What is an Infrared Grill and Should You Buy It?

Grilled dishes are always attractive thanks to their special taste. Now, many families have chosen to use the infrared grill as the optimal grilling device. It is said to be a modern line of grills with many preeminent features that bring convenience to users to help save fuel and ensure safety. What is an infrared grill? Our article below will help you understand more about the pros and cons of infrared grills so you have the best choice for your family!

What is an Infrared Grill?

For many families who like to bake, infrared cookers are no longer strange. Infrared grill is a grill that cooks food using infrared rays, also known as heat radiation. It uses gas to heat the infrared element and generate thermal radiation, from which the heat cooks the food.

Infrared grill is a grill that cooks food using infrared rays, also known as heat radiation
Infrared grill is a grill that cooks food using infrared rays, also known as heat radiation

The burner of the infrared grill will burn the infrared elements. After a short time these particles will give off strong heat to the food through radiation. These can be called electromagnetic energies, they are not harmful to human health. The cooking time of food is also very short due to the very high heat generated by the infrared rays.

Unlike gas or wood-fired grills, which heat and grill food indirectly through heating the air. An infrared grill is different, they generate hot air and cook food directly through radiation. They do not cause smoke and ensure a great taste of the dish.

How does an Infrared Grill Work?

Infrared cookers work based on the thermal effect of infrared rays or infrared radiation. Don’t worry “radiation” will harm you or make the dish bad! It is completely harmless, the radiation here is not nuclear radiation but thermal radiation. It uses high heat to cook your food quickly.

Based on this property, infrared grills use gas burners that burn directly onto the radiating elements. These radiation elements will absorb heat and emit light with high levels, mainly infrared or infrared radiation. These pictures quickly spread to the grill and cook the food.

An Infrared grill can generate heat up to 1200 degrees F
An Infrared grill can generate heat up to 1200 degrees F

In fact, infrared rays have the ability to generate heat, or heat rays, which are electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than visible (visible) light but shorter than the microwave radiation found in microwave oven waves. Infrared in infrared means “beyond the red” and cannot be seen by the naked eye.

If you are good at Physics then you may remember the wavelength of infrared rays, they produce high heat but are not harmful to humans if you know how to use them.

Besides being used to create heat in infrared cookers, it has long been used for healing, health care and beauty. Infrared rays in direct contact with the human body will be harmful, but if you know how to use infrared rays properly, they will bring a lot of benefits and uses, especially in cooking.

Infrared elements are usually pieces of high-quality glass, stainless steel or ceramic, which always have gas particles underneath.
Because it generates heat by means of radiation and wavelengths of heat, an infrared grill can generate heat up to 1200 degrees F. Plus the time it takes to heat up extremely quickly, like the speed of light, infrared. It also belongs to the light rays that humans cannot see, so its ability to generate heat is also very fast.

Compared to conventional grills, which only generate heat to 500 degrees F, the grill must be preheated before starting. With infrared grills they only take 1 to 3 minutes to reach 500 degrees F. An infrared grill definitely has the upper hand.

Conventional grills cook food only by heating the surrounding air and from the hot air cooking the food. Infrared grills are different. It generates hot air and directly cooks the food. As a result, your baked goods will also cook more evenly.

Pros and Cons that an Infrared Grill Brings


  • Heat up the grill quickly and cook the food quickly

As mentioned above, the phenomenon of radiant heat of the infrared stove creates hot gas very quickly. This amount of hot gas will spread like the speed of light wavelengths. In addition, the heat generated by the infrared blister is very large. It can go up to 1200 degrees F and is much larger than conventional ovens. An infrared grill can reach 380 degrees Celsius in less than 7 minutes. You can also see its incredible heat.

Heat up the grill quickly and cook the food quickly
Heat up the grill quickly and cook the food quickly

That’s why the infrared grill can heat itself up within 3 minutes, which is too fast compared to other traditional grills. Your food will also cook faster and more evenly. Usually with charcoal or gas grills, it can cook food without a problem, especially meats. Mainly because the temperature distribution through the flame or the air is not uniform. But infrared grills use radiant heat to cook food, so the heat is evenly distributed. Cooking time will also be shortened.

  • Save time

Even if you don’t have much time for grilling, you can still enjoy delicious grilled food. The reason is very simple: heating the grill in a short time and cooking food at high temperature will save us time.

You don’t have to spend time on the grill to preheat or wait for the food to cook. Everything will be completed in a lot less time.

  • The uniform heat helps to increase the flavor of the dish

No dish wants to be baked at an uneven temperature on the stove. A piece of meat placed on the grill with the cold place, the hot place, it will make the meat unfinished. Some places may be burnt, but some places are not yet ripe. Heat through radiation can radiate uniform temperature everywhere.

  • Save fuel for the family

By taking advantage of the high heat radiation of infrared rays, infrared grills can save a lot of fuel. Many comparisons have shown that they waste less fuel than other stoves to reach the same temperature. You can cook more meals with a gas can and infrared grill.

The uniform heat helps to increase the flavor of the dish
The uniform heat helps to increase the flavor of the dish

The high heat will also help you clean the infrared grill quickly. As is known, high heat can burn food debris to ashes and infrared grills do a great job of this. After using it, you just need to increase the temperature of the burner. The amount of radiation will also increase higher and burn the dirt to ashes.


Infrared grill has many advantages, but its advantages become disadvantages. The fact that infrared grills can generate very high temperatures is a problem. Easily reaching high temperatures will cause food to burn, especially meats. If you don’t regulate and control the temperature, there will be problems. For example, imagine a steak being grilled at too high a temperature. The outside of the meat was burnt but the inside was still too raw.

Another downside is that it’s expensive. All infrared grills are more expensive than traditional stoves. To be able to spend a large amount of money to buy a grill is really a bit difficult. However, I firmly believe that what you spend is worth it.

Is an Infrared Grill Safe?

Many people wonder if the infrared grill’s radiation is harmful to humans?

I dare say no and the grill is completely safe for everyone. The radiation in the infrared grill is not the radiation that occurs due to the instability of the nuclear reactor and causes many harmful effects on health. The radiation that we talk about in the infrared stove is the heat radiation. They only generate heat and are completely absorbed by the dishes and you.

However, the infrared grill has a very high temperature when used, so everyone is more careful. The dish can burn and cause many bad effects. Or you can burn your hands if you are not careful.

In general we still find that users of infrared grills should be taught how to use them correctly. Avoid cases where lack of knowledge leads to burns.

Final Thoughts

In short, an infrared grill is a type of grill that uses heat radiation and infrared rays to cook food. It is non-toxic and can bring many benefits to you, especially its ability to bake and heat up quickly. We have shared with you: What is an infrared grill? And you should buy an infrared grill. Hope the above sharing is useful for you!

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