8 Best Tatung Rice Cookers (2023 Reviews)

Since most men and women are aware, Tatung is a worldwide provider of technologically innovative products, customer solutions, and production solutions. In particular, its Tatung rice cookers are extremely popular with the majority of consumers. There’s equipped with a lasting construction, stainless steel look, big capacity, and flexible program. Should you require a rice cooker, Tatung is going to function as a fine option!

Next, plug into your Tatung rice cooker, place the rice in the interior pot, put in the water, then set the ideal quantity of water from the outer pot, place on the lid, turn the stove and move about preparing the remainder of your meal. The cooker will switch out of its cooking cycle into the keep heat cycle once the rice is finished.

In this post, we’ll have a glimpse at a single such best Tatung rice cooker. Let us find out exactly what this product provides.

List Of 8 Best Tatung Rice Cooker Reviews

1. Tatung – TAC-10G (SF) – 10 Cup Rice Cooker 

  • This best Tatung rice cooker includes a capacity of around ten cups of rice to offer you the best cooked rice. After the rice is cooked, then this cooker will change to the “Keep warm” mode. As a result, your rice is always kept at a perfect serving temperature over 6 to 8 hours.
  • Tatung – TAC-10G (SF) – 10 Cup Rice Cooker may also function as a steamer to provide users more wonderful alternatives for various dining enjoyment. The accessories included in measuring cup, rice spatula, and steam.

2. Tatung – TAC-11KN(UL) – 11 Cup Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

  • When looking at the Tatung Tac 11 cup rice cooker, you’ll see it may be utilized for much more than just cooking rice. The four modes are browning, steaming, rice cooking, and shellfish manner. The “stay warm” feature, functions in all four ways so that you can cook your meal and keep it warm until you’re ready to serve. The very best metal used in making rice cooker is stainless steel and all pieces of the cooker are produced from stainless steel, except for its grips, lid sticks, and thighs.
  • This Tatung rice cooker is really an easy-to-use one-step cooker that makes up to 22 cups of cooked rice, enough to feed your whole household for over 1 meal. This item is also easy to clean and save that saves the chef precious moment. The indirect heating technology steams and heats the whole pot making for heat and contributes to delicious meals.

3. Tatung – TAC-6G (SF) – 6 Cup Multi-Functional Rice Cooker

  • This Tatung rice cooker comprising a 10 0r 6 cup serving capability which will nourish your rice. Once your rice has been cooked, the cooker will automatically change to keep warm style and maintain your rice in the ideal serving temperature for up to 6-8 hours. The style also provides you more choices for your dining enjoyment.
  • A multi-functional rice cooker and steamer that’s very good for preparing hot flashes rice, steaming seafood and veggies, and many different other dishes. Durable 18/8 (food grade 304) stainless steel interior pot and outside the pot, it is easy to clean and keeps its luster over time. The indirect heating technology warms and steams the whole pot, so dishes are tastier and therefore are cooked evenly.
  • The cooker includes a “Keep Warm On/Off” switch. Together with the maintain warm switch ON, your dish will automatically stay warm following the stove finishes cooking. Accessories contain a steam plate, internal pot lid, rice spatula, and measuring cup.
  • Cooked has four different manners. Braise style that’s excellent for lightly frying food. Steam Mode that’s made possible by the outer bud which you could fill with water. You might even use this bud feature for cooking rice too. The fourth style is that the stew mode. The curry style is very good for preparing soups and stew during the winter months.

4. Tatung 6-Cup Multifunction Indirect Heat Rice Cooker

  • This multifunctional Tatung rice cooker and steamer provides 6 cups of rice incapacity. It’s specially made for household use. In a short while about 15 to 45 minutes, a vast assortment of tasty and nutritious dishes could be made.
  • This rice cooker is constructed from stainless steel for easier cleaning. Moreover, its internal pot can also be manufactured from the substance. 6-Cup Multifunction Indirect Heat Rice Cooker Steamer and Warmer can cook brown rice, white rice, soup, steam, and boil a vast array of food.
  • Its method of direct cooking uses the outer rice cooker’s water. As a result of this, the warmth is evenly controlled, and the food’s nutrients are nicely preserved. This item also offers an on/off swap for “keeping warm” style.

