10 Best Waffle Cone Makers Reviews of 2023 You Should Know

A warm, crisp waffle cone with fresh fruit and ice cream is the best. A waffle cone maker allows you to make delicious cones from the comfort of your kitchen.

Cone rollers and bowls allow the waffle to be rolled to the shape that ice cream will be served in. A waffle cone maker makes it easy to make ice cream at home. It bakes waffles in a very short time and can be customized with your favorite color or texture.

Some of the best waffle cone makers don’t include cone molders, while others come with cone and bowl molding tools. Others even have recipes inside the box. These waffle cone makers are electric, but you can also find a non-electric model.

List Of 10 Best Waffle Cone Maker Reviews

1. CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker

  • CucinaPro’s waffle cone maker and bowl maker is different because it can also make waffle bowls. You can make both with the accessories included. The nonstick coating makes it easy to peel the waffle cone. Additionally, the indicator lights let you know when it is baking and when it is ready for eating.
  • This is one of the best ice cream cone machines on the market. Make sure you have plenty of your favorite flavors on hand! You can make homemade ice cream cones with the Waffle Cone or Bowl Maker in just minutes The ONLY waffle maker with a patent-pending Bowl Press. You can enjoy ice cream with waffle cones, or you can make your own ice cream bowls.

2. Brentwood Appliances Ts-1405bl Waffle Cone Maker

  • The Brentwood TS-1405BL waffle cone maker is very popular because it can be used as a cookie and an electric ice cream cone maker. The power and preheats indicators make it easy to use.
  • Because it uses nonstick material and has auto temperature control, it is one of the best waffle cone makers. It is lightweight at 2.75 pounds and has a 7-inch diameter.
  • It uses only 750 watts of energy and is very easy to clean due to its nonstick coating. It is also very affordable. Its exterior can get hot easily, so be careful.

3. Presto 03500 Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

  • The compact design of this gadget won’t take up too much space and can be used to make waffle bowls with fruit, eggs, sausages, and other ingredients.
  • Nonstick cooking mold makes it easy to remove waffle bowls. It can also be cleaned quickly using a damp cloth. You can see the cooking light indicator to let you know when the mold has reached its desired temperature. This product did not have a temperature dial, which was the main complaint. Some reviewers also complained that the latch broke after only a few uses.
  • This product was still a great help to reviewers in making a variety of recipes, from brownie bowls and chocolate waffles. It can also be used to cook eggs, biscuits, or mini pizzas. The best thing about this product is that it heats up quickly and cooks evenly. This made waffle bowls taste amazing every time.

4. ALDKitchen Waffle Cone Maker

  • The flat surface of this waffle cone machine allows you to make waffle cones in many other ways. This appliance can also make egg rolls and tacos.
  • This appliance has a nonstick surface, just like most waffle cone makers. You can adjust the temperature dial to control how brown your waffle batter should be. It is sturdy and easy to use, thanks to its solid base and comfortable handle.

5. Chef’sChoice 838 WaffleCone Express Nonstick Ice Cream Cone Maker

  • The Chef’sChoice 838 Waffle Express is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy ice cream in cones. You can quickly make sugar cones with this machine. The best part? You can modify your recipe to add or reduce sugar.
  • Waffle express includes a cone-rolling tool that allows you to roll the waffle right away. You don’t need to start over every time you open the lid to add batter. You can make all kinds of cones, from light-colored to hard ones, with the special color selection control.
  • Nonstick waffle plates are 7 inches wide, which allows you to cook larger cones or waffle bowls. It’s easy to clean and maintain, so you can make your favorite waffles at home.

6. Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic

  • Although the Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic was originally designed to make pizzelles (traditional Italian waffle cookies), it is also a top-quality waffle cone maker. The appliance is made from durable materials and has a beautiful mold that produces attractive waffle cones.
  • The Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic is an older style model with minimal plastic. Cast aluminum is used for the rest of this maker. These grill plates can be used to make waffle cones or pizzelle crunch.
  • It takes approximately 15 minutes to heat the iron up properly. The grill is not nonstick but the waffle cone maker does have minimal sticking problems. However, you can use cooking spray or butter to make them more crispy.

7. Waffle Cone Maker,Nonstick DIY Ice Cream Cone Maker 

  • This is the first item on our list that’s not electric. The Ejoyway Waffle Cone Maker, a nonstick pan, is designed to withstand heat from gas stoves, ovens, and even campfires.
  • Double-sided plates can be securely attached to long handles that provide the force needed for pressing. All materials are safe for high temperatures.
  • This pan can be used for many purposes. You can use the 6.7-inch plates for many different meals. If you prefer to make waffle cones the traditional way, it could be your best choice. It is easy to use the intuitive press.
  • You can achieve a perfect golden-brown crust with this press. You can also use the pan to make a quick breakfast. It can make delicious egg rolls and omelets.

