle. So each time you need to refill or change the propane tank, you can quickly and easily do it yourself.

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