5. Tatung 3-Cup Multifunction Indirect Heat Rice Cooker 

  • For all those of you who’d prefer a bit more class in your style of a rice cooker, Tatung products provide you with a sweet small 3-cup multifunction indirect heating rice cooker which additionally can be a steamer and warmer.
  • It’s constructed from all stainless steel 304 food grade and can be white and pearl in color and is appealing enough to place in your kitchen countertops as part of your décor. The push-button design is simple to use making this tiny rice cooker a desirable product to have. It weighs at 6.6 lbs, so it’s sturdy enough to stop motion on the counter and includes an insulated pad to place it on.
  • The accessories include a spatula, measuring cup, insulation, cooking kettle, internal pot cover, and little and large side dish trays. You’ve got all you want to prepare a complete meal, except the meals.
  • The cooking pot and side trays are appealing enough to double as serving meals, and that means that you have less clean up after your meal. This tiny cooker will maintain your meal hot after ingestion till you’re ready to serve. As one individual, this is my pick to get a genuine one-of-a-kind rice cooker.

6. TATUNG Indirect Multi-Functional Mini Rice Cooker

  • TATUNG’s TAC-3A(SF) and TAC-3ASF-I is the best size for smaller families. This easy-to-use one-step multifunctional cooker makes up to 3 cups of raw rice (6 cups cooked rice). It is a versatile appliance together with the capability to steam cook, braise, and shellfish.
  • Permanent 18/8 (food grade 304) stainless steel inner pot, it is easy to clean and keeps its luster over time. Once your rice has been cooked, the cooker will automatically change to keep warm style and maintain your rice in the ideal serving temperature for hours. Accessories include a measuring cup and rice spatula.

7. Tatung TFC-5817 8 Cups MICOM Multi-Functional Rice Cooker

  • 8 Cups (Uncooked) Fuzzy Logic Stainless Steel Timer and LED Display Multiple Settings It has 8 preset cooking purposes: Brown rice Porridge Oatmeal Soup Steam Stew Slow cook Reheat And 3 chosen quick-cooking app for Quick rice cooking White rice cooking Congee cooking It will comprise steamer for steaming and reheating veggies and meals.

8. Tatung TFC-5817 Micom Fuzzy Logic Multi-Cooker and Rice Cooker

  • Tatung Micom Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker includes all vital components – big 8-cup capacity, as many as 11 programed cooking purposes, programmable preset timer, automated keep-warm feature, etc… The stylish, contemporary layout with a silver stainless steel frame and light golden high cover makes it the perfect cooker to keep on your countertop.

How to Clean Your Tatung Rice Cooker

The very best method to clean up your Tatung rice cooker is quite straightforward. As it, an electric appliance never immerses the foundation unit. Simply take a moist cloth using a very small little detergent on it and then wash down the exterior of the device and then wash with a clean cloth.

The remaining part of the item could be immersed in water but it should not be required to wash with anything abrasive. It is almost always a fantastic practice to wash off the cord too.

Be sure all the pieces are dry before storing them off. It’s an attractive appliance, so just leave it to the kitchen countertops. When you learn all its’ applications, you may need it in a convenient location.



Possessing a multi-functional Tatung rice cooker isn’t just likely to provide you perfect rice every time, but it is going to also help save you money and time. There’s not any need to buy a stewing pot for soup or a special steamer for vegetables and fish, and you don’t have to stand over the stove so that the rice does not burn when you are not looking.

It is even a whole lot more enjoyable when it’s simple to prepare and if it tastes terrific. Thus, don’t be afraid to buy the best Tatung rice cooker because it’s obviously one of the best choices on the market now.

Hopefully, after reading this best Tatung rice cooker review you’ve determined that owning one is the next step in using a completely equipped kitchen.

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