8. Happybuy 110V Commercial Ice Cream Cone Maker

  • HappyBuy Commercial Ice Cream Cone Maker makes delicious homemade sugar cones and waffle cones. The waffle cone roller makes it easy to use and is made from heavy-duty stainless steel. It’s a multi-functional waffle machine that can also be used as a cookie maker or pizza maker.

9. Dyna-Living Ice Cream Cone Machine Waffle Cone Maker

  • This is the best waffle cone maker you can buy for commercial use. This is the ideal choice for small businesses because of its stainless steel exterior and nonstick surface.
  • You can make as many waffle cones as possible with the 1200 watts of power it produces. It will however make your electric bill more expensive.
  • Non-stick waffle cone makers are heavy and large, so it is difficult to transport and store. It might not be practical for everyone, but it is worth the effort.

10. MasterChef Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker

  • What could be more fun than a waffle cone with ice cream? A waffle iron can make the cone, and it also has a shaper that makes it easy to put in a bowl. The MasterChef bowl maker and waffle cone makers promise that they can do this easily. Imagine making homemade ice cream cones and bowls in a matter of minutes! If you’re feeling adventurous, stroopwafels can be made.
  • It is very easy to follow the steps. The cone waffle iron is easy to clean and won’t stick. Once it’s done, you can shape it with the waffle cone rolling machine. You can also make a bowl. Simply place the waffle in the shaper.
  • MasterChef makes it easy to create delicious recipes in just minutes. It’s perfect for summer snacks, kids’ parties, and family reunions. It is simple to set up and clean so that you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen making little snacks. It has a bowl-maker, which we think is a great feature.

How to Make Waffle Cones and Bowls

Buying Guide for the Best Waffle Cone Maker

Homemade waffle cones taste better than those purchased from grocery stores, and they are also more cost-effective and hygienic. There are many waffle makers on the market, each with different sizes.

Although there are many factors that combine to make the best waffle cone makers, these are the most important things you need to consider before buying a waffle maker.


Different people will have different preferences for waffle cones, just like with every other food. There are many waffle makers on the market that can be customized to suit everyone’s tastes. There are many types of waffle cones, including classic, Belgian and double-sided, vertical, and rotating.

Each one serves a different purpose. If you don’t have enough counter space, a vertical waffle cone maker can be a great option. The rotating waffle cone manufacturer is an efficient design that makes sure that the waffles are crisp on both sides while keeping the inside soft and moist.

Double waffle cone makers are great for making two cones at once. This is a great option if you have many family members. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each comes at a different cost.


It is important to consider how many waffles you will be making. A waffle maker with a greater capacity is necessary if you have a large family.

Let’s take an example. A waffle cone machine of industrial-size produces waffle cones that are suitable for commercial use. This machine can make approximately 5000 waffle cones per hour, which is ideal for businesses.

If you are looking for a waffle machine for your home, consider the number of people in your household and their usage. You should prioritize a waffle cone maker with a larger capacity if you have many family members and high waffle consumption.

Heating Method

Different waffle makers have different working methods. Electric waffle makers heat both sides at once, while manual waffle makers heat only one side.

Before you buy a waffle cone machine, consider your family’s needs. You can also get non-electric waffle cone makers, which are great options for people who live in areas with frequent electrical problems.

If you live in the USA, UK, or another country with adequate electrical infrastructure, there is no need for a non-electric waffle maker unless your camping trip requires some waffle cones.


The thickness of waffles is different for each one. American waffles tend to be thinner and crispier than Belgian waffles. The product description usually lists the waffle maker’s thickness.


When buying a waffle machine, you should consider the time it takes to cook them. While some waffle makers are quick to cock, others can take up to 15 minutes. To check the timing, modern waffle makers have a digital clock.

Cleaning process

It can be difficult to clean waffle makers. Many models come with nonstick surfaces that can be easily cleaned with either plastic or wooden utensils. Many waffle makers also have removable grill plates that protect them from water.

Browning settings

High-quality waffle makers have a wide range of browning settings. This is useful for those with different waffle preferences, as it can make waffle cones that are light to deeply browned.


We verify the warranty when we purchase an electric appliance. There are high chances of them failing. There are many waffle cone manufacturers with different warranties. Some cones have a 1-year warranty, while others can last up to 3-4 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of owning a waffle cone maker?

The waffle cone maker has gained much admiration over the past few years. This is due to the many benefits of having this appliance at home.


When buying a waffle cone maker, you should consider the following factors: type, capacity, heating methods, and so forth. A waffle cone manufacturer is an accessory that will allow you to spend more time with your loved ones.

It is difficult to choose the right waffle cone maker, as there are many options. You should weigh the pros and cons of each type before you choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

You should also consider the material of the product. You don’t need to spend your time scraping off burned bits with your best waffle cone maker that has a nonstick coating.

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